Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce


Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) provides all you need to manage and automate the WooCommerce fulfillment workflow.

Easily add tracking information and fulfill orders, keep your customers informed, reduce time spent on post-shipping inquiries and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Optimize the Fulfillment Workflow – AST allows you to Rename the label of the WooCommerce “Completed” Order Status to “Shipped” and to enable a custom order status “Partially Shipped” for orders that you ship in separate packages, or at different times.
  • Tracking Info Widget – Send customers their shipping information and a way to track their order with a fully customizable responsive widget. The tracking info widget will display in the order status emails and on the View Order page (my-account).
  • Add Tracking information to orders – Easily add tracking information to WooCommerce orders when editing an order or when viewing the orders list on the orders page.
  • Add Multiple tracking numbers to the same order– you can add multiple tracking numbers to the same order.
  • Fulfill orders when adding tracking numbers – AST allows you to fulfill the order and send the shipment information to your customers when adding the tracking information.
  • 300+ Shipping Providers with a predefined tracking link – Select your preferred shipping providers from a list of 300+ shipping providers. The tracking link will direct your customers to track their shipment on the shipping provider website.
  • Shipment Tracking API – Use the Shipment Tracking API endpoint to update the tracking numbers generated by 3rd party services and fulfill orders from external systems.
  • Import tracking info from CSV Files – In case your warehouse or dropshipper provides tracking information in CSV files, AST provides a quick and easy interface to import multiple tracking numbers to orders in bulk from a CSV so you can avoid the repetitive work of copy & paste tracking numbers into orders.

AST PRO Fulfillment Manager

  • Integrations & Compatibility – built-in integrations with ShipStation, WooCommerce Shipping, Ordoro, Royal Mail Click & Drop, Dear Inventory, Ali2Woo, Printify and more, to automate the fulfillment workflow
  • Fulfillment dashboard – manage and fulfil your orders from a centralized fulfillment dashboard
  • Tracking per item – split order tracking and attach tracking numbers to order items
  • Custom email templates with responsive tracking widget
  • Custom order status Shipped – Create a custom shipping workflow and keep the Completed order for virtual orders
  • API provider name mapping – map the carrier names updated in the API
  • API automations – auto-complete partial orders
  • Custom Shipping Providers – Create custom shipping providers with a custom tracking link
  • White Label the shipping providers – Update the display name and logo of predefined shipping providers
  • Auto-detect shipping providers – auto-detect the shipping providers when adding the tracking number to orders (manually only)
  • Export Tracking info to PayPal – Automatically export the shipment tracking information to the PayPal transaction
  • Premium Support

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TrackShip Integration

TrackShip auto-tracks all your shipments with 300+ shipping providers and brings a fully branded tracking experience to your WooCommerce store. TrackShip allows you to reduce time spent on customer service, further engage customers after shipping and provide a superior post-purchase experience to increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

AST is fully compatible with TrackShip for WooCommerce and the tracking information that you add to orders will be automatically sent to TrackShip once you add tracking info and fulfill your orders.


The Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin is compatible with many other plugins such as shipping label plugins and services, email customizer plugins, Customer order number plugins, PDF invoices plugins, multi vendor plugins, SMS plugins and more. Check out AST’s full list of plugin compatibility.


You can get more information, detailed tutorials and code snippets on the AST documentation.


The AST plugin is localized/ translatable by default, we added translation to the following languages:
English – default, German (Deutsch), Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Danish Spanish (Spain), French (France), Greek, Português Brasil, Dutch (Nederlands)

If your language is not in this list and you want us to include it in the plugin, you can send us on our docs
the translation files (po/mo) and we will add them to the plugin files.

Shipping Providers

AST comes with a list of 300+ shipping providers (carriers) with predefined tracking link:

USPS, ePacket, Delhivery, Yun Express Tracking, UPS, Australia Post, FedEx, Aramex, DHL eCommerce, ELTA Courier, Colissimo, DHL Express, La Poste, DHLParcel NL, Purolator, 4px, Brazil Correios, Deutsche Post, Bpost, DHL, EMS,, GLS, China Post, Loomis Express, DHL Express, PostNL International 3S, Royal Mail and more…
Check out the complete list of shipping providers



  1. Upload the folder woo-advanced-shipment-tracking to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Select default shipping provider from setting page and add tracking number in order page.

Preguntas frecuentes

Where will my customer see the tracking info?

The tracking info and a link to track the order will be added to the Completed (Shipped) order status email and will also display for each order on the customer accounts (orders tab).

Can I customize the Tracking info display on the order emails?

Yes, you have full control over the design and display of the tracking info, you can customize the display and content in a customizer with a live preview. Check out our documentation for more information + How to Video

Can I add multiple tracking numbers to an order?

Yes, absolutely you can add as many tracking numbers to orders and they will all be displayed to your customers on the order email and their my-account area.

Can I attach a tracking number to a specific product?

Yes, you can upgrade to the Tracking Per Item add-on which allows you to attach tracking numbers to specific line items and even to add tracking numbers to specific line items and split quantities.

Does AST auto-track my orders and send delivery notifications to my customers?

No, AST provides ways to add tracking information to orders and communicate this info to your customers, if you want to have a post-shipping automation, you can sign up for Trackship, it’s a Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking API which integrates into the WooCommerce ecosystem, once you connect TrackShip to your store, it will auto-track your Shipped orders and will poractivally update your orders with shipment status and delivery events. TrackShip will automate your orders flow, you can enable a tracking page on your store and you can set automatic shipment & delivery notifications to your customers.

Can I add a shipping provider that is not on your list?

We provide a list of more than 300+ shipping providers and carriers with a predefined tracking link. If you can’t find your shipping provider on the list, you can suggest a shipping provider on our features board or on the support forum, If you need to add your own custom provider, this feature is only available in the AST PRO Fulfillment Manager.

Can I Import tracking information from CSV files?

Yes, you can use our CSV import tool to import multiple tracking numbers to orders, you need to add each tracking number in one row.

Can I use Custom order Numbers when importing CSV files?

Yes, some plugins do not use the WooCommerce order_id (post id) and use custom fields instead for the order numbers. We added compatibility and you can use the custom order numbers in the CSV file in the order_id column for more details, see our documentation.

Can guests also view their shipment tracking info on my store?

Yes, if you use the WooCommerce order tracking shortcode and your guest customers will have to enter the email address and the Order ID to view their order details and track the shipment.

Do you have an API to update tracking info from my shipping service?

Yes, if you use external shipping services that work with the WooCommerce REST API to update your orders, they can use the AST shipment tracking API endpoint to update the tracking information in orders. AST offers tracking integration add-ons for automatic tracking fot a few Shipping services and you can check the AST compatibility list for more information on compatibility with shipping services.


2 de diciembre de 2021
An excellent solution to update the customers on shipped orders which also saves time. I did not realize that I must mark the Completed field so the status will be sent so I turned to the support for help. Reply was very quickly and make me understand what I did wrong. Working like a charm. Strongly suggested.
2 de diciembre de 2021
Excellent software and highly recommended Highly recommended !! Just solves all the problems in one place
2 de diciembre de 2021
The best plugin to add tracking numbers to orders. they provide a partially shipped status which helps us to update customers when part of their order is shipped, thank you zorem 🙂
26 de noviembre de 2021
I had been using AfterShip with the SaaS I was using. When I moved to WordPress I thought I would look for an alternative and that's when I came across this plugin. If you are quite serious about your WooCommerce store, the best combination is to use this plugin (Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce) with two other plugins - TrackShip, and Autonami. - Advanced Shipment Tracking - upload your tracking numbers - TrackShip - API updates from carriers for your tracking numbers that you've added using AST. This is the plugin that updates your orders to in-transit, out for delivery etc (all updated on the Woo orders which is nice). - Autonami - integrates with the above plugins and you can do automations in your WooCommerce site based off of tracking updates from the above plugins Loving this setup!
23 de noviembre de 2021
I loved this plugin because it offered customizing the email template in the free version, now for most options you need to upgrade to the premium version which is not cheap at all. I have to look for another plugin.
22 de noviembre de 2021
Used to be a great plugin with sufficient features in free edition. Now, at version 3.3 I can't create custom shipping providers. I would need to buy a pro version. 129 USD per year just for that is way overpriced in my opinion. It feels like a trap by drug dealers. Get some free doses until you are addicted and when bound to their stuff, then rise the price. The free version has no desired shipping providers in my country (in many other countries too), since version 3.3 we can’t add custom providers anymore and as I can’t afford to pay asked price for this feature, the only option is to move away from this plugin. Even if authors would add all my desired shipping providers to their free version, I am afraid to continue using it. With this sudden “upgrade” attitude they might in the future put us again in pity situation and getting out of it without paying them would be difficult. Downgrade to latest working version is possible, but I don’t like to install plugins that are not maintained and potentially will be incompatible with some future WP releases. These are solely my personal fears and my personal experience. Certainly, there are those who find all their desired shipping providers in a list and are happy with the new upgraded version. Luckily, for users like me, there are still some free plugins that do the job and can be switched to.
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  • Dev – Added back the Delivered order status
  • Dev – Added ParcelForce Integration
  • Dev – Added admin message for database synch


  • Dev – Removed TrackShip functionality
  • Enhancement – Add line break for tracking # – orders list page
  • Enhancement – Change uninstall > deactivate when deactivating the plugin
  • Enhancement – Updated the design of settings page
  • Enhancement – Updated the design of Go Pro page
  • Enhancement – Remove clickable link from shipment tracking column in orders list page


  • Enhancement – Updated addons page design
  • Enhancement – Remove preview order option from tracking info and order status email customizer and set default dummy data
  • Fix – Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/includes/class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-admin.php on line 1801


  • Dev – Removed the ‘manage_woocommerce’ capability when add tracking to orders


  • Dev – Improve code security


  • Fix – Fixed shipping provider search issue in Shipping provider settings page
  • Dev – Improve code quality and security
  • Enhancement – Added go pro lightbox in shipping provider page and integration page


  • Dev – Added condition for standalone pro version
  • Enhancement – Updated settings page design
  • Dev – Removed Add custom provider functionality from shipping provider list
  • Dev – Removed Edit custom provider functionality from shipping provider list
  • Dev – Improved the security

  • Enhancement – Added TrackShip menu inside Shipment Tracking if TrackShip not connected


  • Dev – Tested with WordPress 5.7.2 and WooCommerce 5.3
  • Dev – Added admin notice for the TrackShip For WooCommerce plugin
  • Dev – Added WPML compatibility with TrackShip connection


  • Fix – Fixed warning – Undefined array key «wc_ast_tracking_page_customize_btn» on file «wp-content/plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/…class-wc-advanced-shipment-tracking-trackship.php» line: 435
  • Dev – Tracking page on carriers website in Orders which are not tracked by TrackShip
  • Dev – Tested with WooCommerce 5.2.0

  • Fix – Fixed issue with default shipping provider not automatically select on Add Tracking form
  • Dev – When user migrate from WooCommerce Shipment Tracking(official) to Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin it will automatically migrate shipment tracking data
  • Fix – Fix search provides design issue for small screen on shipping providers list page
  • Dev – Improve TrackShip Tracking page design and make Estimate delivery date multilingual compatible
  • Fix – Fixed – Failed Attempt filter not working on orders page

  • Enhancement – Added datepicker on Add tracking lightbox on orders page
  • Enhancement – Removed the multiple API name option
  • Dev – Updated Admin html function

  • Enhancement – Update order details, Shipping address and billing address email template
  • Enhancement – Added admin notice and WooCommerce inbox message for Advanced Shipment Tracking PRO
  • Enhancement – Split Shipment Tracking customizer and TrackShip customizer
  • Fix – Fixed issue with the» Reset providers database» option in Synch providers

  • Enhancement – Updated Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated TrackShip Settings page header design
  • Enhancement – Updated Email order details template for shipment status emails
  • Fix – Fixed Trackship shipment status customizer issue
  • Fix – Fixed database warnings on plugin installation