Woo Variations Table


Woo Variations Table replace the default WooCommerce way to select a variation by showing a table of all the available varations with the abilty to search by a keyword, filter by attributes and an AJAX add to cart button for each variation.


  • Show a table of all the available variations of a variable product instead of forcing the customer to select the product attributes before even he can see the variation description that he want to add to cart.
  • You can control what columns to show/hide in the variations table from settings page WooCommerce -> Woo Variations Table
  • You can show variation attributes values as columns in the table.
  • You can filter the variations using the attributes values as select boxes.
  • You can search variations by typing your search keywords.
  • Each variation will have its own «add to cart» button and this button uses AJAX so no reload needed to add it to cart.
  • You can select where you want the variations table to show up in the product page.
  • You can sort the table columns as you wish using easy drag’n drop table in settings

Upgrading from 1.x

It’s completely safe to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x releases , there is no breaking changes, just cleaner code and new features.


I’m developing this plugin for you.
If you discover a bug, you need a feature or have any idea to, let me know by posting your suggestion on the plugin github page..


After downloading the ZIP file,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
  3. Click «Choose file» («Browse») and select the downloaded zip file.
  4. You can control what columns you would show in variation table from WooCommerce -> Woo Variations Table.

Preguntas frecuentes

What is this plugin for?

This plugin replace the default WooCommerce variations dropdowns by professional table with filters by attributes and search by keywords and it also do AJAX add to cart ( no reload when click add to cart button ).

Can this plugin show the shop/category products as a table?

No, this plugin designed to show the variable products varations in a table.

How to Show/Hide an attribute in the variations table?

To show an attibute in the variations table go to plugin settings and check «Attributes» checkbox then go to the product edit page and enable «Visible on the product page» option for the attribute that you want to show.


22 de julio de 2020
Hi Folks, first I need to say this plugin attracted my attention. I like the idea to show all variations of the product "side by side". It is a nice feature and I was hoping to deliver clear message to the buyer. Unfortunately, after several months I need to say there is a group of buyers who are confused. They do not understand how to add items to the cart. The reason is so simple - this plugin has many formating issues and it is not as perfect when it comes to responsive pages. In some circumstances, it overflows the given width of the page and in many mobile devices or tablets, it is difficult to understand how to work with quantities and adding product to cart. I can clearly point out the relation as the last 30 days was this issue the number one question in our customer service support. Anyway, I need to say thanks to the developer for the effort. Maybe someday it will take its perfect dress, but today I need to rollback to the WooCommerce basics.
20 de mayo de 2020
So far, so godd, Very nyce with online-shop acme theme, kisses and hugs and a cup of sweet poison to finally get out of this terrible world of wars and abuse
11 de febrero de 2019
Dear friends: Thank you so much for such a great plugin. I would really appreaciate if you can help me please on how to display the actual color samples instead of its name. I mean Instead of saying "blue" or "white", it should display a tiny square or circle with that color... Does the plugin support that ? if not, how can I achieve that please ? I need urgent help, anybody ?? Best regards, nice webs !
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Registro de cambios


  • Add min and max html attributes to the qty input from the variation data.
  • Add actions before and after the variations table.


  • Use the native WooCommerce error message in case of added quantity of an item exceeded the available stock qty.


  • Show an error if the adding quantity of an item exceeded the available stock qty.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • It’s possible now to sort columns by drag’n drop easily.
  • Fix dimensions column value did not show up correctly.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.


  • Move price column to before quantity column.
  • Add german (de_DE) translation .po file ( thanks to mario-haag ).


  • Fix the table doesn’t work on Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Update POT file to include missing strings.


  • Add an option to show/hide filters.


  • Fix add to cart doesn’t work on sub-drectory sites.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.


  • Disable «Add to cart» button if the variation was out of stock


  • Add new option to control where to place the variations table
  • Add new option to show/hide «Available Options» button
  • Other small fixes and improvements


  • Enable quantity column by default
  • Some code improvements


  • Fix js error showing up in console when the product is not variable


  • Fix Add to cart loader icon option can not be unchecked


  • Fix add to cart event triggers to work with jQuery


  • Add option to enable/disable add to cart loader and tick icon
  • Some clean up


  • Make Stock header translatable
  • Small bug fix


  • Refactor the code and use SvelteJS for the UI instead of VueJS
  • Use the built-in WooCommerce ajax add to cart function to add to cart instead of the custom function that used before.
  • Sort by attributes values is possible now.
  • Add spinner icon to show up when click add to cart button.
  • Add tick icon to show up in add to cart button when the item added to cart.
  • Make all texts translatable and update pot file.
  • It’s much faster and stable now.


  • Fix PHP error happened in old PHP versions


  • Make ‘Any’ translatable.
  • Fix PHP error happened in old PHP versions
  • Small css fix.


  • CSS improvments to compatible with more themes like Storefront and other WooCommerce themes.
  • Fix a PHP bug to compatible with older PHP versions.
  • Add new filter to filter variation thumb name.


  • Show Attribute name instead of slug in the table.
  • Add some actions and filters hooks to let others extend this plugin.


  • Fix variations price doesn’t show up if all variations have the same price issue.
  • Fix filters don’t work when the attribute label has spesial characters.
  • Fix translation issue were contain wrong text domain and Add to cart was not translatable.


  • Add an option to show stock column.
  • Show only attributes with «Visible on the product page» enabled option when enable «Show Attributes» option.
  • Show variation image as thumbnail when available (bug fix for WooCommerce 3.x).
  • Other bug fixes & improvments.


  • Add new option to show attributes values as columns in the table.
  • Fix Table wasn’t working in Internet Explorer.
  • Show weight unit in the variations table.


  • Support multilangual and include PO file.


  • Make the variation table responsive.
  • WooCommerce 3.x compatible.