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Screenly Cast


The goal with Screenly Cast for WordPress is to turn WordPress into a simple content creation tool for digital signage (and for Screenly in particular).

Contrary to some other WordPress plugins or themes out there, the goal is not to convert WordPress into a full-fledged digital signage CMS. Instead, the plugin is designed for simple content creation that can be used assets in your digital signage CMS.
Also, instead of trying to add support for zones, feeds and all kind of other features, we’ve focused on ensuring a good end-user viewing experience.

For more information, check out Screenly Cast for WordPress’ home on Github and this blog post.


  • An example post in WordPress page without Screenly Cast.
  • The same page with Screenly Cast enabled.


  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Navigate to a blog post or media attachment page and append «?srly» to the URL

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Installation Instructions
  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Navigate to a blog post or media attachment page and append «?srly» to the URL
When should I use «?srly» and when should I use «&srly» in the URL?

In most cases, you only need to use «?srly». However, if you already got an existing parameter or variable in your URL string, you need to use «&srly» to chain it. For instance, if you «», you need to add «&srly». In most cases, your URL will look like «», in which case you just need to add «?srly»


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Registro de cambios


  • Minor: PHP Version 5.2.4
    • Replaces [] with array() to comply with WP minimum requirement of PHP Version 5.2.4
    • Removes trailing comma in `screenly-cast-settings.php line 48
    • Code formating


  • Core: Raised WP min version to 4.4.0 due to methods being used
    • Fixed bug in duplicated message on settings saved
    • Corrected text-domain in settings


  • Core: Replaced plugin name and text-domain to «screenly-cast»

= 0.1.19
* Added PHPUnit test files for wordpress.