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This plugin lets approved Public Good media partners embed Public Good Action Units in content that enables readers to take action (donate, volunteer, call their representatives, learn more, etc.) on the causes relevant to the articles they appear in. These units can be revenue generating (sponsored by major brands and nonprofits) and/or unsponsored units designed to increase site engagement and of course drive positive social action.

Becoming an approved Public Good media partner

Partnering with Public Good increases audience engagement, drives revenue, and produces measurable impact.

Social impact marketing is a $2 billion market — and it’s growing faster than any other category. Public Good is the digital social impact channel of choice for today’s leading brands. Our AI-for-Good contextual targeting and unique brand safety attract brands that traditionally don’t run on news content.

Key benefits of partnership with Public Good include:

  • Premium CPM to the publisher from brand-sponsored campaigns
  • Reader Engagement & Data
  • Full reporting and metrics
  • Insights into what your readers care about
  • First party data from reader actions taken
  • Increased publisher net promoter score
  • Increased engagement metrics including time on page
  • Full compliance with privacy rules including GDPR, CCPA, and new Safari and Chrome privacy features

Our media partners include CNN, The Guardian, Huffpost, Hearst Newspapers, Upworthy, Oprah, the Food Network and hundreds of local publications as well.

If you represent a media organization or brand, please contact us at if you have not already so we can assist you by providing an implementation plan that fits your organization’s goals.


  1. Install and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  2. Locate your organization’s partner-id. This is the key that ensures our widget will deliver the results (organizations, causes, actions, etc.) you expect. If you do not have a partner-id, submit a ticket, or, if you are a media organization or brand, send us a note so we can send your custom instructions based on your specific goals. We’ll reply within a business day.

  3. If you have not already received implementation instructions from us, be sure and contact us. Our instructions ensure our content classification tool fits the specific implementation goals you have.

Preguntas frecuentes

Who else uses this?

We’re adding new partners all the time but our long-term partners include CNN, The Guardian, Huffpost, Hearst Newspapers, Upworthy, Oprah, the Food Network and hundreds of local publications as well.

How do I get started?

If you represent a media organization or brand, contact us at so we can assist you by talking through your strategic and impact-oriented goals and providing an implementation plan that fits. At a very minimum, you’ll need to get a partner-id from us in order to get started.

So, how does it work? How does it know what to display?

Public Good’s proprietary and industry leading AI for Impact content evaluation and targeting service analyzes our partner’s content for relevance to our active campaigns. It considers the article’s topics, subjects, sentiment and tone in an evaluation that yield’s an Action Unit on all articles we predict your readers will be interested to act upon the cause of the campaign.

How does this drive revenue?

We offer a premium CPM rate to our media partners, running between $5-$8 per vCPM for all sponsored campaigns we run.

Why do you need to load javascript?

Our script enables our classification system to work it’s magic, determining the best results based on the specific content displayed on each article. This also allows us to be flexible and work with you to use multiple types of widgets and publish and point to new campaigns as news breaks.

We do have other implementation options available if, for any reason, you are unable to add javascript to your site. These options may however be limited in function. We can schedule a technical call or provide more details if you’re interested.


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