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Smart Menupad


Smart Menu Pad: An Aboriginal menu plugin for WordPress
Smart Menu Pad is a terrific restaurant menu plugin for WordPress that can come in handy to create themes, pages, posts, and widgets. The user-friendly online ordering and restaurant menu plugin is solely composed of HTML5 and CSS3. This plugin helps to create shortcodes in order for you to construct your food menu page that is both interactive and informative. You can arrange and style your delectable cuisines according to your desire and ideas with the help of inherent features incorporated in this plugin.

You can display all food products, categorize them accordingly with this WordPress food menu plugin.

Essential built-in features
The Smart Menu Pad is built with many essential and exciting features that make the plugin unique. Here is a list of some of the best attributes:
1. 100% Responsive system
2. Layout according to your ideas
3. Custom properties options are available
4. Smart ShortCode for easy building of the page
5. Easy segregation of the food items
6. Smooth styling of the page with colors
7. Easy Filter option

Customization and layouts

The arrangement of images on the website is one of the important aspects that allow you to gain an audience. Smart Menu Pad allows you to customize your menus for your restaurant website easily in a few steps. The images that appear on your menus can be styled, border radius can adjusted.

Smart Menu Pad provides you with the feature to have complete control over the content of the page allowing you to arrange according to your needs. Our customization features aids in the change of the color for your menus and the fonts as well. You can also change the image properties.

As for the layout, you can choose styles such as grid and list view with Smart Menu Pad, allowing you to design unique menus that can be tempting. In addition, you may select to display your menus by category, with a variety of layout possibilities. The plugin also allows you to filter products by category.

Shortcode generator

Shortcodes are small pieces of code that allow you to perform a variety of online web effects with minimal effort. To build a website and write code from scratch takes up loads of time, hence, this feature was introduced in WordPress 2.5 to allow people to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without having to write any code directly. This enables you to embed files or create objects that would normally require in a single line of code.

As website building has been made so easy, you can also generate an unlimited number of shortcodes to build your website food menu by following the steps mentioned here below.

Layout: The first step in creating shortcodes is to select a layout. You accomplish this by following a few simple steps outlined below.

In the «Preset Setting», you can choose your layout, either grid or list view. If you choose grid view, you can create up to four columns. And you are done! Go back to the main page and view the changes.

Filtering: You can filter products by category and create as many shortcodes as you want.

Style: There are pre-built shortcodes for image border radius, image color, item description color, item price color, Button Radius, Button Background Color, Button Text Color, Button Background Hover Color, Button Hover Text Color.

You can use all of the above to create your website as pleasing as possible to your eye.


  • Connect Smartmenu to your website
  • Dashboard for Smartmenu in your own website
  • Easly Shortcode Generator


  1. Go to WordPress Admin. Plugins > Add New
  2. Click Upload Plugin and select an archive or search in wordpress plugins directory.
  3. Activate plugin after installation.
  4. Go to Smart Menu Pad.
  5. Login with your Smart Menu Pad account to get your menu synced to your wordpress.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is Smart Menu Pad free?

Yes, the Smart Menu Pad is designed to provide the users with a sleek and effortless plugin to create their websites smoothly, and hence it can be installed for free. Experience the world of highly innovative platforms to showcase your talents in the food industry by creating a website that is not only beguiling but eclectic as well.

Can we install Smart Menu Pad without an account?

The Smart Menu Pad allows you to save all the essential features that you have created or made changes but to achieve that you will need to first open an account. After registering you can start creating shortcodes to build your food menu page.

Can Smart Menu Pad be integrated with all WordPress themes?

Yes, the Smart Menu Pad plugin is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes however, for smooth functioning, we recommend testing before using it so that it can integrate with the correct theme smoothly for you to have a hassle-free experience.

How many products can I list?

Well, this is the best part. You can enlist as many products as you want in your web menu that are available on the Smart Menu Pad application. All the products can be categorically listed on the plugin page such as platters, drinks, desserts just to name a few.


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