Smart CSS Auto Loader


The Smart CSS Auto Loader Plugin (formerly CSS AutoLoader) allows you to load additional CSS files without the need to change the theme


To load additional stylesheets just put them into a directory named cssautoload (case-sensitive!). This directory can be placed in three different locations that are loaded in the following order:

  • Theme independent : in the wp-content directory
  • Theme dependent : in the Theme’s directory
  • Child Theme dependent (if using a Child Theme) : in the Child Theme’s directory

Only files with extension .css are added, all other files are ignored. Also files beginning with an underscore (_) are ignored.

CSS for different media

CSS allows to have different styles for different target devices. Files placed directly in the cssautoload directory are added with the media type ‘all’, suitable for all devices. To use a different media type just create a subdirectory with the name of the target media type (case-sensitive!). Te following CSS media types are supported according to the official CSS standard:

  • all for all devices – you don’t need to create the all directory, you also can put the files directly into the cssautoload root directory
  • braille for braille tactile feedback devices
  • embossed for paged braille printers
  • handheld for handheld devices
  • print for printouts or print preview on screen
  • projection for projected presentations
  • screen for screens
  • speech for speech synthesizers
  • tty for media using a fixed-pitch character grid
  • tv for television-type devices

Other subdirectories in cssautoload directory are ignored. Also subdirectories in the media subdirectories are not supported.


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  • This plugin does not collect or store any data
  • This plugin does not send any data to external servers

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This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.

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  • Go to 'Appearance' -> 'CSS AutoLoader' in your WordPress dashboard to see the possible paths where to store your CSS files and the currently loaded files

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4 de noviembre de 2017
We actually avoid using plugins as much as possible, so there are only a handful of plugins we install on every site. This is one of them - easy and flawless! Thank you!
23 de febrero de 2017
Keep your HTML code clean with this plugin!!! Most plugin/theme with css customisation I tested add css code directly in your html code, which is a bad code / seo practice. The other option so far was to modify the theme css. However, this practice would lead in issues when updating theme in new versions. CSS Autoloader allows developers to add external css file(s) WITHOUT modifying the selected theme. 2 steps configuration : 1. Create a folder "cssautoload" in your theme folder. 2. Save your css file in the cssautoload folder And that's it!!!! Result : it adds a tag in the head structure, such as : <link rel='stylesheet' id='cssautoloader-a0681b9a98d7141bfe2716ded5c96bd9-css' href='http://www.[mysite]/wp-content/themes/sage/cssautoload/[mystylesheet.css]?ver=1487868463' type='text/css' media='all' /> Bottomline, this plugin is efficient and simple, I love it!!!! New feature suggestions : have a folder structure to load specific css files per post types and categories
19 de febrero de 2017
Although my theme features an "extra CSS" functionality, I prefer the AutoLoader because it loads a common CSS file instead of pasting the custom CSS into every page. Not to speak that I am able to distinguish between general-purpose and theme-dependent styles. Good job.
10 de octubre de 2016
Does what it says without effort
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5.0.0 (2022-08-08)

  • rewritten using my Plugin Foundation PPF08
  • renamed from CSS AutoLoader to Smart CSS Auto Loader
  • no functional changes

4 (2019-03-08)

  • moved from Tools to Appearance menu because rightly it belongs there
  • UI improvements
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3 (2018-05-25)

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2.3 (2017-11-16)

  • faulty display in WP 4.9 fixed

2.2 (2017-10-11)

  • bug fix: short open tag patched

2.1 (2017-07-10)

  • add trailing slash to all paths

2.0 (2017-06-14)

  • redesigned admin interface
  • code improvement

1.2 (2016-10-09)

  • switched translations to GlotPress
  • code redesign
  • no functional changes

1.1 (2015-12-15)

  • Added Language Pack Support for translations

1.0 (2015-09-28)

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