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Tools for color variations.


Tools for WooCommerce color variations
It allows you to easily manage the images of your product combinations.
Sometimes it takes a long time to define each image of your product variations when you have several combinations for the same product, the plug-in allows you to make grouped changes on the selected variations.


I) Management of variation images :

  • Easily filter your variations.
  • Quickly change images of your variations.
  • Quickly see if images are missing for your variations.
  • Activate or deactivate it whenever you want.
  • No custom tables in the database.
  • This plug-in should be compatible with all your themes and all your plug-ins because it does not affect the structure of your web-site.

II) Using the colorization service :

This plug-in also allows you, if you wish, to export the information of your variations to the service which will allow you to color your images directly from the administration of your product sheet.
* This is a service that is hosted on its own server, it does not slow down your website when you use it.
* You can use the FREE version (Image size limitation, Watermark) without account to use with your site.
* A PRENIUM version of this service will allow you to colorize all image sizes without watermark, see :
* To use the PRENIUM version of the service you will need to connect to it either before or once the service is open.
* The service will not modify the data of your site, once the information has been sent to the service (the image to color and its variations) you will have to import the images generated using the usual WorPress process.
* Only information essential(the image to color and its variations) for the operation of the service is transmitted, no information is saved on the server.

Information on the external service

Communication with the service is one-sided.
Only the information below is transmitted to the service:
* The URL of your image to be colored.
* The names of the variants (color, size …).
* The names of your colors and the color (red, green, blue …).
* The name of the product.

This information is not saved on the service’s server, it is only used temporarily to perform the job.
There is no communication between and your site, you will have to import the images generated by the normal WordPress process.

Important: Do not use images that are too dark because the colorization will have difficulty in differentiating the shades of the coloring and the shadows.

See the service manual : Click here
Terms of use : Click here
Privacy policies : Click here
Cookie policies : Click here


  • English
  • French (fr_FR)


  • Plug-in presentation.
  • Updated product vatiant images.
  • Access to the colorization service.
  • Colorization service.


After downloading the ZIP file,

  1. Log in to the administrator panel.
  2. Upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

1. Does this plug-in affect the front of my website?

No, the plug-in is only a tool for the administration, it does not modify the Front of your website.

2. Can I deactivate the plug-in after using it?

Yes, you can activate or deactivate it whenever you want, it doesn’t affect your database.


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