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16 de mayo de 2019
I paid for premium service for lifetime support and it used to be really great. They phased out the product plan & will no longer honor their commitment to previously paid in full features. Contacted customer service, who refused to help. Very disappointing customer service, and I paid for something they won’t honor.
4 de abril de 2019
I will never recommend this service to anyone. They are scam artists! First, they provide incorrect information about their pricing plans. And then when you pay for the chosen plan, you can’t use it – you receive a message that you have reached your upload limits, although you have not used it yet. And when you contact their support team, they will tell you "yes, we have such terms and policy" And when you ask for refund they will tell you again that this is against their rules! Guys, this is f*&^$%ked up! You are the most unreliable service I've ever met! You charge your customers with extra money and take a good laugh at them! Even without understanding the situation, you send the same letter 5 times that the return of funds contradicts your rules! Charlatans! I’ll never advise anyone to use this service!
1 de junio de 2018
Hello for everyone. We use the Cincopa service for the blog, it is very easy in use, everything is rather clear for control. By means of this service we have improved registration of our website and the bigger number of visitors than have received earlier. I think that it will be very convenient for many owners of the websites and blogs. We very much recommend to use this service. Good luck.
15 de mayo de 2018
Cincopa is so great tool to manage my differents gallery on my website. Many themes available, and easy to collaborate with friends and coworkers. I will use more and more Cincopa in the future.
10 de mayo de 2018
After years uploading my videos on Vimeo Pro I've tried Cincopa and I am only using their services now. It’s just make more sense for my business (Commercial Video Production). Their service is great and affordable. I am using it in my Squarespace website and everything works well, after inserting the CSS file in seconds... I can host a lot of videos and photos and publish them easily through some really cool video player skins and manage them quickly through my account. Also the fact that I can invite some colleagues to be managed by my account is very handy!.
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