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Rest-Cent Donations


Small plugin – huge impact!

Become part of the only micro donation platform for online stores!

Due to the Corona pandemic, many sources of donations for non-profit organizations are falling away. It has never been more important to help and support the organizations financially – this is exactly where we come in and need your help!

With the Rest-Cent Donation Plugin we create a network of micro-donations through plugins for any kind of store system. With our free WordPress plugin, online stores and their customers can effortlessly donate small amounts of cents to charitable organizations. Donating has never been easier:

  • Customers have the choice to round up the value of their purchase. Instead of paying EUR 44.20, the customer then pays EUR 45, for example, and donates 80 cents to a selected charity
  • Online shops can use the donation plugin to donate the ‘Rest-Cent’ (the value after the decimal point). Everyone decides for themselves to which organization the respective donation should go!

The donations made are treated by the plugin as a product and is therefore also visible in the shopping cart and all documents as a donation.
The donation amount is first transferred to you via the normal payment process and is thus ‘parked’ with you. Every few months (or when exceeding 20 EUR of donations) we collect the accumulated donations and transfer them to the respective organizations.

This way we all contribute to make the world a bit better with a bit of technology.

Further information can be found at


  • Become part of the only micro donation platform for online stores!
  • Free plugin for donations to non-profit organizations
  • ‘Round up’ donation function for shoppers (round up purchase amount to full EUR)
  • ‘Rest-Cent’ donation function for shop owners (donation of decimal places of the value of goods)


  • Digital donation option for microdonations
  • Easy selection of already registered charities (currently only Germany)
  • Donation function for shoppers and shop owners
  • ‘Rest-Cent’ donation with an adjustable shopping cart value
  • Adjustable interval for automatic change of charitable organization (e.g. to donate daily or weekly to another organization)
  • Donation is added to the shopping cart as a ‘pseydo’ product
  • Donation is automatically visible on all documents (order confirmation, invoice…)
  • Donation is automatically cancelled when an order is cancelled
  • Monthly overview of donation transactions in CSV or PDF format


  • You can find the configuration under WooCommerce > Settings
  • Plugin in action on the checkout page


First you have to deposit your store in our portal and create a store account, this is done as follows:

Register as a store operator in the Rest-Cent portal at
As account type please choose shop owner and enter your store information
Copy the store ID from the profile area, section ‘about the store’ as this is needed for the plugin configuration as an additional security feature.
In the ‘settings’ section you will find the ‘favorites’ area in which you can select your non-profit organization(s). These can be changed at any time and are synchronized regularly (daily) via the plugin. However, for the first configuration of the plugin, we recommend selecting at least one organization. The selected organizations are then available in the plugin configuration for store donation and are also available in the preselection (drop down menu) in the donation function for shoppers.

After saving your settings in the Rest-Cent portal, continue with the plugin configuration in your WooCommerce settings menu.

  • Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress plugin’s menu.
  • In the plugin configuration please enter the same logon data (email address and password) as you used for the registration in the Rest-Cent Portal.
  • Enter the previously copied store ID (in the Rest-Cent portal in the ‘Profile’ section: About the store) in the corresponding field.
  • If you have already selected one or more non-profit organizations in the Rest-Cent portal (recommended) please press the button ‘get Rest-Cent data’, this will load your configuration from the portal and synchronize it with the plugin in your store. In the future, a synchronization with the Rest-Cent portal will then take place fully automatically on a daily basis.

With these settings, the plugin is now already active and usable for shoppers, i.e. they can already start donating in the checkout.

In the basic settings you can now activate the store operator donation, i.e. the donation of the decimal places from any purchase done.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is there any restriction on how much I can donate?

No, there is no restriction, be as generous as you can!

How will the donation amount be charged

It will be added as a order item and the amount you donate, will be added in your order total.


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