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Ultimate Post Kit addons for Elementor is the one stop solution for businesses that have blogs, bloggers and marketers. Ultimate Post Kit addons have all the widget necessary to show your blog post in a more visitor friendly way. It is designed and programmed keeping in mind the user experience and all SEO standards.

Ultimate Post Kit for Elementor included post related all widgets. That helps you to easily manage your website content simply drag and drop, seriously no programming knowledge is required. It is created to drive more traffic to your website.

Ultimate Post Kit addons for Elementor has been developed with the world’s best practice code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5, and PHP technology to bring you a professional addon for Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.7.x ready

It’s also multilingual, RTL, translation ready (more pre-made translation coming soon).

Widget Demos:


  1. Alex Grid – The Alex Grid widget is a tailor-made elementor addon for publishing blog and post related websites. It has a modern layout style by introducing content block with galssmorphism effect above post images. See the demo.
  2. Alex Carousel – The Alex Carousel widget is a twin of Alex Grid, made for publishing blogs with a carousel style. This elementor addon gives you enough customization options to make a wide variety of layout. See the demo.
  3. Alice Grid – The Alice Grid makes the most compact blog post that uses the minimum page but delivers maximum info. This elementor addon is best for mobile devices where minimalism required most attention. See the demo
  4. Alice Carousel – The Alice Carousel widget is paired with the Alice Grid widget, boost a minimal post layout in a fancy carousel style. Use it to make a stack of blogs and post related topics inside your webpage. See the demo
  5. Alter Grid – The Alter Grid widget let you make the best use of classical blog style that shows every details arranged neatly on the layout. You can easily create stunning blog homepage utilizing the layout style of this elementor addon. Best for news portals, gaming sites, lifestyle blogs. See the demo
  6. Alter Carousel – The Alter Carousel widget has the same basic functions of the Alter Grid widget but instead, a carousel style. It is build for publishing post related sites without the need of extra works. Just use Alter Carousel and build you blog page. See the demo
  7. Elite Grid – The Elite Grid widget lets you design beautiful blog posts with high end graphics and unique title style with excerpt. While displaying posts with detailed information, this elementor addon keeps its focus on the author, gives you enough space to highlight the author. See the demo
  8. Elite Carousel – The Elite Carousel widget is an identical carousel version of the Elite Grid widget. Has almost the same performance, best as a slider. This elementor addon supports any kinds of blog posts. See the demo
  9. Hazel Grid – The Hazel Grid widget is one of the most prominent post tool by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It presents a simple style, omitting excessive detailing and rather boost its appearance through high quality graphics. It’s fun to use this elementor addon for post related blog sites. See the demo
  10. Hazel Carousel – The Hazel Carousel widget is an identical twin of the Hazel Grid in terms of general appearance and settings, instead, having a carousel type layout. This tool helps you keep the readers focused on the post image as much as possible, reducing total content delivery into a modernized glassmorphism effect. See the demo
  11. Maple Grid – The Maple Grid widget has a unique post layout that maximizes the delivery of blog information. It shows every detail of a post including tags, categories, and post type. Design news covers, lifestyle blogs, showdowns, inaugurations, and more. See the demo
  12. Maple Carousel – The Maple Carousel widget is no different in content deliver style from the Maple Grid widget except for a carousel style. This dynamic elementor addon can boost your blogging experience, publishing all kinds of post related info. See the demo
  13. Ramble Grid – The Ramble Grid is a different type of widget. It offers a layout resembling a blank canvas with a minimum amount of detail until you hover and discover everything it contains. While users can enjoy enough white area, all info related to the post will reveal upon hover. See the demo
  14. Ramble Carousel – The Ramble Carousel widget is the carousel version of the Ramble Grid widget. It offers such a post layout that boosts user experience by arranging posts in a calm manner and delivers them when necessary. See the demo
  15. Harold List – The Harold List widget is made for presenting blog posts in a list manner, maximizing navigational efficiency while keeping the readers informed about the next content. This is a secondary use type elementor addon which adds a new experience to the viewers. See the demo
  16. Harold List Carousel – Harold list carousel for your next elementor page builder to show it more dynamically with title, date excerpt, thumbnail style modifier.
  17. Paradox Slider – The Paradox Slider is the only slider widget developed by the Ultimate Post Kit that is dedicated to bloggers. This awesome slider widget has a responsive structure that is suitable for viewing blog info on any kind of devices. See the demo
  18. News Ticker – The News Ticker widget is designed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin as a miniature post presentation on your blogging site. The layout is identical to that seen often on a news channel. See the demo.
  19. Post Accordion – Using Accordion widget, you can create a stunning layout to display your blog posts with the all-known accordion effect. Unlike the old ones where only text or image has the effect, it creates the effect for the whole post block. See the demo.
  20. Post Category – The Category widget is a blog based widget that shows total posts on a website by categories. On it, numerical values such as the number of posts belonging to a certain category are displayed. See the demo.
  21. Tag Cloud – A commercial blogging website often has a huge volume of tags behind the posts. The Tag Cloud widget helps you display the large number of post tags in a uniquely stylish format. Can bring out the charm of your blog page. See the demo.
  22. Post Timeline – The timeline widget is a specialty for bloggers that uses a dynamic flow chart to display posts, pages, or events in a timely manner. It is developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin to boost the user experience of your blogging site.
  23. Featured List – The Feature list widget is a specialty for bloggers that uses featured post list in his website homepage so much easily. It is developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin to boost the user experience of your blogging site.
  24. Author – The Author widget is a unique development from the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. Unlike most of the blog sites, you can create an attractive author section and perfectly illustrate your blog authors in an amazing way. See the demo.
  25. Tiny List – The Tiny List widget is a miniature list type post tool developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. It’s designed in such a way that works as a blog assistant and navigator to lead the reader to all over your blog page. See the demo
  26. Social share – Social share widget gives sharing feature for your website. Also, it helps the visitor to share their feelings about the site.
  27. Newsletter – The Newsletter widget helps you collect emails from your visitors and let you create mail lists easily. It’s one of the most important feature for a blog site that you can get for free along with a customization interface at Ultimate Post Kit plugin. See the demo
  28. Fanel List – The Fanel List is a list-type blogging widget developed by the Ultimate Post Kit plugin. This tool helps you lay a post list towards your readers along with a bunch of different information regarding those posts. Helps making your post list catch the readers eyes quickly. See the demo
  29. Buzz List – Buzz List is for listing your blogs in the features section using hidden cover image behind the white background. The iconic point of this widget is the big counter number alongside the post titles, making it a more dynamic blog presenter. See the demo
  30. Buzz List Carousel – Buzz List Carousel is the later version of the original one (Buzz List) but with a carousel type layout. Now, you can display hundreds of blog posts using the dynamic counter number and carousel animation style. See the demo
  31. Scott List – Scott List is a blog navigator type widget, developed by Ultimate Post Kit plugin to enhance your blogging experience. The blog posts are displayed in a list formation with basic information & counter numbers on top of the post images. See the demo
  32. Post Tabs (Coming Soon)
  33. Instagram Feed/Gallery (Coming Soon)
  34. Recent Comments (Coming Soon)
  35. Social Counts (Coming Soon)


  • Coming soon with huge features + single and archive page building capabilities…


  • Alex Grid Example
  • Alex Grid Example
  • Alter Grid Example
  • Alter Grid Example
  • Alter Grid Example
  • Alice Grid Example
  • Alice Grid Example
  • Elite Grid Example
  • Elite Grid Example
  • Maple Grid Example
  • Maple Grid Example
  • Ramble Grid Example
  • Hazel Grid Example


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload ultimate-post-kit folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start use it by go to elementor editor.

Preguntas frecuentes

Which page builder supports the Ultimate Post Kit plugin

  • Nowadays Elementor Page Builder is a powerful page builder for WordPress as like as Visual Composer. So it supports only the Elementor Page Builder. But we have plan more in the future.

Is Ultimate Post Kit compatible my theme

  • Normally our plugin is compatible with most of theme and cross browser that we have tested. If happen very few change to your site looking, no problem our strong support team is dedicated for fixing your minor problem.

How should I get updates and support

  • When we release a update version, then automatically you will get a notification on WordPress plugin manager, so you can update from there. Thereafter you want to update manually just knock us, we will send you update version via mail. You will get our ultimate post kit related all knowledge base from our bdthemes website.


28 de abril de 2021
This addon has some cool addons which a blog owner can get benefit from. I personally don't want to install a heavy add-on plugin for doing only these tasks. And this add-on exactly helped me to achieve my goal without installing a huge plugin. But I need more post addons.
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Registro de cambios

1.9.1 [10th July 2021]


  • Element pack lite plugins conflict issue fixed

1.9.0 [7th July 2021]


  • New Query Controls option added in all post type widget


  • Previous Query will be delete when next major version will be release

1.8.1 [5th June 2021]


  • Human diff time issue fixed in harold carousel

1.8.0 [5th June 2021]


  • Newsletter Widget added
  • Fanel List Widget added
  • Scott List Widget added
  • Buzz List Widget added
  • Buzz List Carousel Widget added
  • Post time option added in all Widgets
  • Category Image option added in Post Category Widget


  • Content position center, bottom center option added in Hazel Grid and Carousel Widgets

1.7.0 [24th May 2021]


  • Social Share Widget Added
  • Image Height option added in Maple Carousel Widget
  • Hover Opacity option added in Post Category Widget

1.6.0 [19th May 2021]


  • Tiny List Widget Added

1.5.0 [5th May 2021]


  • Author Widget Added

1.4.0 [27th April 2021]


  • Timeline Widget Added
  • Featured List Widget Added

1.3.0 [25th April 2021]


  • Category Widget Added
  • Tag Cloud Widget Added
  • Accordion Widget Added
  • Harold List Carousel Widget Added
  • Human Different Time option Added in all Widgets

1.2.0 [17th April 2021]


  • News Ticker Widget Added

1.1.0 [16th April 2021]


  • Paradox Slider Widget Added


  • Some control issue fixed
  • Fixed ramble grid hover animation

1.0.1 [12th April 2021]


  • Date and Category Added in Elite Grid, Elite Carousel Widget


  • Some minor issue fixed and updated on some special cases

1.0.0 [Initial Release]