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Free plugin with prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies in WordPress

Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Free plugin with prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies in WordPress


Bitcoin Value – WordPress Plugin

This free plugin shows real-time prices of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Aave, Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), USDC, Tether (USDT), Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), the Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) on your website with 4 different widgets:

  • It includes a price chart of BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM, AAVE, LINK, UNI, USDC, USDT, DOT, SOL, MATIC, SAND and MANA (probably some of the best cryptos in the market).
  • Conversor of crypto to fiat (traditional currencies).
  • Show historical data of these cryptocurrencies.
  • Add a carrousel with the value and price evolution of each crypto.

In addition, the plugin gives you the opportunity to earn 50% of ALL trading commissions charged from users registered to Coinmotion with your referral code embedded in the plugin.

Best WordPress plugin for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

It is one of the best plugins for the following advantages:

  • Optimised for fast loading time, better for your SEO
  • Receive economical rewards, Google Adsense is usually not enough
  • Increase the average time of visits, it improves your SEO
  • Customisable style according to the design of your website

Cryptocurrency widget and shortcode features

Its main features are:

  • Possibility of locating the conversor, carousel, historical data and price table in a sidebar widget.
  • Conversor, carousel, historical data and price table shortcodes to be able to show all of them wherever you want without any restriction.
  • Customization panel of colors and texts, to be able to adapt it visually to any web design.
  • Available in 3 languages: English, Finnish and Spanish.


  • Configuration Panel. Coinmotion will create a quick access in the administrator menu from which you can configure the currency, language, texts, colors.
  • Widget. The plugin will also create 3 widgets in Appearance ==> Widgets with a configuration form in which you can also change the design, cryptocurrency and data.
  • Example of vertical carousel shortcode. Screenshot of Coinmotion vertical price list on a web.
  • Example of horizontal carousel shortcode. Screenshot of the price list on a web.
  • Another example of sidebar crypto price evolution widget.
  • Calculator crypto-fiat. Screenshot showing the sidebar calculator.
  • Historical data widget in the sidebar.


  1. Upload the plugin files to your Worpdress plugin directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugin repository. Search using the term Coinmotion Bitcoin plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ option in the left sidebar of the administrator menu.
  3. Configure it either through the new option that will be created in the left sidebar menu with the name ‘Coinmotion’, OR at the option Appearance ==> Widgets

Preguntas frecuentes

How do I get the economic reward for each sale?

In the configuration of the plugin you have to add your invitation code (referral number) in the corresponding field so that the rewards are counted to you.

How do I get the invitation code (referral number)?

You must have either a personal or a business account in Coinmotion. Create a free account from here. Once the account is created, you can find your referral code from here: https://app.coinmotion.com/en/referrals

Here you’ll find an invitation link but you should only copy the code after the equals sign. Here’s an example:

What are the conditions of the reward program (referral)?

Every time a new user registers to Coinmotion through the plugin and buys or sells cryptocurrencies, you will be rewarded with 50% of ALL trade commissions charged from that user during the first 12 months of his/her registration.

The reward will be paid in your Coinmotion account in euros.

Moreover, the users that have registered through your link will enjoy a -50% discounted trade commission during the first 30 days from creating a Coinmotion account.

What are the codes for the shortcodes?

  • Conversor: [coinmotion_conversor background_color=’XXX’ text_color=’XXX’ show_button=’true|false’]

  • Historical data: [coinmotion_details background_color=’XXX’ currency=’XXX’ type=’price|interest’ show_button=’true|false’]

  • Price evolution: [coinmotion_rate_period currency=’XXX’ background_color=’XXX’ period=’XXX’ type=’price|interest’ points=’XXX’ show_button=’true|false’]

  • Carousel: [coinmotion title=»XXX» currency=»XXX» text_color=»XXX» background=»#xxx» orientation=»vertical|horizontal»]

[coinmotion title=»Title of the widget» currency=»btc,ltc,eth,xrp,xlm,aave,link,uni,usdc,usdt,dot,sol,matic,sand,mana» text_color=»black» background_color=»#acacac» orientation=»horizontal»]


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

2.2 (September 14, 2022)

  • Added 6 new cryptocurrencies: USDT, DOT, SOL, MATIC, SAND and MANA. Fixed some design problems and improved the settings of the shortcode. Minor bug fixes.

2.1 (October 26, 2021)

  • Full revamp of the plugin design, added 4 more cryptocurrencies. Added the shortcode option for all the widgets. Added more than 100 different currencies.

2.0.2 (January 21, 2021)

  • Error API connection. Updated API parameters.

2.0.0 (October 28, 2020)

  • Full revamp of the plugin. We have added 3 new widgets: price evolution chart, table of historical data and crypto-fiat calculator. And now you can also select +100 currencies to convert the value of the cryptos.

1.0.7 (February 19, 2020)

  • Added two new translation strings. Also, it has been updated some texts in different languages.

1.0.6 (February 07, 2020)

  • Base language has been changed to USA English. And UK English has also been added to the language pack. Some minor code translation problems have been fixed.

1.0.5 (January 08, 2020)

  • New language and minor updates. Finnish translation language has been added and some texts have been updated.

1.0.4 (December 20, 2019)

  • Bug Fix. Fixed an encoding error

1.0.3 (December 19, 2019)

  • Updated. Updated to WordPress version 5.3.2

1.0.2 (November 13, 2019)

  • Updated. Updated to WordPress version 5.3.1

1.0.1 (November 13, 2019)

  • Bug Fix. Bug fixed in settings. Screenshots name.

1.0.0 (October 25, 2019)

  • First Release. First launch of the plugin.