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Writer's Block Block


GPT-3 is a text-completion algorithm developed by OpenAI – read more here.
It can generate text using a provided sample. And so – it can help you get out of the writer’s block!

Writer’s Block Block provides a Gutenberg block that completes your content for you. Simply write few paragraphs and insert writer’s block block into your post to see what robots can write for you.

How does it work

  • You write some content
  • Insert Writer's Block Block block into your post
  • It grabs the content of your post, calls OpenAI to generate a completion
  • Inserts that completion to your post
  • If you like it, you can transform that block into a Paragraph block. If you don’t like it – you can delete it.
  • This plugin is automatically limiting the requests to one per 60s to protect your OpenAI quota. If you call the suggestion endpoint in succession, you will get the same answer.


  • Auto-completed poetry


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Writers Block Block Generate new paragraph using your existing content and GPT-3.


  1. Get OpenAI API token from here
  2. Install this plugin, activate
  3. Go to the block editor, write some content
  4. Search for «Writing Block Block» block, insert into your content
  5. First time you use it, it will ask you for the OpenAI token
  6. When you submit the token or use it next time – it will auto-complete the writing for you.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I use this block without access to GPT-3 API?


What is GPT-3?

In July of 2020, Open AI foundation has opened private, beta API access to their newest machine learning model: GPT-3.
It’s a text prediction tool that is trained on pretty much the entirety of the Internet.
You give it a sample and it suggests the text to complete that sample.
I’ve written more here.

Is GPT-3 access paid?

Yes, it is. You can sign up for a trial here, but you have to pay to use this API.
Current pricing is about $0.06 for 4 000 characters. Both prompt and response are included in that pricing, so for example:
If you have written 500 characters, you will get a response with 250 characters (I have limited it so).
You will pay about $0.011 for that use.

That does not seem much, but how can I be protected from accidental usage?

I have limited the API calls to one per minute. That means, that you will never pay more than $17 per day.


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