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Shortcodes Ultimate is a huge collection of useful elements, that you can use in the post editor, text widgets or even in template files.


  • Over 50 gorgeous shortcodes
  • Insert shortcodes in 1 click with Live Preview
  • Supports the Block Editor
  • Seamlessly integrates with your theme
  • Looks great on mobile devices
  • Custom CSS editor is included
  • Developer-friendly with plenty of hooks and extensive documentation

Included shortcodes

  • Posts – allows you to show specific posts anywhere
  • Accordion – simple toggle block to show/hide your content
  • Button – highly-customizable button with multiple styles
  • Lightbox – a lightbox that you can use with virtually any element
  • Image Carousel – beautiful super-customizable image carousel
  • Columns – must-have tool for creating layouts
  • And many more…

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Try Shortcodes Ultimate Pro risk-free for 30 days. You are fully protected by our no questions asked refund policy!

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  • Botón para insertar shortcode añadido encima del editor
  • Ventana de inserción del shortcode
  • Ajustes de los shortcodes
  • Shortcodes: button, tabs, box, carousel
  • Shortcodes: spoiler, service, list, columns, note


Desde el Escritorio (recomendado)

  1. Navigate to Dashboard – Plugins – Add New;
  2. Busca Shortcodes Ultimate;
  3. Click Install, then Activate.

Video Tutorial.

Instalación manual

  1. Download the plugin as a .zip file;
  2. Unzip downloaded archive and upload shortcodes-ultimate folder under your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (resulted plugin path should be /wp-content/plugins/shortcodes-ultimate/);
  3. Navigate to Dashboard – Plugins and activate the plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

Cómo funciona este plugin

Cómo funciona el plugin Shortcodes Ultimate.

Los shortcodes no funcionan, ¿por qué?

Las causas más comunes de este problema están listada aquí (en inglés).

El botón para insertar shortcodes no funciona, ¿por qué?

The most common reasons of this issue are listed here.

¿Puedo eliminar los shortcodes por defecto?

Yes, you can remove default shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to remove default shortcodes.

¿Puedo crear shortcodes personalizados?

Yes, you can create custom shortcodes using ‘su/data/shortcodes’ filter. Tutorial: How to add custom shortcodes.

¿Puedo usar shortcodes in archivos de plantilla?

¡Sí! Cómo usar shortcodes en archivos de plantilla.

¿Funcionará este plugin con mi tema?

Yes! Shortcodes Ultimate is designed to work with any theme, but your theme must include very basic things: ‘wp_head’ and ‘wp_footer’ template tags. Sometimes, the plugin may not work properly because of javascript errors caused by third-party plugins/themes.

Where can I report a bug or suggest a feature?

Foro de soporte

Where can I get help?

First, visit the Help Center. If you get stuck, ask for help at the community support forum.


10 de junio de 2024
Molt útil. Senzill de configurar, amb moltes opcions i amb facilitat per implementar codi personalitzat.
30 de mayo de 2024
I have installed this on many a client website, and have been universally happy with it!
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Registro de cambios

= 7.2.1

  • Tested with WordPress 6.6
  • Updated Freemius SDK to version 2.7.3

= 7.1.8

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.1.7

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.1.6

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.1.5

  • Updated Freemius SDK (UI improvements)
  • Minor improvements to codebase

= 7.1.4

  • Fixed issue with nested HTML tags in the following shortcodes: Button, Tab, Spoiler, Quote, Tooltip, and Service
  • Reduced static files size to imporove the loading speeds
  • Enhanced PHP 8 support
  • Minor «under the hood» improvements

= 7.1.3

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.1.2

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.1.0

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users. It also includes enhancements of the Custom Gallery shortcode.

  • Security improvements (thanks to Dmitrii Ignatyev and WPScan)
  • The Custom Gallery images can now be aligned with the align option
  • The Custom Gallery titles can now be scrolled if they exceed the height of the thumbnail
  • Extended theme compatibility of the Custom Gallery shortcode

= 7.0.5

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • Security improvements

= 7.0.4

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.0.3

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.0.2

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.0.1

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 7.0.0


Starting with plugin version 7.0.0 the [su_meta] shortcode may be
automatically disabled if your site has at least one user with a role lower than
administrator (e.g. Contributor)
Learn more about this change

Security improvements

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

Other changes
– Improved attribute handling in the Button shortcode

= 5.13.3

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.4
  • Improved plugin stability
  • Updated Freemius SDK

= 5.13.2

  • Freemius-related security improvements
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.3
  • Added compatibility with PHP 8.2

= 5.13.1

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 5.13.0

  • Added support for WebP images in [su_image_carousel]
  • Minor updates to the codebase
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.2.2
  • Fixed issue with swiper.js (forum topic)
  • Fixed issue with media taxonomies in [su_custom_gallery] (forum topic)

= 5.12.11

Stability release

This update provides minor improvements to the plugin codebase and bugfixes

= 5.12.10

This update provides minor improvements to the plugin codebase and removes connectivity test upon activation
It also fixes the fatal error introduced in version 5.12.9

= 5.12.9

This update provides minor improvements to the plugin codebase and removes connectivity test upon activation

= 5.12.8

Security update

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 5.12.7

Security update

This update features security improvements and is recommended for all users

= 5.12.6

  • Improved PHP8 compatibility
  • Added missing Opt-Out dialog stylesheet
  • Fixed JS error at the About admin page
  • Minor improvements to the codebase
  • All images have been optimzed reducing the plugin size by 88kB
  • Updated the Block Editor icon. Thanks to @andreslav
  • Freemius SDK updated to version 2.5.3

= 5.12.5

  • Added Freemius SDK
  • Fixed JS error introduced in the previous update. See forum topic.

= 5.12.3

  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.1

= 5.12.2

  • Fixed issue with Shortcode Generator Presets, introduced in the previous update
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6

= 5.12.1

Security release

This update fixes a security vulnerability in the shortcode generator. Thanks to Dave John for discovering it.

= 5.12.0

What’s new

  • New options class and class_single for the Posts shortcode. Use new options to specify custom CSS classes for the container and for a single post item respectively.
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.9

= 5.11.2


  • Fixed Pro Tip translation in shortcode generator. Thanks to (Pieterjan Deneys)[https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bug-untranslated-string/]

= 5.11.1

What’s new


  • Minor improvements to the plugin settings UX
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed issue in [su_posts] where posts with thumbnails were generating PHP warnings. Thanks to @dimabr

= 5.11.0

What’s changed

  • Available shortcodes admin page have been disabled. Now you can find the most actual info about every shortcode at the plugin website under Docs Shortcodes. This change will help me to maintain a single version of the plugin documentation and make it better for you.
  • New admin page Shortcodes About which contains some useful links and a getting started video


  • Fixed issue with [su_box]‘s title attribute, now it supports nested HTML tags again
  • Fixed issue with [su_tooltip]‘s z-index CSS property, now it must be compatible with more themes
  • Fixed issue where [su_qrcode align="center"] wasn’t working
  • Fixed issue when su_animate content wasn’t properly indexed by search engines

= 5.10.2

What’s new

  • Plugin security have been improved. You may see a new notification in the admin area. Learn more
  • Added new setting Unsafe features under Shortcodes Settings Advanced settings. Learn more
  • Improved accessibility of the plugin settings page


  • Fixed This video is unavailable in su_youtube_advanced shortcode
  • Fixed compatibility issue with SiteOrigin Page Builder. You can now turn on or off the old widget under Shortcodes -> Settings Advanced settings
  • Fixed issue in [su_note] when it was displaying empty id attribute
  • Fixed PHP warning at the new Widgets screen

= 5.10.1

What’s new

  • su_qrcode‘s data attribute now understands the following variables: %CURRENT_URL% for the current page URL, and %PERMALINK% for post permalink


  • Fixed tax_relation attribute of the su_posts shortcode. Thanks to janeri2021
  • Fixed compatibility with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Details
  • Fixed BlockControls console warning in the Block Editor
  • Added missing file popper.min.js.map
  • Fixed issue with invalid z-index value in the Tooltip shortcode
  • Fixed issue with the shortcode generator presets for the Tooltip shortcode

= 5.10.0

What’s new

  • Major update to the su_tooltip shortcode, now it works without jQuery migrate and has more options
  • Fixed logic of the su_user shortcode

= 5.9.8

What’s new

  • Improved handling of nested dynamic elements within Tabs
  • Improved handling of nested dynamic elements within Spoiler
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.7

= 5.9.7

What’s new

  • PHP8 support
  • New filter su/shortcode/posts/wp_query_args that can be used to modify [su_posts] query
  • New filter su/shortcode/posts/allowed_template_locations that can be used to add custom template paths in the [su_posts] shortcode
  • Improved handling of nested dynamic elements within Tabs

= 5.9.6

Added compatiblity with WordPress 5.6
Minor improvements
Fixed readme.txt information

= 5.9.5

Added compatiblity with WordPress 5.6
Minor improvements
Fixed readme.txt information

= 5.9.4


  • Fixed PHP notice A non-numeric value encountered in [su_dropcap]
  • Fixed PHP notice A non-numeric value encountered in [su_service]
  • Updated in-plugin links

= 5.9.3

What’s new

  • New option anchor_in_url for [su_tabs] and [su_spoiler]. This option specifies whether an anchor will be added to page URL after clicking a tab or a spoiler.
  • New option random for [su_image_carousel] which allows to shuffle carousel images


  • Fixed issue in [su_image_carousel] where images were hidden on some themes

= 5.9.2

What’s new

  • [su_qrcode] now supports nested shortcodes in the data attribute
  • Improved performance by reducing the number of DB queries


  • Fixed issue in the Insert Shortcode tool with Taxonomy and Tax terms fields
  • Fixed error Posts: invalid template name on some installations
  • This update also fixes the plugin options issue present in 5.9.1

= 5.9.1

What’s new

  • [su_qrcode] now supports nested shortcodes in the data attribute
  • Improved performance by reducing the number of DB queries


  • Fixed issue in the Insert Shortcode tool with Taxonomy and Tax terms fields
  • Fixed error Posts: invalid template name on some installations

= 5.9.0

Important changes

Slider and Carousel shortcodes are marked as deprecated. These shortcodes will disappaer from the Available shortcodes page and from the Insert shortcode window. Deprecated shortcodes will continue to work, but you’ll not be able to insert them.

You can enable deprecated shortcodes from Dashboard Shortcodes Settings Advanced settings screen, but that’s not recommended.

Use su_image_carousel instead, it has more options, and much more reliable.

What’s new

  • [su_image_carousel] now supports media taxonomies
  • New options min_width and max_width for [su_lightbox_content] shortcode


  • Fixed fatal errors WP_Error in [su_slider] and [su_custom_gallery]
  • Fixed PHP notice undefined variable in [su_post] shortcode
  • Fixed PHP notice top_link in [su_divider] shortcode
  • Fixed PHP notice filter_content in [su_post] shortcode
  • Fixed related option in [su_dailymotion] shortcode
  • Fixed non-working Slide Link issue with [su_custom_gallery]
  • Minor improvement to [su_image_carousel]
  • Minor UI improvements

= 5.8.1

What’s new

  • New option anchor for [su_divider] shortcode


  • [su_document] shortcode is now deprecated. It will continue to work, but will be removed from the Insert shortcode window and from documentation


  • Fixed fatal error on WP 5.4 in Gallery, Slider, and Carousel shortcodes. Thanks to Jörn Lund
  • The [su_feed] can now work with URLs containing &, converted by the block editor
  • Fixed PHP notices in the admin part
  • Translation fixes

= 5.8.0

What’s new

  • The [su_user] shortcode now support nested shortcodes in the user_id attribute
  • The [su_feed] now has the target attribute, which allow opening feed links in a new tab


  • Updated documentation for the [su_user] shortcode. New fields: Nickname, First Name, Last Name, Description, & Locale
  • Fixed warning in Google Search Console when testing page with the [su_youtube] shortcode: Allow attribute will take precedence over ‘allowfullscreen’.
  • Fixed issue when some attributes weren’t inserted by the Insert shortcode button
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4, thanks to Jörn Lund
  • [su_feed] links now have title attribute with descriptions

= 5.7.0

What’s new

  • The [su_user] shortcode can now display user meta
  • New option id (HTML Anchor) for the [su_box] shortcode
  • New option id (HTML Anchor) for the [su_note] shortcode
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4, thanks to Jörn Lund
  • New setting Nested shortcodes alternative mode which enables deprecated syntax for nested shortcodes. Details
  • The [su_feed] shortcode is now based on SimplePie
  • The [su_quote] shortcode now supports nesting


  • Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress version 4.5 (white screen at the settings screen)

= 5.6.2


  • Fixed YouTube autoplay in Chrome within the [su_lightbox] shortcode
  • Fixed issue when hidden content (like YouTube embed) within spoiler remains clickable
  • Other minor issues

= 5.6.1

What’s new

  • Comments in the [su_posts] shortcode can now be disabled from post editing screen or, using the Disable Comments plugin. Thanks to Jörn Lund.
  • [su_image_carousel] will now display post titles instead of image captions, where applicable. Details & How to disable it.


  • Fixed Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in [su_slider], [su_carousel], and [su_custom_gallery]
  • Fixed download attribute of the [su_button] shortcode
  • Fixed issue with [su_spoiler] where nested [su_youtube] remains clickable if spoiler is closed

= 5.6.0

What’s new

  • Shortcodes can now be enabled not only in Category descriptions, but in any Term description. See Enable shortcodes in option at plugin settings page


  • Fixed WP-Rocket compatibility issue, [su_image_carousel] didn’t work on Android Chrome. Forum topic
  • Fixed issue with <span> tags in the [su_tabs] shortcode. Forum topic
  • Fixed issue with ghost-style button colors

= 5.5.0

What’s new

  • New option outline for [su_image_carousel] which allows disabling carousel outline (when it gets focus)
  • New option mobile for [su_tabs] which allows disabling tab stacking on mobile devices
  • New option texttrack for [su_vimeo] which allows enabling video subtitles


  • [su_youtube_advanced] is now always served through https
  • [su_image_carousel]: improved compatibility with various themes
  • [su_image_carousel]: the gallery can now be loaded through AJAX
  • [su_image_carousel]: improved keyboard navigation
  • Insert Shortcode window will now remain open if the dark background clicked


  • Fixed [su_image_carousel] issue with empty image captions (with whitespace)
  • Fixed [su_image_carousel] issue where images weren’t shown when crop is disabled

= 5.4.1

This update fix various issues related to version 5.4.0

= 5.4.0

What’s new

  • New shortcode [su_image_carousel] which will take place of [su_slider] and [su_carousel] in the future
  • New attribute download for the [su_button] shortcode (allows immediate downloading of specified URL in a button)
  • New attribute id for the [su_heading] shortcode (allows linking to a heading)
  • New attribute wrapper for the [su_dummy_text] shortcode (allows disabling of the div wrapper)
  • New attribute mobile for the [su_lightbox] shortcode (allows disabling lightbox on mobile devices)


  • Custom CSS code field now has syntax highlighting
  • [su_button] with target=blank will now be displayed with rel='noopener noreferrer
  • Slightly improved appearance of the Available shortcodes screen
  • Vertical tabs are now aligned with CSS flexbox, not JS
  • Added shortcodes.full.css file to reference the default shortcode styles
  • Minor improvements to [su_table], [su_row], and [su_column] shortcodes


  • Fixed issue with [su_lightbox] on iOS
  • Removed !important from column styles for mobile devices


  • [su_posts] and [su_template] are now allow only templates from active theme or plugin folders
  • Error messages are now displayed only to allowed users (user must have required capability)

= 5.3.0

What’s new

  • New shortcode [su_csv_table] for displaying CSV tables
  • New option indent for the [su_list] shortcode, which allows adjusting of list indentation


  • Fixed inaccessible fields in media modal (while inserting Gallery/Slider/Carousel shortcodes)
  • Fixed close icon class name in the presets menu
  • Fixed issue with unwanted content inside single shortcodes
  • Fixed warning when non-numeric value is used for the button size attribute
  • Min-width for responsive tables is set to 100%

= 5.2.0


  • Tabs and accordions/spoilers are now accessible from keyboard
  • Tabs are now working better with nested sliders/carousels
  • Improved stability of some responsive elements, such as Google Maps
  • YouTube and YouTube Advanced settings descriptions are now more clear
  • New setting Required user capability which allows enabling the Insert Shortcode button for non-admin users
  • New setting Enable shortcodes in which allows enabling shortcodes in text widgets and category descriptions


  • youtube_advanced showinfo parameter is deprecated and removed from the plugin. Why?
  • Font Awesome replaced with Fork Awesome. Font Awesome stylesheet (v 4.7.0) will be completely removed in the next update. All icons are now use CSS class sui instead of fa

= 5.1.1

  • Gutenberg compatibility enabled by default

= 5.1.0

What’s new

  • Added compatibility with the Gutenberg editor. Learn more.


  • Fixed <img> icon appearance of the [su_service] shortcode

= 5.0.8


  • Fixed Live Preview, wasn’t representing changed settings
  • Fixed [su_siblings], now it works again at top-level pages


  • Various code improvements
  • New filters for gallery, slider, and carousel
  • Returned su_cmpt() and su_compatibility_mode_prefix() utils

= 5.0.7

Security update

  • Fixed shortcode generator preview vulnerability. Description.

= 5.0.6


  • Added missing images for su_audio, su_video, su_slider and su_carousel
  • Fixed Fatal error: Call to a member function get_page_permastruct() on null in link-template.php:357
  • Added missing su_get_icon() utility function
  • Added missing su_scattr() utility function
  • Added missing su_do_shortcode() utility function

= 5.0.5


  • Improved compatibility with fitvid.js;
  • Improved appearance of the Show more and Show less links of the su_expand shortcode;
  • The new option mute for su_youtube and su_youtube_advanced shortcodes;
  • Support for the youtube-nocookie.com domain in su_youtube and su_youtube_advanced shortcodes;
  • Support for nested shortcodes in the title attribute of the su_button shortcode;
  • The new option dnt (do not track) for the su_vimeo shortcode, learn more;
  • The new option mute for the su_vimeo shortcode;
  • https support for the su_dailymotion shortcode;
  • New options title and rel for the su_permalink shortcode;
  • The su_post shortcode now support slugs in the post_id attribute;
  • The new option zoom for su_gmap.


  • Shortcodes styles merged into a single stylesheet.


  • Fixed warning in su_siblings shortcode.

= 5.0.4
* Fixed: added missing FontAwesome icons
* Fixed: is_plugin_active call removed on frontend
* Fixed: nested shortcodes
* Fixed: issue with spoiler loaded through ajax
* Fixed: [scheduler] shortcode logic

= 5.0.3
* Changed: Inview.js library replaced with jQuery.Inview
* Fixed: caching issue with [su_dummy_text]
* Fixed: PHP warning in [su_posts] shortcode when specified template does not exist
* Updated: Font Awesome to version 4.7.0
* Added: responsive styles for [su_pullquote]

= 5.0.2
* Fixed: an issue where RTL stylesheet won’t displayed if custom CSS field is empty
* Fixed: icon sizes at ‘Dashboard – Available Shortcodes’ page
* Fixed: [expand] shortcode now works when loaded through AJAX
* Fixed: border-radius on [box] shortcode
* Fixed: compatibility with ‘Plugin Organizer’
* Updated: OwlCarousel jQuery plugin
* Added: new attribute ‘responsive’ for table shortcode: [su_table responsive=»no|yes»]
* Added: new attribute ‘playsinline’ for youtube_advanced shortcode: [su_youtube_advanced playsinline=»no|yes»]

= 5.0.1
* Fixed: serious security vulnerability, which allows attacker to run any code using filter in meta, post, or user shortcodes. Thanks to Robert L Mathews.
* Fixed: changed admin menu position (it was replacing ‘Settings’ menu on some installations)
* Fixed: shortcodes prefix field now accepts special characters
* Fixed: old bug when unwanted code parts was added with shortcode
* Fixed: bug, where backslashes were removed from custom CSS code
* Added: new attribute ‘ID’ for [button] shortcode
* Added: new filter ‘su/slides_query’, which can be used to modify posts query for slider, carousel and custom_gallery shortcodes
* Added: new filter ‘su/assets/custom_css/template’ to filter custom css output
* Minor fixes

= 5.0.0
* Read this blog post to learn more about update
* New project website getshortcodes.com
* New documentation getshortcodes.com/docs
* Added: ‘Available shortcodes’ admin menu
* Removed: ‘Examples’ admin menu
* Removed: ‘Cheatsheet’ admin menu
* Fixed: [feed] shortcode (now it uses SimplePie)
* Changed default content for [tabs], [row] and [accordion] shortcodes
* Fixed: [user] shortcode works when user is not logged in
* Changed: Security improvement. Plugin will now strip all HTML tags from Custom CSS code
* Minor improvements and fixes

Older changelog entries are available in the changelog.txt file