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Highly accelerated page loading and rendering for image-rich websites. Compatible with caching and image optimization plugins for the highest SEO.

Faster engagement. Faster results!

Visitor engagement is the number one priority for every website. Don’t make your visitors wait for page elements to stop jumping around; for buttons to work; for high resolution images to load. With over 10X rendering speed enhancements, WP QuickDraw is simply the fastest way for your website visitors to start seeing and engaging with your content. Even your SEO ranking gets a boost so your visitors will find you faster when searching. One secret? Search engines don’t even “see” images during the initial page load because WP QuickDraw embeds initial image data right into the page. Fully compatible with popular CDN, image optimization and caching plugins including WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket, WP QuickDraw means no more need to load small, low quality images to increase your speed. Breathe easy. Sell more. Sell dramatically. It’s time to load large. And it’s free! More info? Go here.

Supercharge Your Image Rendering

WP QuickDraw does everything in its power to speed up image delivery on your website.

  • Automatic processing of new images
  • Progressive image delivery for highly accelerated page loading, user interaction and max Google page rank and speed
  • Compatible with popular caching, CDN, SEO and image optimization plugins including WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket
  • Device-responsive image delivery for optimum quality during each user session
  • Deferred (lazy) progressive loading of off-screen images until user scrolls to them
  • [Premium] support for our WP QuickDraw Pro users
  • [Premium] the ability to use our patented TrueZoom™, ClearView™, and pPNG™ technologies to deliver amazing user experiences

Premium Features and Support

The HifiPix team aims to provide regular support for the WP QuickDraw plugin on the WordPress.org forums. But please understand that we do prioritize our premium support. This one-on-one ticketing support is available to people who bought WP QuickDraw Pro.

Did you know that WP QuickDraw Pro also has several extra features:

  • TrueZoom™ on-demand maximum detail delivery when users zoom on their devices
  • ClearView™ technology for the most naturally appearing progressive images
  • pPNG™ conversion for 5x lossless visual acceleration of progressive PNG images
  • Dedicated online support and automatic upgrades for one year

The WP QuickDraw Pro plugin is well worth your investment!



23 de enero de 2020
This is great! I can only say I wish the premium version’s TrueZoom was in the free version but I guess that’s why there’s a premium version.
23 de enero de 2020
As simple as it says. If you haven’t looked at the plugin website, it shows an animation right on the home page of just what the plugin does and that’s exactly how my site is working now.
23 de enero de 2020
Fast install. Plug and Play. Does its job. Happier visitors. Saves me time. Nuff said.
23 de enero de 2020
Just the right amount of settings/options. I can see why in some special cases I may want to turn it off for a page or an image on that page or even globally for an image on my entire website. But those controls are made really obvious.
23 de enero de 2020
Really great plugin. It took me some time to realize that it is basically managing the resolutions going out for each user session so when I put an image in my editor it really doesn’t matter what resolution I pick since this plugin takes over that job for me.
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Registro de cambios


  • Release date: January 21, 2020
  • Improved image processing retry logic.
  • Fixed bug which caused arbitrary images to become disabled in WP QuickDraw.
  • Fixed bug where image progress bar would appear in admin when there were no images to process.


  • Release date: January 15, 2020
  • Added checks to avoid initialization of WPQD processing for non-image attachments.
  • Removed WPQD enabled option from Media Library for non-image attachments.
  • Fixed logical error in number of generated vs. total WPQD-enabled images calculation.
  • Cache remaining quota percentage in database for use in dashboard display to reduce load on API.
  • Update quota percentage in dashboard dynamically while image processing is in progress.
  • Responsive style fixes for Media Library Status graphs in admin dashboard.
  • Disabling «WP QuickDraw Features» setting now disables other UI toggles in admin dashboard.


  • Release date: January 13, 2020
  • All images at least 768px wide will now be processed (regardless of height dimension).
  • Minor bug fixes: addressed several PHP notices.
  • Updated image progress bar logic to use countdown instead of # of total.
  • Fixed image regeneration on plugin update trigger so that it will not run on a new install.
  • Improved messaging added to Media Library «WPQD Enabled» option.
  • Responsive style fixes and added message about flushing cache in admin dashboard.