Square Thumbnails


Square Thumbails is a plugin for creating square thumbnails from images, without cropping them. It is like when you set background image in CSS to contain.

A plugin for creating square thumbnails from images, without cropping them. If the plugin is installed and activated, when you upload an image it will automatically create square thumbnails, for all sizes.
If you use a plugin to regenerate the thumbnails, the plugin will create square thumbanails for all existing images.
We needed this plugin to have square images not cropped for products in Woocommerce.
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  1. Go to your admin area and select Plugins -> Add new from the menu.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

We tested it on wordpress versions starting with 3.4 and we found that is compatible starting with wordpress 3.5. It is also compatible with PHP 7.

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5 de julio de 2024 1 respuesta
Отличный плагин. Очень выручает, работает как часы. Огромное спасибо автору что обновил его до новой версии.
12 de marzo de 2020
Like the title says. Might be confusing if you go back to the media page after the ‘Regenerate thumbnails’ plugin processes the image and you find the thumbnails unchanged – it simply needs a refresh of the page to see changes. Woocommerce please make this plugin a part of it’s core installation.
29 de marzo de 2019
This plug is perhaps one of a kind. I have been looking for a solution to my problem for a long time when importing files. And when I was almost desperate, I found the name of your plugin on one forum. You were like a ray of hope, like a Christmas miracle. Your plug-in millet is a gift of fate. He works flawlessly and does what is required of him. Developer, your plugin should be easier to find. You would save even more lives.
22 de enero de 2019
I thought this plugin was great, and at first it was. However… I noticed one of my categories suddenly wasn’t displaying items. I thought I was going to have to re-enter the items entirely until I realized it was a problem with the images. So, if you’re using images less than 200×200 (I realize this is standard minimum size, but still I consider this issue a «bug») it goes totally wonky. It isn’t a simple issue of the thumbnails not displaying properly. Something happens to where wordpress/woocommerce (because of the bad thumbnail) doesn’t display the product at all (no broken image, no bad thumbnail, just NOTHING.) I was able to re-upload the images (with the plugin installed) but it went wonky again, so I just turned the plugin off altogether.
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version number fixed


Major update
– compatibility with all PHP versions
– compatibility with latest wordpress versions, tested with 6.5.5
– added support for WEBP formats
– other fixes and optimizations


Fixed all errors displayed in plugin check


Fixed vulnerability reported by wordfence
A vulnerability in this plugin has been reported:


Major update for the entire code and fixes for all bugs.
Some new options were added:
– option to choose if original image should be also put in a square
– option to choose if you want to be created all existing sizes, even if the original image is smaller than some of them. WP by default is not creating thumbnails larger than the original image is.


Fixed the bug reported by @chuchilade and by @peer_012. The bug was caused by hex to rgb color conversion.


Fix for eregi deprecation. thanks to mjassen (https://wordpress.org/support/users/mjjojo/) for reporting this error and for helping to fix.


  • Horizontal align of the image in the frame
  • Vertical align of the image in the frame
  • Set background color of the frame or check to automatically read the color from the image, point (0,0)


  • Initial release.