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ES Custom Fields Interface Version: 3.20


This plugin adds form element(s) in Write Post panel and/or Write Page panel, which act as a custom field(s) of Post and/or Page.
The custom fields are of this types: fieldset, checkbox, radio, select, textarea, textfield, filefield, imagefield, datefield.


This plugin supports the following types of form element:
fieldset, checkbox, radio, select, textfield, textarea, filefield, imagefield.
To specify the custom fields, edit the file «config.txt»


This plugin takes the idea from
«rc: custom_field_gui» (Author: Joshua Sigar, See
«Custom Field Gui Utility» (Author: Tomohiro Okuwaki, See;

used part of the code as mentioned in the source.



  • This screen shot description corresponds to screenshot-1.png File config.txt :
  • This is the second screen shot screenshot-2.png
  • This is the second screen shot screenshot-2.png This example adds form elements only in Write Post panel


Unpack the file «»
For change language copy language.xx in language.js (partial translation)
Upload the folder «es-custom-fields-interface» to «wp-content/plugins/.»
Activate from WP’s Plugin Management page.

Preguntas frecuentes

This plugin use custom database?

No. This plugin use standard database of WordPress.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«ES Custom Fields Interface Version: 3.20» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Added categories list, tags list, pages list, posts list.


  • Added fieldset type.
  • Added datefield type.
  • Added childs fields inside of checkbox, radio and select.


  • Added to filefield support for file Open Office Write .odt, .ott, .sxw, .stw
  • Added to filefield support for file Open Office Calc .ods, .ots, .sxc, .stc


  • First version.