Uses Wapuus from the Wapuu archive as your site avatars.


  • Wapuus in action


  • Download and install as any other WordPress plugin.
  • Activar
  • Head to Settings » Discussion
  • Choose «Random Wapuus» under «Default avatar» – you can either have Wapuus everywhere, or gravatar with Wapuus as a fallback
  • Enjoy all the Wapuus

Preguntas frecuentes

Erm, why would I want to do this?

Fun? For the love of Wapuus? Do you need more reason?


9 de agosto de 2020
For all those users who don't have an avatar set-up, use a random Wapuu instead! Show your love for the WordPress mascot in the best way possible. Install and activate the plugin and then just switch, in your settings, to using Wapuu - you're all set. A fun plugin.
3 de septiembre de 2016
It's working like a charm on my site. Love seeing Wapuus scattered about for those who are gravatarless.:)
3 de septiembre de 2016 2 replies
The only change I'd make is to have it only run if the person doesn't have a gravatar. But other than that, having wapuu all over as an avatar is awesome 🙂 This was my fav plugin to review for the week! Edit Now that it's working for only people without gravatar, I'm the happiest damn elf on the planet!
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  • Build tool updates


  • 16 new Wapuus from the archive!


  • Added Swiss Wapuu, and festive Wapuu


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  • Some Wapuus were showing broken images, now fixed.


  • Add more Wapuus – courtesy of @marktimemedia


  • Option to use gravatar with Wapuus as a fallback, not just Wapuus everywhere


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  • Add Edinburgh Wapuu


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