Styler for Ninja Forms


Styler for Ninja Forms is for users who want to style Ninja Forms without any CSS codin. It is built on WordPress Customizer that shows you live preview of design changes.

You can also preview you form design for different devices like desktops, tablets, mobiles directly from customize and give different font size and field widths for them.

It lets you style form wrapper, form title, input fields, textarea, checkboxes, radios, dropdown, submit button fields. You can change colors, font family, borders, paddings , margins etc with easy to use controls like color picker and sliders.

Premium Addons to Extend the Functionality

  • Field Icons : Online Demo
    Show Fontawesome Icons inside Ninja Form Fields in Frontend. You can completely customize the colors, size of fontawesome icons. You can also align the icons to left or right corners of the fields.


  1. Upload the ninja-forms-styler-lite directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to page where you have form in frontend.
  4. Click on customize in top bar.

Preguntas frecuentes

How to use it?

please check installation instructions.


7 de agosto de 2022
I think these folks have great intentions but they are far, far away from a stable working product.
18 de noviembre de 2021
If you have more than 2 forms on a page, the styling will only work with the first one :/ Other than that it works fine and its easy to use
15 de marzo de 2021 1 respuesta
I have WordPress 5.7 and it just doesn`t work. You can see a few live changes (not all) during editing a form. But no matter how often you click publish, the changes are gone when viewing the site. I think it would be really nice if it would work.
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Registro de cambios

3.3.4 (9 November 2021)

  • Added option to deactivate license for addons

3.3.3 (16 September 2021)

  • Fixed error message styling bug
  • Fixed font family getting overwritten by theme settings

3.3.2 (28 August 2021)

  • Added support for Field Icons addon

3.3.1 (27 August 2021)

  • Fixed all the quick edit shortcuts showing in customizer

3.3 (25 August 2021)

  • Added option to open Styler for ninja forms directly from form editor
  • Added template files for compatablility with field icons addon
  • Added shortcut icons in customizer to easily design Ninja Form
  • Fixed warning message in wordpress 5.8
  • Fixed welcome page design

3.2 (9 June 2020)

  • Fixed field label font size issue
  • Added padding for container
  • Fixed live preview of placehoder styling
  • Added support for bold/italic/uppercase/underline font styling

3.1 (28 March 2019)

  • Added line height option
  • Added height option for text and dropdown fields
  • Added font alignment buttons
  • Added separate section for styling form title
  • Fixed some text fields not getting the styling
  • Fixed dropdown not getting the styles
  • Fixed customizer control design of border properties
  • Fixed confirmation and error messages not getting the styling
  • Fixed issue with Form Wrapper display in customizer
  • Fixed delete styles option in customizer
  • Fixed issue with form select
  • Converted range sliders to inputs for customizer controls

3.0 (22 March 2019)

  • Initial Launch