Manage Debug & Monitor – WP Umbrella Monitoring for Developer


WP Umbrella is a all-in-one solution to debug, monitor and manage one or multiple sites. The plugin is perfect for developer and debugging operations.

This includes:
– Single dashboard to manage multiple sites and multisite.
– Uptime monitoring, performance monitoring
– Reliable alerting systems (uptime, downtime)
– PHP errors monitoring
– Debugging of PHP errors
– WordPress error logs monitoring
– Multiple sites management
– Plugin update management
– Security monitoring

Manage multiple sites & multisite

WP Umbrella boost the productivity of people that manage WordPress sites.
– Get all the information you need about your sites from a single dashboard;
– Bulk update plugins and theme;


WP Umbrella is the most comprehensive monitoring plugin for WordPress. Monitor uptime, performance, PHP errors, WordPress error log. Get alerted if anything goes wrong. WP Umbrella also monitor security (SSL, WordPress error log, etc).
Get alert in case of issue and quickly debug WordPress errors.

WordPress Maintenance

WP Umbrella is best WordPress maintenance plugin. Use WP Umbrella to monitor your website, quickly troubleshoot errors and debug any website.

Debug & Troubleshooting

WP Umbrella monitor wp error log to help you debug and troubleshoot your errors. This will speed up your troubleshooting operations. The plugin has no a debug bar.

WP Umbrella is the perfect dev tool for multiple sites.

Monitor Monitoring


ManageWP Manage WordPress

Debug and Debugging


Query Monitor


Register in the plugin. Get your API Key and connect your website to our monitor.

WP Umbrella is ideal to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.

By installing our plugin and registering to retrieve your API key you agree to accept our terms and conditions.

Premium Support

We are not just any management / monitoring plugin for WordPress. We are your partner and we are committed to provide an amazing customer experience. Shoot us a message at if you experience any issue.



Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater
  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-health directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Preguntas frecuentes

What do you Monitor ?

WP Umbrella monitor uptime, performance, HTTP Status codes, SSL certificate, PHP Errors and WordPress error logs.

Why is uptime monitoring important ?

Downtime happens more often than you think! That’s why it’s important to monitor uptime. Check out our article about uptime monitoring for WordPress

Debug WordPress for Developer

WP Umbrella monitor WordPress error logs so you can debug WordPress more easily.

Troubleshooting for developer

You want to learn how to troubleshoot WordPress? check out this troubleshooting WordPresssection and start debugging WordPress.

ManageWP alternative

WP Umbrella is the best alternative to Managewp. We have developed this product to be lighter and easier to use. WP Umbrella is also a good alternative to MainWP.

Query Monitor alternative

WP Umbrella is an alternative to Query Monitor. Don’t hunt for PHP error, we monitor WordPress error log for you!

What about premium?

When signing up, you get a full access to all our features during 2 weeks. Then, if you want to keep the uptime/performance monitoring, and enjoy the bulk update your have to upgrade your account. The security monitoring and the PHP error debugging will always stays free.


17 de noviembre de 2021
Thank you for this great plugin. One interface to update plugins and themes, check the security of your websites, create reports for your clients, ping your websites in order to know if there is any problem. The extension is regularly enhanced!
15 de octubre de 2021
I really enjoy using WP Umbrella because it gives me a quick snapshot of site speed and any errors I may have (as well as updates I need to do). Very nifty.
5 de agosto de 2021
This a great plugin! I have used this on mine and connected it to a few cleints sites and absolutely love it! If your looking for any quick and easy way to stay informed on your projects I would defiantly recommend. I have had a few questions and dealing with support is also a benefit, they responded quickly and answered all my questions. I will continue to use this service for many years to come. Thank you WP Umbrella!!
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Registro de cambios

1.8.1 (12-01-2021)

  • Bugfix: Fail copy file handler to catch errors

1.8.0 (11-21-2021)

  • New: Endpoint to activate plugins
  • New: Endpoint to deactivate plugins
  • New: Endpoint to rollback plugins
  • Improved: Safe update
  • Improved: Compatibility with action scheduler lower than 3.3.0
  • Bugfix: Error on auto-loggin with incompatibility caused by Google Site Kit

1.7.1 (10-18-2021)

  • Improved: Prevent request from application if plugin not active

1.7.0 (10-14-2021)

  • New: API endpoints for application (users)

1.6.1 (10-04-2021)

  • Improved: API key processing

1.6.0 (08-18-2021)

  • New: interface structure (UI/UX)
  • New: API entry points for user management
  • New: Adding the latest incidents (downtime)
  • New: White label
  • Bugfix: Undefined variable plugin

1.5.1 (07-20-2021)

  • Improved: update theme
  • New: region for charts
  • Bugfix: Validate API Key on multisite

1.5.0 (07-15-2021)

  • Improved: Graph of response times, availability and latency
  • Improved: Information about your site’s warnings
  • New: Widget informing you of the number of plugins to update
  • New: Preparation to update the themes via our application
  • Bugfix: Reactivation of plugins after an update

1.4.2 (06-11-2021)

  • Improved: performance of error tracking
  • Bugfix: Action scheduler throw exception

1.4.1 (06-08-2021)

  • Bugfix: Prevent error on update 1.4.0. Just need to refresh

1.4.0 (06-08-2021)

  • New: New interface
  • Removed: Use of a Unique API Key
  • Improved: Simplification of the use of the plugin to focus on the application

1.3.0 (03-21-2021)

  • Improved: UI / UX
  • New: Possibility to get the data of your WordPress in the application
  • Improved: Wording if you are user free
  • Bugfix: Deactivate intent

1.2.3 (02-23-2021)

  • Improved: Fixed several UI elements
  • Improved: Removal of the simple / advanced view for errors. We direct you to the application.

1.2.2 (02-23-2021)

  • Fix: correction of the list of healthcheck categories
  • Improved: healthcheck recommendations

1.2.1 (02-14-2021)

  • Improved: UI / UX
  • New: End of uptime support after 14 days.
  • New: Enable or disable monitoring

1.2.0 (01-22-2021)

  • Improved: Considerable improvement in the loading of graphics
  • Improved: UI
  • Bugfix: undefined variable

1.1.7 (11-24-2020)

  • Improved: Addition of new checks for the healthcheck
  • Multiple Wording
  • New restriction to 30min ping frequency for free users

1.1.6 (10-23-2020)

  • New: Tab dedicated to PHP errors
  • New: Added preset buttons to view the monitoring
  • Improved: Simplification of the «Overview» tab into a «Dashboard» with the addition of frequently asked questions.
  • Improved: UI

1.1.5 (10-14-2020)

  • New: Widget in the dashboard to get a summary of the uptime
  • Bugfix: Calculation of the average uptime
  • Improved: UI

1.1.4 (10-06-2020)

  • New: Webhook slack notification
  • New: Support request in plugin
  • Improved: UI and tips

1.1.3 (09-29-2020)

  • New: Prevention modal when the plugin is deactivated
  • Improved: UI and tips for your site’s health status
  • Bugfix: Navigation between the tabs of the health check

1.1.2 (09-07-2020)

  • Improved: Changing the URL for the external API
  • Improved: UI

1.1.1 (09-01-2020)

  • New: Plugin name change
  • New: Advanced issues view
  • Improved: security (Thanks to Julio Potier)
  • Improved: code quality

1.1.0 (08-23-2020)

  • New: Redesigning part of the interface.
  • Improved: PHP error handling
  • Improved: User interface with a single view on the monitor
  • Improved: Support for only one monitor

1.0.8 (07-28-2020)

  • Improved: Addition of an interval selector for monitor history
  • Imrpvoed: Managing email notifications

1.0.7 (07-23-2020)

  • Improved: Improved recovery of error notifications about plugins or themes.

1.0.6 (07-22-2020)

  • New: Addition of a site health check
  • New: Information and advice on the state of your health.
  • New: Ability to retrieve information about errors generated by plugins or your theme
  • Improved: UX enhancement for monitor creation

1.0.5 (07-13-2020)

  • New: Ability to add different email notifications
  • Improved response time graphs

1.0.4 (07-08-2020)

  • New: Interface redesigned for better use of monitors
  • Improved data storage

1.0.3 (06-26-2020)

  • Improved: Log in and register on app in WordPress

1.0.2 (06-25-2020)

  • Bugfix: register in WordPress

1.0.1 (06-23-2020)

  • Plugin stabilization
  • Prevention if there is a connection error

1.0.0 (06-12-2020)

  • Pre-release
  • Register in WordPress
  • Possibility to add monitors