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Product Category Slider for WooCommerce


Product Category Slider for WooCommerce by PluginEver provides you the opportunity of showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider. You can show your product categories in a modern looking and descriptive slider that show details of your category. Product Category Slider for WooCommerce plugin has lots of features that allows you to control the slider and its content.

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Why Would You Need Product Category Slider for WooCommerce

When you can display your products and their categories in a proper way to your customers, it attracts them the most. This means you are effectively showing your product categories in a professional looking slider. Thus, your users loves how they look and also understands what you are offering at a glance. This makes your WooCommerce store popular and you can sell more quickly.

How Product Category Slider for WooCommerce Helps

Using this awesome plugin, you can manage which WooCommerce product categories you want to show. It has the options to all product categories or any specifically selected ones.

Our plugin also supports subcategories of products. You can select any product category or subcategory you want.

The plugin will show the selected categories exactly in the order that you have chosen for your Product Category Slider for WooCommerce.

The Woo Category Slider has a built-in and also very easy to use shortcode builder. There is no coding involved and you can add Product Category Slider for WooCommerce with memorising anything at using, just using simple shortcodes.

Showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider help your visitors to find the category they are looking for without struggling and looking all over the WooCommerce store.This effectively expands your sells.

You can select either all WooCommerce categories or any custom selected categories to appear in the Product Category Slider for WooCommerce.
Product Category Slider for WooCommerce supports the selection of any categories as well as subcategories and to order those in all possible ways.

Product Category slider for WooCommerce has a built-in very easy to use and user-friendly shortcode builder. So, You don’t need to memorize anything.

Showing WooCommerce product categories in a slider help your visitors to find their category that they are looking for without struggling to find that all over the site. Which expands your sells.

Product Category Slider for WooCommerce Plugin Features

  • WooCommerce Product Category Slider
  • WooCommerce Product Sub Category Slider
  • Intuitive Shortcode builder
  • Fontawesome Icons support
  • Guttenberg block
  • Control what category to show all or custom
  • Control category details to show or hide
  • Show Number of products in the category
  • Show the name of the Category
  • Show or hide Navigation
  • Hover effect
  • Border
  • Control Slider to autoplay or not
  • Responsive
  • Light Weight
  • Fast Loading

Pro Features of Product Category Slider for WooCommerce

  • 27+ Eye-Catching ready-made theme
  • Custom Image size
  • Custom Category Image
  • Custom WooCommerce Category Order
  • Custom Column Size
  • Ability to Customize Almost Everything
  • Custom Content Color
  • Custom Content Background Color
  • Custom Button Color
  • Custom Button Background Color
  • Custom CSS class
  • Custom Autoplay Speed
  • Excluding any categories
  • 9+ Hover effects
  • Different button type
  • Slider Loop Support
  • RTL Support
  • And Many More

Get Product Category Slider for WooCommerce PRO



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wc-category-slider directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

How many styles it has

Free version has 2 nice preset styles and Pro version has 10+ preset styles.

I have categories but its showing no category found

Woo Category has lots of features to control how it will appear.
It has 2 options to control categories to appear or not
* Hide empty categories
* Hide Categories Without Image
Those 2 options are turned on by default. So, if those options are on and either your categories do not have
products assigned or category do not have any image then it will appear as no category found.
So, tweak the settings as you need.

Slider is not playing

Change «Slider Autoplay» option to Yes.

How to change number of categories/Column on the slider

Change «Number of Column» value as per your requirement.

How can I change color/background color of elements

Free version does not support changing color but on the Pro version you can change to any color easily with the color picker.

How to hide the category details?

Set «show content» to No from the slider settings in display settings section


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Team was able to help me by even logging in, installing and activating the plugin for me! Highly recommend
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good support… I revise my first opinion and I recommend, because the extension is really Top
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  • Enhance – Compatible with latest WC


  • Add – Add extra Basic Theme


  • Enhance – Add hover effect
  • Fix – Conflict with Woocommerce


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  • Enhance – Added tooltip


  • Enhance – Add shortcode builder
  • Enhance – Add Order by feature


  • Fix – Category selection bug fixed


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