Details of the capabilities of this plugin to help you manage your shipping.


  • You can customize the name, address, contact information for pick-up address, airwaybill, invoice and receipt.
  • You can config parcel box dimention for delivery (optinal).
  • Update shipping status realtime to Woocommerce, and if shipping status is success, it will update order to complete automatic.
  • Realtime price check, cheapest, fastest and various promotions.
  • Show delivery list and COD report.
  • You can export report to .csv file.
  • Show tracking number after booking order, and can check shipping status by tracking number both on the woocommerce order page and order detail page.
  • Can print airwaybill with multiple paper size.
  • Multiple language Thai and English.


  • See tracking number from each order, and can check tracking status in order list page.


  • Screenshot Login to use SHIPPOP.
  • Screenshot Register to use SHIPPOP.
  • Screenshot Settings and detail page.
  • Screenshot Choose courier delivery.
  • Screenshot Show shipping status.
  • Screenshot Admin will see SHIPPOP system in sidebar menu in order detail.


Minimum specifications

  • PHP 5.5+
  • WooCommerce 3.1.2+

Install for WordPress Store

Install and Active plugin from «Plugins > Add New > Search SHIPPOP» page.

Install manual

  1. Extract zip file to folder «/wp-content/plugins»
  2. Active Plugin SHIPPOP in «\wp-admin\plugins.php» page

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I register to use SHIPPOP?

You can register from this link SHIPPOP Register.

Where can I download this plugin manual / user guide ?

You can download plugin manual from
SHIPPOP Manual Thai language for Thai user
SHIPPOP Manual English language for Malaysia user
SHIPPOP Guide English language for Malaysia user

I have more questions Where can I contact?

You can contact us, from this link SHIPPOP Support.


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Registro de cambios


  • Ooption select env
  • Show/Hide section billing address in SHIPPOP Settings
  • Adding courier information
  • Adding courier tracking code / tracking code to order meta
  • Fix bug get product weight, w/l/h
  • Message notice about webhook
  • Adding Role by woocommerce capabilities
  • Fix bug weight input number to float number
  • Adding message about SHIPPOP Inter


  • add field sub_city.


  • fix somebug


  • fix somebug


  • remove label size sticker from malaysia server.


  • change text incorrect.
  • edit readme file.


  • change endpoint route address corrector
  • show error message for billing address api


  • change endpoint route address corrector


  • show address error


  • show address error


  • use phpcbf code sniffer
  • fix bug address corrector


  • Add translate error code.
  • Change UI Dialog, Button


  • Hot fix bug.


  • Hot fix bug.


  • Add login and register system.
  • Add validate address corrector.
  • Change some ui layout.
  • Fix some bug.
  • Add function to use plugin in Malaysia server.
  • Add multiple language.