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TouchBase Mail Subscribe Form


The TouchBase Mail Subscribe Form plugin provides an easy way to get more subscribers by allowing you to place a
one-click subscribe form on any page, post, or html widget using a shortcode.

This form allows your followers to subscribe to your email lists.
It allows you to specify form defaults in the WordPress admin settings and provides shortcode attributes to override
those values for a specific page or post. This plugin is based off of the
Remote Subscription Form help article.

Two form styles are available, wide and vertical, see the Additional Configuration section for more details.

Additional Configuration

After you have the plugin up and running you may want to configure how each shortcode instance behaves. To change the
behavior there are several shortcode attributes available.


There are two styles available for changing the look of the form:

  • wide: a one horizontal line input form that matches the width of its container and has a fixed-width submit button.
  • vertical: a two line input form that matches the width of its container but places the submit button below the email address input.

The default style is the wide format. To change to the vertical format you can use the following:

[touchbase_subscribe_form format=vertical]

Settings Overrides

For each of the settings you’ve defined in the admin panel, you can override them for each shortcode instance. The attributes
are as follows:

  • list: Change the list that this form will add the subscriber to. You may want to use this if a particular post relates to one of your offers that will have its own email campaign.
  • public_token: It’s not likely that you’ll need to change this, however if you manage multiple Sender Profiles in TouchBase you can change the public token value as needed.

These can be specified the same as other shortcode attributes:

[touchbase_subscribe_form format=vertical list=123]


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. To retrieve the necessary information for the plugin,
login to TouchBase Mail.

Retrieving your Public Token:

  1. Go to your Sender Profile page ( Briefcase in the lower left > Sender Profile )
  2. Go to API settings (in the top right)
  3. Copy your Public Token value

Retrieving your List ID:

  1. Go to the Lists page
  2. Browse, search, or create your desired list
  3. Copy the ID value

Installing and configuring the plugin in WordPress:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/touchbasemail-subscribe-form directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->TouchBase Mail screen to configure the plugin using the information you retrieved
  4. Edit your theme, page, or post, to add the [touchbase_subscribe_form] shortcode

Preguntas frecuentes

Are there different styles available?

We tried to keep the form as simple as possible so that it will fit into as many themes as necessary. There are two
formats available as described in Additional Configuration, however if you want the form to match your theme’s colors,
currently you’ll need to edit the CSS.


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