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This plugin makes it easy to display a simple announcement banner or bar at the top of your website. You can easily customize the color of the links, text, and background of the bar from within the settings. You can also customize to your heart’s desire by adding your own custom CSS. There’s also a fancy preview section within the settings so you can see your changes before you save them.


  • This is the first screen shot.
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  • This is the settings page... and the fourth screen shot.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Simple Banner’
  3. Activate ‘Simple Banner’ from your Plugins page.
  4. Visit ‘Simple Banner’ in the sidebar to create a new banner.


  1. Download ‘Simple Banner’.
  2. Upload the ‘simple-banner’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate ‘Simple Banner’ from your Plugins page.
  4. Visit ‘Simple Banner’ in the sidebar to create a new banner.

Preguntas frecuentes

What does the banner look like in my DOM?

This is how the banner will look in your HTML:

<div id="simple-banner" class="simple-banner">
  <div class="simple-banner-text">

The banner or changes to the banner aren’t showing up, or are only showing up when I’m logged in, what’s wrong?

Your browser frequently caches scripts associated with a website in order to improve speed and performance. There are also some
wordpress plugins that cache scripts to improve performance. If you aren’t seeing your banner or the changes you made to the banner,
first clear your browser cache and if that doesn’t work, look for any plugin that bundles or caches scripts and clear that as well.

Why is my banner covering my header or behind my header?

Your theme probably uses absolute positioning for its header in this case. Try changing the positioning of your banner and see if that helps.
This changes the position CSS attribute of the banner. More information can be found here. If none of this works, you may need a custom solution for your banner.
You can either try to find another plugin that suits your needs or you can purchase the pro version and open a support ticket to fix your situation.

My homepage isn’t disabled even though I set it as disabled.

Some themes use a page id of 1 for the homepage, other themes set that id dynamically. This has recently been fixed, but if you are still
experiencing issues, please open a support ticket.
In the meantime you can use the following custom JavaScript to disable on your homepage:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
  if (window.location.href === "YOUR_WEBSITE_URL_HERE"){
}, false);

Is there a Pro version?

Yes, but you should look through the support topics before you decide if you need the pro version.

Does this plugin use cookies?

Yes, they are used only if you enable the close button. These cookies fall under the category of «strictly necessary cookies» and do not need consent from the user, more information here.
If cookies are disabled on the user’s browser, the banners close button expiration setting will not work and the banner will show on each refresh.

How do I re-enable my banner after I hit the close button

You can clear your browser’s cookies or in the browser’s console you can execute:

document.cookie = "simplebannerclosed=; expires=Thu, 18 Dec 2013 12:00:00 UTC; path=/";

How do I disable the banner in my posts?

This feature is being actively developed, in the meantime you can use this custom JavaScript:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
  if (window.location.pathname.includes("post")){
}, false);

I have the Divi theme and the banner isn’t showing.

Set your banner position to relative and try this in ‘Website Custom CSS’:

#main-header:not(.et-fixed-header) {
  position: relative;
#top-header:not(.et-fixed-header) {
  position: relative;


30 de noviembre de 2021
The banners created are embedded within the html of the page, so if you enter your html correctly they will be tab-navigable and placed nicely in the content flow. Very easy to use, instructions were clear, did what my client needed with no extra bells & whistles.
13 de julio de 2021
The plugin enables the creation of sophisticated banners (we created different banners for mobile, tablet and desktop experiences) whilst being light and really easy to use. The support response was quick and provided the fix first time. A really good experience and exactly what we were looking for.
25 de mayo de 2021
I am using Divi page builder and this banner shows under the header while it says to be shown on top of the website.
10 de mayo de 2021
This plugin has worked great on our site. When a minor glitch arose, I reported it on the support forum, and it was fixed super-quick!
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  • Bug fix for console error.


  • Bug fixes & improvements.


  • More changes to stop scammers.


  • Change to stop scam security sites from emailing me.


  • Bug fixes for sites with no administrator role.


  • Bug fixes. Remove some unnecessary script params.


  • Bug fixes for disabled pages checkboxes, added experimental feature to disable banner on posts.


  • Bug fixes for disabled pages array.


  • Bug fixes for disabled pages.


  • Bug fixes and added close button color setting.


  • Bug fixes and additional variables added to debug mode.


  • Added close button and settings.
  • Add .simple-banner-button class to allow custom close button styles.
  • Preview banner now scrolls with you down the page.
  • Updated documentation regarding cookies.
  • Other bug fixes.


  • Add .simple-banner-text class to allow custom text styles. Removed text from page source code when disabled.


  • Add .simple-banner-scrolling class to allow custom scrolling styles.


  • Add option to use WordPress action wp_open_body for banner insertion.


  • Added Font Size option, changed layout for better preview banner visibility.


  • Fix bug to permissions removal.


  • Banner now shows in sidebar upon activation.


  • Fix permissions clearout method.


  • Fix php error.


  • Fix bug for that hid banner on pages with no id, fix some permissions issues.


  • Disable header margin/padding when banner is hidden or disabled, fixed homepage disabling bug, added option to keep/remove custom css/js when disabled or hidden.


  • PHP warning fix.


  • Added some new fields (hiding, position, and header top margin/padding) to help with banner customization.


  • Added permissions adding and updated documentation.


  • CSS Changes.


  • Added version number to css and js file to force update on version change.


  • Removed addslashes version of text now that message is handled via js.


  • Optimized scripts for loading banner, added debug mode for troubleshooting.


  • Change pro version payment link again.


  • Change pro version payment link.


  • Add jQuery back for compatibility issues.


  • Removed jQuery dependency from project.


  • Fixed settings page bugs, tested to WordPress v5.0.2.


  • Fixed script bug.


  • Fixed svn repo files.


  • Fix bug with banner text newlines.


  • Update Donate button color.


  • Fixed script loading bug again.


  • Fixed script loading bug.


  • Added Pro version features.


  • Fix bugs with preview banner onchange events and escape attributes with Simple Banner Text instead of converting to html codes.


  • Added Donate button, small settings page CSS tweaks.


  • You can now use single quotes or double quotes for Simple Banner Text.


  • Rollback use of esc_attr() with banner text for now as it broke all links from showing properly.


  • Improve code structure for preview banner, add inner html preview. Banner text uses esc_attr().


  • Add text to show scoping of custom CSS.


  • Tested on recent WordPress versions


  • Removed CSS that caused banner to disappear on screens less than 900px wide.


  • Fix for themes with padding and margin applied to body.


  • Fixed banner for themes that don’t already have jquery added.


  • Fixed readme and added logo.


  • First Version.