Social Engine (Schedule & Publish Social Content)


Organize, schedule and automate the publishing of your content and photos on social accounts. If you have ever used TweetDeck, Buffer, ContentCal, Falcon, Loomly, etc. Social Engine does the same thing; the difference is that you own the entire system, it runs in your WordPress, it has no limitations. You are completely independent from a third-party service (except the SNS themselves, of course), and you can extend it at will!


This plugin doesn’t use a third-party server. This has a lot of obvious advantages (you have nothing to pay, there are no limitations, your data doesn’t go anywhere else than the social networks, etc). However, this means you will need to set up the connection with each social network. The difficulty of this task doesn’t depend on this plugin, it depends on each social network. Please keep this in mind, as I can’t make it easier: all I can give is an explanation on how to do it. Please be kind with me and I’ll try my best to make that easier, and write better tutorials.

This plugin is extremely new and I am gathering your feedback to improve it and craft a perfect direction for it. Together, let’s decide what’s missing and take this aventure to the next level! I am here to help 🙂

Social Networks

For each social network, you need to setup a few things on the social network side. Don’t worry, everything is explained in the plugin, through an assistant. This allows your site to be connected directly to the social network platform without the need of using a third party. Then you will be immediately able to schedule your future posts using an elegant UI from your WordPress. Currently, the following social networks are supported:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest (In Dev…)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Current Features

Here are the current features of Social Engine:

  • Pretty UI
  • Post Planification
  • Post with Photos
  • Default Post Content
  • Default Post Time


We provide actions, filters and an API so that you can extend the plugin the way you like. Please let us know what you would like to do, and we’ll give you everything you need.

For dynamic access rights to different section part of the plugin, you can use those filters:

  • sclegn_allow_setup: Allow modifying settings (admin by default)
  • sclegn_allow_usage: Allow addying posts (admin and editor by default)
  • sclegn_allow_moderation: Allow approving posts (admin by default)



  1. Upload the plugin to your WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Try it with one file first! 🙂


28 de noviembre de 2021
I completely replaced Buffer by Social Engine. I used to have my posts marked as "Posted by Buffer", now it's marked as "Posted by Jordy Meow" (since you can choose the name of your app created on the different SNS platforms). It's much cooler! Also, you can create a huge amount of posts in advance, or even automate the creations of those posts and push them into Social Engine... so much freedom!
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Registro de cambios

0.1.1 (2022/01/25)

  • Add: UI improvements.
  • Add: Sort the posts ASC or dESC.

0.1.0 (2022/01/21)

  • Add: Many UI improvements.
  • Add: Support for Instagram.

0.0.9 (2021/12/07)

  • Add: The day can be locked now (that way, we can mark a day as «done» when preparing the posts).

0.0.8 (2021/12/03)

  • Update: Better icons and buttons.
  • Add: Show parts of the content in the bar when posts are minimized.

0.0.7 (2021/11/22)

  • Info: Pro Version released on the store.

0.0.6 (2021/11/02)

  • Fix: So many more fixes and enhancements.

0.0.3 (2021/10/12)

  • Fix: A lot of them!
  • Add: Support for LinkedIn.

0.0.2 (2021/09/14)

  • Info: First release.