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WooCommerce Better Usability


Provides overall improvements of the user experience when buying products in a WooCommerce based store. The areas of that the improvements was included are: Shop, Product, Cart and Checkout.

Free version features:

  • Auto refresh the price totals on cart page when quantity changes using AJAX
  • Show «-» and «+» buttons around the quantity field
  • Show confirmation before user changes quantity to zero
  • Go to checkout directly instead of cart page (simplified buy process)
  • Allow to delete or change quantity on checkout page
  • Allow to change product quantity direct on shop page
  • Allow to add to cart AJAX on product page (like on shop)
  • Ability to override various default things of WooCommerce
  • Hide quantity fields on Product and Cart pages

Premium version features:

  • Synchronize products automatically with cart when change quantity view demo
  • Update price automatically in Product and Shop pages, like on cart view demo
  • Change product variations directly in Shop page, meaning less clicks to buy view demo
  • Synchronize with MiniCart widget from Shop or Product pages view demo
  • Make AJAX requests to delete product on checkout page, without full page reload view demo
  • Allow to change quantities in Mini-Cart widget view demo

Get PRO version clicking here.


  • Add to cart on Shop
  • Cart configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Shop configuration


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It’s done. Now you can go to the Settings to customize what you want


25 de noviembre de 2022 1 respuesta
Some of the functions in this plugin seem like real head slappers, not because they’re not good (they are), but because they feel like they should already be included with Woocommerce but aren’t. Needless to say, this plugin offers additional mileage for your Woocommerce installations and has served me well for years. Thank you.
5 de mayo de 2021 1 respuesta
It solves mulitple of our headaches that we had! Our customers is a local pizza store. He wanted the customers to be able to choose the size and add the pizza to the cart on the shop page without having to go the product page every single time. Also while scrolling through the menu the page should not refresh and go back to the top every time a pizza is added to the cart. And now we had a support issue which we were helped with by the developer very professionally and fast. Everything works great now!
5 de abril de 2020 1 respuesta
This is the best solution on the market and the developer also solved the implementation to my custom (non-default structured) theme files meanwhile the weekend.
27 de junio de 2019 1 respuesta
Here is a plugin that moves your shop Woocommerce in the right direction. Practical functions at several levels of the shop. Essential for me! I recommend.
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Registro de cambios


  • Added High-Performance order storage compatibility


  • Tested with WooCommerce 7.0.1 and WordPress 6.1


  • Changed the shop quantity area and Add to cart button to be more template-standard


  • Fixed buttons and shop quantity issues for Flatsome theme


  • Adding better quantity buttons compatibility with ShopEngine + Elementor
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9 and WooCommerce 6.2.0


  • Reducing the templating overrides to make the AJAX add to cart features
  • Increasing compatibility with WooCommerce and plugins
  • Changed default plus and minus buttons looking
  • Tested with WC 5.8.1


  • Added a span with named class product_name to product title at checkout page
  • Fixed block and unblock effect functions to avoid edge cases errors
  • Tested with WC 5.5.1 and WP 5.8


  • Fixed WooCommerce 5.2 checkout quantity and remove button incompatibilities
  • Adding wbu_ajax_add_to_cart_legacy filter to use AJAX Add to cart buttons in more compatible way


  • Added single_add_to_cart_button class for Add cart buttons in Shop
  • Added BlockUI loading effect on Checkout table when changing quantity
  • Allow to reduce quantity with minus button when preloaded exceeding the max limit
  • Improved quantity buttons support
  • Updated Tested up to tag


  • When product is sold individually, disable quantity buttons in single product page
  • Fixed some WooCommerce frontend event listeners


  • Using document instead document.body listeners that was causing issues with some themes
  • Fix incorrect translation domain for specific config
  • Compatibility with Saasland theme buttons
  • Define more global quantity event listener for different cart theme layouts
  • Fixed missing hook call to display -/+ buttons in single product page when using selects
  • Added option: Display quantity buttons everywhere, simplified buttons display config


  • Cleaning unused source code
  • Changed plus and minus buttons display to be more standard (using woo *_quantity_input_field hooks)
  • Removing Fix layout break when Enter key is pressed config to use wbu_fix_cart_enter_key filter instead


  • Fixing bug in lib that was displaying unwanted admin notices
  • Updated WooCommerce tested tag


  • Fixed text domain to allow plugin string translation
  • Reduced and removed unnecessary frontend variables to reduce page size load
  • Removing minified asset wbulite.min.js for better coding standards and debug


  • Fixed flatsome duplicating add to cart section issue in shop page
  • Updated WooCommerce and WordPress tested tag


  • Removing deprecated PHP short_open_tag blocks
  • Supporting for decimal quantity increment and decrement buttons


  • Optimized Hide View cart link after add product config to not blink after add
  • Added per product limit compatibility with BeRocket Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce plugin


  • Reversed changelog ordering to make it more standard
  • Changed plugin notices to respect the guidelines
  • Standardization of custom plugin templates overriding in theme
  • Added filter wbu_bypass_shop_quantity_override to avoid templae override quantity html area in Shop
  • Fixed View cart link after add product option to work with Greenmart theme


  • Added custom theme template overriding similar to WooCommerce
  • Removed listener for minus and plus buttons because it causing trouble with many themes


  • Fixed Divi theme child compatibility in increase/decrease buttons
  • Fixed Porto theme issues with duplicated quantity buttons
  • Prevent page reload in specific cases after change quantity in shop
  • Added listener for minus and plus buttons used in most themes
  • Compatibility with BeRocket Ajax Products Filter plugin
  • Avoid double quantity increment when using Astra theme
  • Refresh minicart totals when change quantity in checkout


  • Fixed divi theme child quantity on shop display
  • Added wp 5.4 tested up to tag
  • The option to transform Add to Cart into AJAX in Product is now generic for all pages


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 4.0.1


  • Respect max stock quantities when using select input for quantities
  • Fixed bug that not displaying select input in Cart in some conditions


  • Fixed checkout max input quantity validation


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 3.8.1
  • Fixed Undefined Index error in Shop page


  • Added support for modified remove link zero quantity check
  • Added support for Woo Gutenberg Products Block plugin


  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Removing -/+ buttons when product is sold individually


  • Fixed blockUI to hide when finish Custom AJAX callback
  • Added AJAX timeout for quantity change refresh
  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Changed the cart overlay behavior in Custom AJAX mode to use the default of WooCommerce


  • Fix and optimize some mess in JS code and removing loops
  • Fix issue in Related products not showing quantity input for first product


  • Enqueue assets in all pages for better compatibility with custom pages
  • Reduced is shop loop detection checks to better compatibility with Elementor and relateds
  • Added overlay when AJAX refreshing cart using Run Custom AJAX method
  • Removed option Don't apply this option to front page (use wbu_enable_quantity_input filter instead)
  • Removed option Always enqueue assets for better compatibility
  • Removed option Optimize to make Cart work better when embebed in other pages