Gitdown: Git Repository to WordPress Blog Posts


Gitdown: Git Repository to WordPress Blog Posts

By Maxim Maeder

Gitdown lets you connect a Remote Repository to your Website and upload Markdown articles to your WordPress Blog.

⚠️ This plugin is still in development. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to report them.

🎈 Easy to use

Setting Gitdown up to work with your Repository and Glob Pattern takes no time and can be easily changed anytime.

🔨 Customization

The shape of your Repository does not matter, you can change the glob pattern to your liking, and it will understand your repo correctly.

🎁 100% Free

Gitdown is free, and you can use it for whatever you want. Of course, I would be very grateful if you link back to me or the plugin so more people know about it 😀.

📚 Documentation

Once you activate Gitdown, it will take you to the documentation page, where you should get all the necessary info.

You can also consult the following documents for Help.

You will also find helpful information in the Reports section of the article overview.

⚠️ It may be outdated in some parts as I am somewhat unkeen writing documentation. Please file an Issue so I know that I need to change it.

👥 Contributing

All contributions are very welcome, so feel free to make issues, proposals and pull requests.

I’m building this Plugin by myself, and I made it for myself, but I think it could also be helpful for others. So if you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know.


🤙 Other Software that Gitdown uses.

This plugin uses the following third Party Services and Programs.

  • Is used in the how-to section for Gitdown to teach glob patterns. (Privacy Policy)
  • Tailwindcss Is used to style the main admin UI.
  • Vue.js Is used for the main admin UI and its interactivity features.
  • mnapoli/FrontYAML Is used to get frontmatter information in markdown files.
  • git-php Is used to clone and fetch git repositories.


  • Dashboard User Interface (Normal)
  • Dashboard User Interface (Empty)
  • How to View Number One
  • How to View Number Two
  • Gitdown Reading Settings

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I supply multiple glob patterns?

Yes, you can! Simply separate them by commas.

Does Gitdown read nested categories from the markdown file?

Yes, it does! Something like Animals/Cats, will create these two classes in a nested fashion and add the last one as the category.

Does Gitdown read tags?

Yes, It does! You can supply either a list of tags or a single tag.

Does Gitdown support thumbnails?

Yes, It does! You simply have to provide a file called ‘preview.png’ in the same folder as your article and it will be added as the thumbnail. This means that you should have a folder for each article.

Which keys and values can I provide in the Frontmatter of my Articles?

You find the description for each key here.

Can I also manage Pages with Gitdown

Yes, you can! simply add post_type: page to your frontmatter and this file will be added as a page. You can then also define a parent page with parent_page: <slug of the parent page>.

Can Gitdown Automatically update/sync my articles?

Yes it can, simply go to the Settings and activate automatic updating there. Just keep in mind that this could mean that you will create duplicate content by mistake if you change the slug of your article.

Can I connect Private Repositories?

Yes you can you will have to create an URL with the authentication. Consult the following links to set this up.

Generally the URL will have to look something like this: https://<Username_or_Company>:<PAT_or_Password><Username_or_Company>/<Repository_name>.git


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Small Bugfixes
  • Removed Pull Repo Button


  • Added Tag Insertion
  • wp_generate_attachment_metadata() -> thumbnails will get regenerated if Image Editor is available.


  • Added automated updating and posting of posts (Experimental)


  • Fix: Error when trying to clone a private repository


  • Ability to add Pages
  • Breaking Changes


  • Added more Warnings to Report Section (Git Clone Issues)


  • Post Revisions
  • Better Static Resource Caching


  • Documentation Update


  • Documentation Update


  • Documentation Update


  • Swapped CommonMarkConverter with GithubFlavoredConverter



  • Catch Type Error when getting Outdated Articles. (Issue)


  • Heading Permalinks removed content before id


  • Added API Endpoint for Automating Post Updating