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WCF Smart Coupon Email


«WeCodeFuture Smart Coupon Email» plugin sends discount coupon emails to your customers. Coupon emails persuade customers to buy more of your services, the plugin has significant features like:

    The free version consists of one i.e., «Coupon On Order Amount»

a) Business owners can give discounts to customers based on their minimum order value.
b) Additionally, this plan gives an option to enter a specific minimum order value to filter out such customers.
c) After that the discount amount is set and the coupon email is sent to those customers.

    The PRO version of the smart coupon email plugin has three different types:-

a) «Multiple Order Coupon»

The WordPress email coupon plugin offers discounts to those customers who purchase your products/services frequently or often.
Here business owners/you describe the minimum number of multiple orders done by their customers.
Further, those customers are filtered out and,
An appealing & impressive email with an engaging message is sent to them.

b) «Coupon After Certain Days»

This feature is used to engage those customers who bought your services earlier but no more visit your online store.
Therefore, some additional discount coupons, as set by businesses, are offered to those customers so that they can purchase more of your services.

c) «Birthday Coupon Emails»

These coupon emails are sent to give occasional discounts to customers celebrating their birthdays.
In addition, their contact & birthday details are collected through the check-out pages of your sites.
Therefore, emails are sent on special occasions and persuade them to buy your products/services.

Additional Features Of WCF Smart Coupon Email Plugin

  1. No Spamming Of Emails
    Bulking email often leads to spamming. But WCF smart coupon email plugin ensures every sent email drops in users’ inbox section.
    Therefore, only a few emails are sent on a frequency of 30 minutes.

  2. Start & Expiry Of Coupon Email Campaign Is Easy To Edit
    You can easily specify the number of days these coupon emails are liable/valid.

  3. You Get A Complete Data Log Report i.e, Contact Details Of Your Online Visitors
    The plugin automatically generates the log report and gives you complete insights into your online customers.

  4. Two Significant Coupon Types
    Here, the coupon is of two types i.e, «Fixed Amount Coupon» and «Percentage Discount Coupon»

The «fixed amount coupon» means you can fix specific discounts to be given and it will automatically start working on users’ next purchase.
Similarly, the «percentage discount coupon» type involves a specific percentage of discounts that get deducted on their further purchase.

  1. Automated Coupon
    The smart coupon plugin autogenerates emails once you are done with filling up the required details.

  2. Custom Email Template
    It offers three email templates. The FREE version has worth-checking and easy-to-use templates whereas the PRO version templates are customizable.

  3. Sender Mail Type
    The sender mail Id in the FREE version is WP Mail Function. Hence, it will use the mail address of the business website. Whereas in the PRO version, it will use SMTP to send coupon emails.

Preguntas frecuentes

Will it work only on an E-commerce website?

Yes. our smart coupon email plugin works on woocommerce only.

Is it compatible with my platform?

Absolutely Yes. The version is compatible with php version 7.4 and a wordpress 5.9.

Do you assure me the safety & security of my data after installing the plugin?

Yes. Your site’s data is safe & secure with our plugin installation.

What email address will be used for sending coupon emails?

In the free version, the mentioned email addrees under the «Administration Email Address» tab will be used. Whereas in the pre-version, SMTP will be used for sending emails.


27 de junio de 2022
Thanks for the best customer coupon email plugin. This is so easy to install and easy to use for the websites. My customers are very happy to get the email coupon to get get discounts for next purchase. Thanks again for the best plugin. Please upload new plugin for our online store. :- )
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