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WP Geo Based Content


WP Geo Based Content plugin was designed to give you the ability to display different texts, banners, hyperlinks etc. to different audiences.

For example, you can display a banner in English to North American / British audience and a banner in Arabic to Arab countries audience.
You can even display the same hyper link to all audiences but the underlying url can be different based on the user geo-location.

The possibilties here are numerous!

This all can be done by following these 3 easy steps:
* Define your content, your desired geo-location
* Click the Generate Shortcode button
* Implement the generated shortcode in your WordPress post or page


  • The main page of WP Geo Based Content plugin where you can see all existing campaigns, manage them and create new ones.
  • Creating a new shortcode screen.
  • A new shortcode that has just been created.


You can use the WordPress built in installer and upgrader, or you can install the plugin manually.

You can either use the automatic plugin installer or your FTP program to upload it to your wp-content/plugins directory the top-level folder.
IMPORTANT! Don’t just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

If upgrading, please back up your database first!

Preguntas frecuentes

How does the shortcode look?

Here is a shortcode sample: [wpgeo_campaign id=’1′]

Where do I put this shortcode?

You can copy it from the WP Geo Based Content plugin page and paste it in your page/post as part of your content.

What can I configure with this plugin?

You can configure to display different banners, text, links, images etc. to different geo locations. Basically, every content you want your readers to experience differently, is possible to configure.

How many countries can I add per shortcode?

You can add an unlimited number of countries per shortcode.

How can I write my content as HTML?

You can add your content both as regular content or HTML. In order to type it as HTML, all you need to do is to click the «Text» tab in the top-right of the Banner Code text area and code your HTML there.

What if I want the same content for multiple countries?

Simple. Copy the content from your pre-configured country and paste it in the Banner Code text area.

WOW, this plugin is a killer! Can I contribute to it?

Yes you can. You can donate here ==> for adding more functionality to it.


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