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¡Este plugin necesita la versión de WordPress 5.3 o superior! Funcionará mejor si también tienes el plugin Gutenberg instalado y actualizado.

Informa de problemas, o colabora, en Github.

  • Crea un tipo de contenido personalizado «Presentación», que se mostrará como una presentación en la web usando Reveal.js.
  • Activa el editor de bloques con un bloque de «Diapositiva», que puede usarse como contenedor para cada diapositiva de la presentación.
  • Puedes añadir colores de fondo, gradientes, imágenes, incluso iframes en toda la presentación, y también en cada diapositiva.
  • Puedes seleccionar una fuente, color y tamaño.
  • Si no es suficiente con eso, ¡siempre puedes añadir algo de CSS personalizado!
  • Puedes importar una fuente personalizada añadiendo @import url(''); por encima de cualquier otra regla en el campo de introducción de CSS.
  • Es posible incluir algunas notas en cada diapositiva.
  • Puedes introducir una vista del ponente que mostrará la diapositiva actual, la diapositiva siguiente, notas y temporizadores.
  • ¡Pronto muchas más opciones!



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20 de febrero de 2020
This plugin works great on smartphones as well and swipe gestures run smooth It would be great to add a meta tag for mobile devices, du to text size. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> I have inserted the tag in the template.php file This solves some issues. O Anither option is to insert some media queries (mobile foirst). Overwrite in my child theme didn't have any effect. Regards, Rob
16 de febrero de 2020
I prepared one complex presentation using this plugin and thereby got to know it and the (Gutenberg) block editor quite well. I was able to do almost everything I wanted within the presentation itself. Thanks to the author for developing it. The first version of my review explained that I was enthusiastic about both the plugin and the block editor, but I had decided against using it for various reasons. I have now found solutions to all my issues (Avada have provided patches, and I can use the PDF version for offline use) so have decided to use the plugin for more presentations (porting from an older plugin that is no longer supported). My only slight worry is that there has been no response to issues raised recently, and it deserves to have a long-term future.
14 de noviembre de 2019
I used this plugin to create and present slides/presentation online in WordPress website using Gutenberg blocks. After using this plugin, I found so many positive changes on my websites. in my opinion, it is a must for every WordPress website. Thank you very much team for putting your time and effort for developing this useful plugin for free. God bless you.
13 de noviembre de 2019
This plugin is a complete game-changer. I am a huge fan of Gutenberg because I've been experimenting with it since before it was in WP Core. I'm not a developer so I didn't contribute to the project with code, but I think I entered some feedback somewhere along the way... Anyway, all that to say that this Slides plugin works SURPRISINGLY well. Creating the slides is easy and fast. They adapt to the screen, so everyone can look at them from any device and be looking at the same thing. In the past, I've embedded Google Slides and it's just SO clunky. Not worth it. This solves that entirely. AND I was able to use the Adobe fonts that I have on my own website vs trying to match a Google Font or import my font to Google. One thing I was concerned about was "exporting" but a link to a PDF format is in the document editing section. I used that to include a link on the first and last slide to go to the PDF instead of the slides if anyone prefers that method. All around, highly recommended!
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