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WP Portfolio Showcase


A super easy way to create a beautiful and responsive portfolio for your WordPress websites. Showcase you portfolio in different types.
Such as Slider, Lightbox Gallery, Popup Video or External Link. WP Portfolio Showcase plugin created for who like to showcase their
in high quality with best design.

Portfolio Showcase Plugin Features:

  • Filter portfolio by portfolio category
  • Portfolio Slider
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Popup Video
  • External Link


The installation is fairly simple and straightforward. If you have ever installed any WordPress plugin, then there is nothing new for you.

  1. After installing the plugin, activate the plugin.

  2. After you have successfully activated the plugin, Portfolio Menu will appear in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar menu.
    And also a page named Portfolio will be created after activating the plugin.
    The Portfolio page is the default page, where all the portfolio will be displayed.

  3. You can use the the automatically created Portfolio page for your Portfolio page.
    Or, you can Use [portfolio_showcase] short code on any page for showing your portfolio.


You can add a new portfolio item very easily.
For adding a new portfolio item you need to click the Add New Portfolio submenu under the Portfolio main menu.


The Plugin provides a Shortcode for displaying your portfolio section in any page:

  • [portfolio_showcase] – Use this short code in a page for displaying your portfolio items.
    This shortcode support number, show_more and show_more_text attributes.

    Example: [portfolio_showcase number="9" show_more="true" show_more_text="Show More"]


    On the Settings page, under the Display settings tab, you can select the page for default portfolio page from the Portfolio Page setting field.

And in the Items per Page setting field you can control how many items will be shown in the page.

And int the Portfolio Columns setting field you can select how many portfolio items will be displayed per row in Desktop. For tablet the default value is 2 and for mobile the value is 1


After activating the plugin you can create new portfolio item from Add new portfolio page.

After installing the plugin a new page will be created titled «Portfolio».
This page will be used for viewing all the portfolio items.

You can place the portfolio showcase section in any page, by using the [portfolio_showcase] shortcode.


WP Portfolio Showcase has no dependency on any others plugin or theme. You can use WP Portfolio Showcase plugin with any theme.

Sometimes the some section’s design of this plugin may be changed a little bit for the installed theme’s incompatibility layout design in your site.

You should at least have PHP version – 5.6 for the smooth operation of this state-of-the-art plugin. We tested this plugin thoroughly to make sure it operates seamlessly under every situation.
We did not detect any problem or conflict during our test.
Still, we are open to issues as we understand that WordPress is a vast ecosystem and anything can happen.


This may have bugs and lack of features. If you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome. Please open an issue on GITHUB Repository


  • Portfolio Showcase
  • Default Type Popup Portfolio Details
  • Lightbox Gallery Type Popup Portfolio
  • Video Type Popup Portfolio
  • Hover Effects of Portfolio Item
  • Select Portfolio Type on Adding New Portfolio
  • Portfolio Project Details
  • Portfolio Gallery and Video
  • Display Settings

Preguntas frecuentes

How I can use the shortcode to display the portfolio?

The plugin provide [portfolio_showcase] shortcode to display the portfolio in any page. Use this short code in a page for displaying your portfolio items.
This shortcode supports number, show_more and show_more_text attributes.

Use the number attribute to limit how many portfolio items will be displayed, default value is 9.

Use the show_more attribute whether the show more button will be displayed or not under the portfolio items.
Default value is true. Change to false if you don’t want to display the show more button.

Use the show_more_text attribute to change the show more button text. Default value is Show More.
Use this shortcode only if you display the show more button.

Example: [portfolio_showcase number="9" show_more="true" show_more_text="Show More"]

Can I ask/suggest for a new feature?

Yes, of course. We do not create products for ourselves. You are always welcome to suggest new features and improvements.


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