Featured Image from URL (FIFU)


WordPress plugin for external featured image

Since 2015 FIFU has helped thousands of websites worldwide to save money on storage, processing and copyright.

If you are tired of wasting time and resources with thumbnail regeneration, image optimization and never-ending imports, this plugin is for you.


Use an external image as featured image of your post, page or custom post type.

  • External featured image
  • Unsplash image search
  • Default featured image
  • Hide featured media
  • Featured image in content
  • Elementor widget
  • Establecer automáticamente el título de las imágenes
  • Save image dimensions
  • Featured image column
  • [PRO] Save in the media library
  • [PRO] Buscador de imágenes de Giphy
  • [PRO] Tamaño de imagen de Unsplash
  • [PRO] La misma altura
  • [PRO] Efectos al pasar el cursor
  • [PRO] Reemplazar la imagen «No encontrada»
  • [PRO] Validación de imágenes


  • Auto set featured image/video using img/iframe tag from post content
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image using post title and search engine
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image using ISBN and books API
  • [PRO] Auto set screenshot as featured image
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image using web page address
  • [PRO] Auto set featured image from Unsplash using tags


  • CDN + optimized thumbnails
  • Lazy load
  • [PRO] Miniaturas de Flickr


  • Etiquetas sociales
  • [PRO] Media RSS tags
  • [PRO] bbPress features


  • WP-CLI integration
  • [PRO] WP All Import add-on
  • [PRO] WooCommerce import
  • [PRO] WooCommerce REST API
  • [PRO] Schedule metadata generation


  • External product image
  • Lightbox and zoom
  • Category image on grid
  • [PRO] Galería externa de imágenes
  • [PRO] Galería externa de vídeos
  • [PRO] Establecer automáticamente las imágenes de la categoría
  • [PRO] Productos variables
  • [PRO] Imágenes de variación
  • [PRO] Galería de imágenes de variación
  • [PRO] Save images in the media library
  • [PRO] FIFU product gallery
  • [PRO] Fast Buy


Supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, 9GAG, Cloudinary, Tumblr, Publitio, JW Player, WordPress.com (Jetpack Video Hosting) and Sprout.

  • [PRO] Vídeo destacado
  • [PRO] Miniatura del vídeo
  • [PRO] Botón de reproducción
  • [PRO] Ancho mínimo
  • [PRO] Fondo negro
  • [PRO] Reproducción automática al pasar el cursor
  • [PRO] Reproducción automática
  • [PRO] Loop
  • [PRO] Mute
  • [PRO] Vídeo de fondo
  • [PRO] Vídeos relacionados
  • [PRO] Icono de la galería


  • [PRO] Featured media
  • [PRO] Featured grid
  • [PRO] Product gallery


  • [PRO] Quick edit
  • [PRO] Carrusel destacado
  • [PRO] Featured shortcode
  • [PRO] Shortcodes FIFU


  • fifu_dev_set_image($post_id, $image_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_image_list($post_id, $image_url_list)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_video($post_id, $video_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_category_image($term_id, $image_url)
  • [PRO] fifu_dev_set_category_video($term_id, $video_url)


FIFU, the best WordPress plugin for…

Featured Image, Figurë e Zgjedhur, Image mise en avant, Uitgelichte afbeelding, وێنەی تایبەت, Obrazek wyróżniający, Tugna tameẓlit, Beitragsbild, გამორჩეული სურათი, Utvald bild, 特色图片, تصویر ویژه, Framhevet bilde, Artikkelikuva, Ilustračný obrázok, Imaxe destacada, Ảnh đại diện, Prikazna slika, Imagine reprezentativă, Imagen destacada, 특성 이미지, Delwedd Nodwedd, รูปประจำเรื่อง, Immagine in evidenza, 特選圖片, Imagem destacada, Imagem de destaque, Избранное изображение, アイキャッチ画像, Pśinoskowy wobraz, Öne çıkan görsel, Přinoškowy wobraz, Uitgelichte Afbeelding


  • Just insert the image address or some keywords and click on preview button

  • If the image URL is correct, the image will be shown

  • Featured video

  • Featured slider

  • Featured image column

  • External featured media on home

  • External featured image on post

  • Featured video on post

  • Featured slider on post

  • Many settings

  • External image gallery

  • External video gallery

  • External featured media on WooCommerce shop

  • External featured media on cart

  • External image gallery

  • External featured image on lightbox

  • Zoom

  • Galería de video

  • Featured video on lightbox

  • Pantalla completa



  1. Visita la página de plugins en tu escritorio y selecciona «Añadir nuevo»;
  2. Busca «Featured Image from URL»;
  3. Activa FIFU desde tu página de Plugins;


  1. Sube la carpeta «featured-image-from-url» al directorio /wp-content/plugins/;
  2. Activate the FIFU plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;

Preguntas frecuentes

Where is the external featured image box?

  • Next to the regular featured image box, in the post editor.

Why isn’t preview button working?

  • Your image URL is invalid. Take a look at FIFU Settings > Getting started.

Does FIFU save the images in the media library?

  • No. Only the PRO version is capable of doing this, but it is optional. The plugin was designed to work with external images.

Is any action necessary before removing FIFU?

  • Accede a los ajustes y vacía los metadatos.

What’s the metadata created by FIFU?

  • Database registers that help WordPress components to work with the external images. FIFU can generate the metadata of ~50,000 image URLs per minute.

What are the disadvantages of the external images?

  • No image optimization or thumbnails by default. You can fix that with CDN + Optimized Thumbnails feature (performance settings).

What are the advantages of the external images?

  • You save money on storage, processing and copyright. And you can have extremely fast import processes.

Is it legal to embed images without permission?

  • Yes, it is. Click here to know more.


13 de julio de 2021
I am SO impressed with FIFU. It doesn't stop at just giving you what you need, it provides you with things you didn't even know that you needed at first! There is so much thought and detail put into this awesome app. It's a Labor of Love and it shows!! And for those who manage bbpress, buddypress or buddyboss forums, you are in for a treat!! YES! I found an app that works perfectly for all three!!! I am so HAPPY!! You can even make a forum look like Reddit! No, I did not get asked nor was I compensated for this review. I am a paying customer and I am someone who is SO impressed by the amazing support and talent in this app. Hands down the most decent, knowledgeable and coolest Dev EVER! Have you ever come across someone or something that just betters itself or themselves continuously. If yes, then you found gold right here. If no, then you'll find out what premium really is! Every release, these guys just keep bringing it a notch up! NO Wonder that there are over 61,000 installs as I write this! Do the math. Premium is SO worth it! This app is worth every single penny and then some! Thank you FIFU. You really are a shining star, not just as app but a model Developer! Cheers!!
26 de junio de 2021
PLugin was already good. They removed the best options and put them as Pro. The images on my site no longer appear, and I have more than 30,000 posts. Clear Image Metad doesn't work anymore. Unfortunate!
6 de junio de 2021
The plugin works really well and helps off-load your server + saves tons of space if you have an image-heavy blog. Also, the author is great at providing support, advice or even adding a feature if it's something that more users can benefit from. Thanks!
16 de mayo de 2021
This is an excellent plugin and after purchasing the premium version and experiencing the incredible support provided, I can highly recommend this plugin.
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  • Enhancement: keyword image search (multiple suggestions, infinite scroll and integration with Quick Edit); enhancement: CDN + Optimized Thumbnails (does not require Jetpack plugin anymore).


  • New feature: WooCommerce > Fast Buy.


  • New feature: Auto set featured image from Unsplash using tags; new option: Auto set screenshot as featured image > Scale; new option: bbPress > copy the featured image/video to the forum/topic content.