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HTTPS Social Migration


Migrating a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS can be easily achieved with HTTPS Social Migration.This plugin checks to make sure your SSL Certificate is properly installed and makes the necessary changes to refer your incoming web traffic to HTTPS.

This plugin contains a link to a Premium version of the plugin (HTTPS Social Migration Pro), which addresses a range of other problems that can occur when you migrate your site to HTTPS, including, loss of social media counts, loss of social credibility, problems with other plugins on your site and the need to turn HTTPS off on certain pages.

Premium Support
MediaVidi provides support for HTTPS Social Migration Pro (our premium version), which you can access at


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  1. Activate the HTTPS Social Migration plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Configure the plugin by going to the HTTPS Social Migration menu that appears in your admin menu and click on Settings
  3. Migrate your site by following the directions in the plugin.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need the Premium version if I have a brand new site?
No, because you will not have already accumulated likes and shares on existing pages on your site. Only existing sites with social media likes and shares need HTTPS Social Migration Pro.

Do I need an SSL Certificate installed on my site?
Yes, you will need to purchase an SSL Certificate from a certification authority before HTTPS Social Migration will work on your site. The premium version of this plug in comes with a detailed explanation, tips and a discount coupon for an SSL Certificate.

What problems may occur when I migrate my site to HTTPS?
When you migrate a site to HTTPS all of your page names will change to start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This will cause all of the accumulated social media likes and shares on your site to display zero likes and shares. Visitors to your site will think your pages are unpopular, your search engine ranking will suffer because search engines take social credibility into account and your new likes and shares won’t add onto the likes and shares you already accumulated.

Some plugins that specifically refer to HTTP assets on your site may also stop working or cause your pages to load with a security warning.

In these cases, you should consider upgrading to the Premium version (HTTPS Social Migration Pro).


8 de diciembre de 2016
I used this plugin to keep the Facebook comments on my site when moving to https. When I ran into a few problems, the developer was quick to help out and get the problem solved. Great experience all around.
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Release Date: February 25st, 2016