Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

ND Shortcodes


Some components in the preview below

The plugin adds some useful components to your page builder ( Elementor or WP Bakery Page Builder ) that can be integrated very easily with your own theme.


  • Example of WP Bakery Page Builder dashboard


  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Be sure that you have the plugin WP Bakery Page Builder or Elementor actived in your theme.
  3. Go in your pages/posts and find the new components in the new tab of your Page Builder dashboard
  4. Enjoy it 😉


8 de marzo de 2020
Not even half of the shortcodes visible in the screenshot are available, and to make things worse the Italian translation sucks therefore is misleading!
12 de marzo de 2017
Warning: this plugin installs a new tab "WP Theme" for "Wedd Planner" which offers paying themes. I don't like this commercial approach! And the features do not add anything compared to those of Visual de Composer.
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Registro de cambios


  • added header 6 for elementor
  • added footer 6 for elementor
  • added layout 2 for events calendar
  • added layout 9 for page, post, archives and search pages


  • Focus number component, added layouts 4 and 5
  • Post grid component, added layout 15
  • Focus component, added layout 7


  • added some css classes


  • added nonce on ajax calls
  • improved post-search, import/export and locations features.


  • sanitize, validate, and escape all datas on POST and GET requests
  • improved plugins_url()
  • removed post-search, import/export and locations features.


  • Improved nd_options_import_settings_php_function function for security reasons


  • added IDs on some elements
  • added layout 14 on post grid components


  • added compatibility with latest wp version


  • add new fonts
  • added some IDs on elements
  • added new css classes
  • added layout 3 for magic popup component
  • added layout 6 for price component
  • added new progress component
  • added layout 6 for team component


  • added new fonts
  • added new layout 8 for pages,posts and archives
  • added new layout for woocommerce
  • fixed export content for wp 5.0
  • convert title and spaces metabox options to select


  • added ids on some elements
  • added lightbox gallery on single product woo page


  • added new layout 5 for header and footer
  • added new css rules
  • added new layout 3 for countdown element
  • added new layout 3 for focus number element
  • added new components ( menu and open sidebar )
  • added new layout 12 and 13 on postgrid element
  • added new layout 5 on price element
  • added underline option on text element


  • added new layout for post grid component
  • added new page/post layout for header image
  • removed some clenthemes references on source code


  • added layout 10 for post grid component
  • updated .pot file
  • added new css rules


  • added new css rules


  • added new css rules


  • deleted hidden settings in footer 4
  • fixed notices warning on debug true for page/post/comment template on layout 5
  • added new css rules
  • fixe some w3c notices


  • added layout-5 for post/page and comments


  • Added some woocommerce css rules for layout-3


  • Added some woocommerce css rules for layout-1


  • Added few css rules on plugin style


  • Added new layout-4 for archives, page, search, comments and posts template.
  • Added new fonts
  • Added Events Calendar compatibility
  • Added new options for customizer forms
  • Added new options in footer-4


  • Added ID for all header and footer
  • Browser compatibility for some components


  • Added footer layout 4
  • Added new layout on gmaps component ( layout 3 )
  • Added new layout on magic pop-up component ( layout 2 )
  • Added ID for header image on post/page/archives on layout 3
  • Added ID on navigation 2 for hide the navigation/top header with css
  • Added new classes on style.css
  • Change the page template structure to fit some new w3c rules ( example: style tag in header )


  • Edit breadcrumbs/index.php for new header layout
  • Added new layout for page,post and archives
  • Added new navigation layout ( header-4 ) with center logo
  • Added new color option for vc location component
  • Added new layout for woo commerce post grid component
  • Added/Edit some css rules on style.css
  • Added new List component on Violet Coll
  • Added new layout on post grid component
  • Added new layout on price component
  • Added new layout on service component
  • Added new layout on team component
  • Added new layout on focus component


  • Added new component Divider
  • Added third font on customizer
  • Fixed margin top/bottom metabox page on layout 2 (page template)
  • Added third font on text component
  • Fixed component magic popup font color and font family for title and button


  • Added new css rules on style.css
  • Create new layout for countdown components
  • New component focus number
  • New component magic popup
  • New component service pro


  • enable multiplies layout on archive template page
  • enable multiplies layout on search template page
  • enable multiplies layout on comments page template
  • enable multiplies layout on page template
  • enable multiplies layout on post template
  • enable multiplies layout on archive and single product page for header img
  • added custom style-2 for woo commerce ( part 1 )
  • added woo commerce component on WP Bakery Page Builder on violet collection
  • add new fonts
  • added footer 3 layout
  • added locations custom post type
  • added new rules on admin style and style.css
  • added new icons on img/icons
  • added new components collection violet on WP Bakery Page Builder
  • added new components collection orange on WP Bakery Page Builder
  • added components toggle ( violet coll. )
  • added new layout on testimonial comp.
  • added new layout on team comp.
  • added new layout on focus comp.
  • added new layout on price comp.
  • added new layout on post grid.
  • added new layout on counter.


  • Added possibility to add right/left sidebar on archive woocommerce products through customizer
  • Added some woocommerce css rules on custom style 1 for sidebar compatibility
  • Added custom woocommerce sidebar


  • Fixed error on breadcrumbs caused by woo commerce function


  • Added addons/woocommerce for custom compatibility with plugin ( part 1 )
  • Edit breadcrumbs function for full compatibility with woo commerce
  • Edit settings on wp dashboard for add woo commerce enable/disable


  • Added new css rules
  • Added table themes


  • Edit color scheme function on settings folder


  • Edit import export function ( bug fix )


  • Added translate file
  • Added some changes on theme options


  • Added Id for footer
  • Edit style.css
  • Edit layout 6 for service


  • Fix bug on layout 6 service


  • Edit layout 2 for focus components
  • Added new layout 6 for service components


  • Edit header 3 on customizer


  • Added layout for focus component
  • Added header 3


  • Added RTL features
  • Added translation default.po


  • Edit some responsive rules and browser bugs


  • Edit some responsive rules


  • Edit some responsive rules


  • Edit page/single template


  • Edit button components


  • Edit some css rules on style.css


  • Added breadcrumbs compatibility with nd-learning plugin
  • Edit header layout 2 ( transparent mode )


  • Added breadcrumbs
  • Added layout 5 for service
  • Edit price and post grid ( layout-1 ) components


  • Added compatibility with plugin Learning Courses ( section calendar )
  • Added new icons
  • Enable shortcodes on text widget
  • Edit single post template ( header img )


  • Added Sidebar Management on post
  • Edit custom/cf7 components


  • Added Post Formats compatibility for post grid components layout 3


  • Added Image Header settings on archives page and search
  • Edit submit and errors form ( cf7 compatibility )
  • Edit customizer Header
  • Edit metabox on pages and posts
  • Edit templates folder
  • Edit cf7 counter, post grid, price, typewriter components


  • Added forms fields management for password type fields


  • Added forms fields management ( cf7 compatibility )
  • Edit custom/post-grid components padding


  • Fixed warning error on metabox.php file missing on custom/post-grid/index.php


  • Removed metabox.php from custom/post grid components


  • Added style.css for adding some rules for adding filter overlay on WP Bakery Page Builder parallax row.
  • Edit font-size to 40px for countdown components
  • Added strong tag for counter components
  • Fixed alignment bug on badge components
  • Added shortcode price_row for adding rows on components custom/price
  • Edit components button
  • Added post addons
  • Added header image metabox for pages and posts


  • Added bg parameter on spacer component


  • Added components badge
  • Added components button
  • Added components image


  • Edit components services, added layout-4
  • Enable svg uploader media


  • Edit components post-grid, responsive and image overflow problems, added order, id and orderby parameters
  • Edit components text, added align parameter


  • Added text components


  • Added spacer components


  • Added new components on shortcodes folder
  • Added addons folder
  • Added customizer folder on addons to manage fonts/footer/header theme, added furthermore examples folder to show the basic customizer types fields
  • Added metabox folder on addons
  • Added templates folder on addons


  • Initial version