WPC Smart Notification for WooCommerce


Need a lively reminder for your customers/ visitors when they browse your store? Want to hint your customers with best tips and news on sales, upcoming events or new products? WPC Smart Notification for WooCommerce can take it all for your online store to have a better sense of busy traffic and crowded sales, make people stay, and convert into faithful customers.

Live demo

Take a tour around our live demo and experience by yourself the liveliness brought by our real-time sale popups. The mobile display is nice as well, try it out.


DATA SOURCE(S) – Choose one or more sources to generate the notifications: Manual, Text Editor, New Orders, Virtual Orders, On Sale Products, Low Stock Products, Related Products.

  • Manual Orders: Set up thumbnails, title, product URL and description manually.
  • New Orders: Pull the recent sale statistics in chosen time duration from your store to display.
  • Virtual Orders: Generate orders to show busy shopping activities on your site.
  • On Sale Products: A prompt reminder of the most recent on sale products.
  • Low Stock Products: Create a sense of scarcity and urge buyers to decide faster.
  • Related Products: Suggest similar items to what visitors are interested.
  • Viewing: Display the number of people viewing a product with a custom thumbnail.
  • HOT – Cart: Get a reminder of the cart & open the cart page or Fly Cart popup when clicking on the notification. It’s possible to use a custom thumbnail. WPC Fly Cart must be installed to use this feature.
  • Text Editor: display a notification with HTML text. Shortcode is supported. (Premium Version)

WPC FEATURES INTEGRATED – Many great features from other WPC plugins have been integrated to enhance the experience.

  • You can install the WPC Fly Cart to allow buyers to get a quick preview of their shopping cart by opening the Fly Cart popup when clicking on the cart reminder.
  • Install the WPC Smart Quick View for opening the Quick View popup right on the screen when visitors click on a product in the feed.
  • Since the Text Editor can support shortcodes, you can use the shortcode of other plugins to display what you want to show in the notification, ie. the WPC Countdown Timer shortcodes.

ORDER – Arrange the messages in the Default or Random order.

MAXIMUM NUMBER – Control the maximum of items to be displayed on the feeds per source.

DURATION TIME – Set up a duration time for each source.

SHOW/ HIDE EFFECTS – Various effects for the notification popups to have an appalling appearance or disappearance.

AUTOPLAY TIME – Set the autoplay time in seconds to control the frequency of notifications showing up.

POSITION – Place the feeds on a suitable position of your site that is easy to notice and convenient for navigation.

USER EXPERIENCE – You can choose to disable the Smart Notifications on the Cart, Checkout pages, and on the Mobile version to not affect the site navigation and user experience.

Great benefits from WPC Smart Notification

  • Create a FOMO atmosphere and sense of urgency.
  • Bring forward real-time notification for better social proof & credit.
  • Improve the conversion rate & reduce the bounce rate.
  • Boost the site engagement, authenticity & traffic.

It gives a sense of scarcity, urgency and grabs visitors’ attention at a glance with your custom outstanding notifications of:

  • The hottest deals on air
  • Best-selling items running out
  • Related products suggested
  • Items recently purchased
  • Interested products on sale
  • New items introduced
  • Trending items from a new collection
  • Upcoming sale events
  • Live sale feeds
  • Daily flash sale


  1. Please make sure that you installed WooCommerce
  2. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select «Add New»
  3. Search for «WPC Smart Notification», Install & Activate it
  4. Go to WPClever > Smart Notification to configure your notifications


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