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Woo Layout Editor


Upon installation the plugin introduces under Woocommerce menu a visual drag&drop editor to customize WooCommerce by
add/exchange/drop any built-in as well as custom element in a single product page as well as in an archive shop page which are the main pages
that WooCommerce users tend to modify – hence a Woocommerce customizing Editor.
Each element is given a consecutive number and a friendly name reflecting their default position and functionality
and the user can change its position and/or drop it completely.
In addition there is a Custom content box which enables adding a simple button or a link or a any complex Html tag (which you can
create or import from anywhere).
The plugin doesn’t use WooCommerce templates nor does it add any file or content to the used themes.
In certain cases the user may need to custom the css as it depends also on the specific environment like the theme
and other plugins.

What are the common uses of the plugin?

Adding any Html markup to the product page and to the shop page.
Dropping the prices in the product page and in the shop will convert the shop into a catalog.
Dropping the prices the shop will focus the visitor to the products and will introduce prices
only in a single product.
Modify the shop and/or single product layout to any users preferred layout.

Why does the shop editor contains 2 different panes?

The shop is structured with 2 elements: the general shop elements and the products elements.
Each one of them has its own editor.

What does the red indication «here come the products» mean?

The shop is structured with 2 areas:the background area that surrounds the products and the products themselves.
This red indication appears in the middle of the general shop elements indicates just that.

Why after setting the plugin the display is spoiled?

The display depends heavily on the theme so modify the WooCommerce layout may demand some css customization.

Does the plugin install files/templates in the active theme or its sub-folders?

Not at all. The plugin follows WooCmmerce recommendations that prefer using hooks and thus doesn’t touch the theme.

After using the Link inside the Product layout the original product hyperlink doesn’t work?

Using Link in the Product layout actually creates a second hyperlink inside the product list element.
This may end up with overriding the original hyperlink. In this case use any cutsom content without a link.

Why is’n there an option to edit other pages like checkout

We concentrated on the main needs of users. Once we see other demands from users we shall address them.


  • Woo Layout Editor in action


  1. Upload ‘Woo Layout Editor’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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