CBX Bookmark


This plugin is inspired from youtube’s bookmark or favorite feature. User can create their own bookmark category public or private and save articles inside different folders.

Three Widgets

  • My Bookmarked Posts
  • My Bookmark Categories
  • Most Bookmarked Items

Plain Features list

  • Add Bookmark button like youtube under post, page etc
  • Bookmark categories are per user
  • Private or Public Category
  • Three possible widgets to show the bookmarks

Three Shortcodes

  • [cbxwpbookmark] Shows logged or any user’s bookmarks
  • [cbxwpbookmark-mycat] Shows logged or any user’s bookmark category
  • [cbxwpbookmark-most] Shows most bookmarked posts/items

Learn more details here CBX Bookmark for WordPress
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Pro Addon: Core feature enhancement:

  1. Custom Post type supports
  2. Special widget for Easy Digital downloads (Most Boomarked Downloads)
  3. Special widget for Woocommerce (Most Boomarked Products)
  4. Grid view shortcode [cbxwpbookmarkgrid]
  5. BuddyPress Integration to show bookmarks in user profile in grid manner.
  6. BuddyPress stream bookmark

Pro Addon: myCred Integration:

  1. User gets point after bookmark (configurable)
  2. Point cuts from user after remove bookmark (configurable)

Download CBX Bookmark myCred Addon


  • Frontend bookmark - Button and bookmark panel
  • Frontend bookmark - Category manager
  • Frontend bookmark - Category create
  • Admin - Bookmark listing
  • Admin - Category listing
  • Admin - Category Create
  • Admin Setting - General Tab
  • Admin Setting - Tools Tab
  • Admin Setting - Pro Setting
  • Widget Admin - Bookmark Category
  • Widget Frontend - Bookmark Category
  • Widget Admin - My Bookmarks
  • Widget Frontend - My Bookmarks
  • Widget Admin - Most Bookmarked Post
  • Widget Frontend - Most Bookmarked Post
  • BuddyPress Bookmark Button
  • BuddPress My/User's Bookmark Page
  • My Bookmark pages with shortcode outputs


How to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload cbxwpbookmark folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Setting-> CBX Wp Bookmark Setting to edit settings
  4. In any post or page you can write shortcode as described
  5. Frontend shortcode to edit any bookmark and bookmark category with delete feature
  6. More will come soon as per user demand and natural user experience


18 de marzo de 2018
The plugin is great and features options none of the other plugins were able to offer. Support also was great, as I got a response to my email, about a bug on my webpage that needed to be fixed, in a really short period of time.
30 de enero de 2018
This is a great addon quite unique in its own way and works great. Shortcodes are quite useful as well with plenty of parameters. Developer was very helpful, he helped me overcome some difficulties I had and also implemented a change I propose. Well done!
25 de enero de 2018
This Plugin has a way to less downloads! I was testing a lot of "Bookmark" plugins a year ago, sooo bad that I didn't paid attention to this one! None of the others fits my needs (like multiple user generated lists) and this one works perfect out of the box! Thank you so much!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«CBX Bookmark» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • [Buf fix] Bookmark pagination listing total count fix
  • [Bug fix] If buddypress bookmark is shown but buddypress is not installed or deactivated, error fixed
  • [New] Setting api improved


  • In setting select2 jquery library used to replace jquery choosen for better user experience
  • On post delete bookmark delete functionality improved
  • Pro addon updated and released with this core plugin new release


  • Compatibility bug fix with old version of pro addon


  • [New] Besides User based category, new two other bookmark mode added(Global Category Mode and No Category Mode )
  • [New] Template overrides
  • [New] Category widget/shortcode sublist as bookmark as optional
  • Privacy checking in every place where necessary
  • Category Listing in admin
  • Bookmark Listing in admin
  • Setting moved to Main menu under CBX Bookmark
  • BuddyPress support
  • More details here


  • [New] new method ‘cbxwpbookmarks_mybookmark_page_url()’ for quick mybookmark page url
  • [New] new method ‘get_author_cbxwpbookmarks_url()’ for quick author’s bookmark page url
  • [Improvement] Minor adjustment to give support for Featured Image From URL(Fifu) plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/featured-image-from-url/ in proaddon


  • [Bug fix] Fixed two translation string which was not translated properly


  • [Bug fix] urgent bug fix for undefined php function for most bookmark widget dashboard view


  • [New] New helper method to get all image sizes CBXWPBookmarkHelper::get_all_image_sizes()
  • [Improvement] All setting js and css are moved to individual css and js file in admin asset folder of the plugin for better management
  • [Improvement] Plugin setting improvement for default option store and other minor improvement
  • [New] On post delete bookmarks created for that post are deleted
  • [Bugfix] Most bookmark widget php warning fix


  • [New] Skip post id(s) in auto integration and shortcode
  • [New] Skip for user roles in auto integration and shortcode


  • [Buf Fix] Category bookmark count method fixed
  • [New] New shortcode param for show/hide category bookmark count with title catcount 0/1


  • [New] Total Bookmark count for any category added


  • [New] Norwegian (Bokmål) language translation added
  • [Bug fix] Bookmark user page category dropdown link page not found issue solved.


  • [New] Delete category feature from bookmark popup
  • [Bug Fix] PHP warning fix


  • [Bug Fix] Minor style fix


  • [Bug Fix] Is Bookmarked by user functionality added and fixed
  • [New] Better responsive bookmark popup for mobile windows
  • [New] Bookmark button shown for guest user and ask for login – a must have missing feature
  • [New] Global Setting for show bookmark count or not
  • [New] Show Category title in User’s Bookmark count for any category (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/category-title-in-cbxwpbookmark/)


  • [New] French Translation. Thanks to «Jean-marie Capes»
  • [New] New helper method isBookmarked() added to class ‘CBXWPBookmarkHelper’ to check if any post is bookmarked once or not


  • [New] New formated Bookmark button class added with modified html structure for better style support from theme.


  • [New] SQL script updated for table creation


  • [New] New global setting for auto integration: Show in Archive -yes/no
  • [New] New global setting for auto integration: Show in Home -yes/no
  • [New] New method for bookmark count for any post, class ‘CBXWPBookmarkHelper’, static method ‘getTotalBookmark’, example $bookmark_total = CBXWPBookmarkHelper::getTotalBookmark($objectid);
  • [New] New Icons for bookmark and no bookmark
  • [New] Bookmark counts near bookmark icon
  • [Update] JS code changed for dynamic count update


  • [Bug Fix] Fix bookmark delete bug caused in last js code change


  • [Improvement] New hooks added for bookmark add, bookmark remove, category add, category edit, category deleted
  • [New] New pro addon released for mycred support compatibility from 1.2.9


  • [Bug Fix] While createing category privacy status was not set properly or all set default private. Now Fixed.
  • [Improvement] If no category created by user now popup bookmark panel shows message and guides to create one


  • [Improvement] On Category select or delete from bookmark panel/popup now shows action messages.
  • [Improvement] Bookmark panel/popup style fix for bootstrap theme


  • [Bug Fix]Bookmark Create window close issue for mobile devices[Added a close icon]
  • [New] Added new search icon in bookmark popup category search
  • [Improvement] From bookmark popup category creation error and success message
  • [Improvement] Bookmark popup style and performance improvement


  • Readme updated
  • Documentaiton update
  • Translation update
  • Grid view shortcode [cbxwpbookmarkgrid]


  • Minor Logic update in codebase


  • Rebranded as Codeboxr.com from wpboxr.com
  • CSS style tweaked