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Reorder Multisite Sites Dropdown


The «Reorder Multisite Sites Dropdown» plugin empowers administrators of multisite WordPress installations with a simple yet powerful solution to customize the ordering of the «My Sites» dropdown menu within the Admin Bar.

Installing and setting up the plugin is straightforward. Once the plugin is added to your WordPress installation, navigate to the Network Admin area and locate the «Reorder My Sites» option under Settings, rearrange the sites according to your preferences through the drag-and-drop interface. After customizing the order to your satisfaction, finalize the changes by clicking the «Save Changes» button.



  1. Upload the plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s plugin directory.
  2. Access the Network Admin area and navigate to Settings > Reorder My Sites.
  3. Reorder the sites using the simple drag-and-drop interface.
  4. Click Save Changes to apply your custom ordering.


1 de julio de 2024
The plugin is easy to use, and does what it says it does. Thank you for creating and maintaining it.
30 de agosto de 2023
This should obviously be in multisite core but, until it is, this is a 10/10 solution. Thank you!
16 de septiembre de 2022
I tested many plugins but only this one did the job very well by adding a drag-and-drop list to order my sites.
6 de junio de 2022
I’ve just installed this plugin to replace another one that only sorted subsites alphabetically, but since it hasn’t been updated in a few months I went ahead and found this one. It gives you a very simple interface to visually reorder your multisite listing using drag and drop rows. Works well enough for me, but I have less than 30 subsites. I wouldn’t know how it works for a large amount of subsites, could be kind of difficult to reorder such a long list. I’ve already added it to my two multisite installs, and it is going to my list of multisite must-have tools. Using it on WP 6.0.0 and apparently works well.
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