Perfect Survey


With Perfect Survey plugin for WordPress you can create unlimited surveys and polls on your website and you can know what people have about you thanks to the built-in advanced statistics.

Customer Satisfaction? Get real-time feedback to improve products, services, and business overall.

Learning? The right tool. With Perfectsurvey, you can create exercises or tests for education. With detailed statistics.

Market Research Keep track of industry and market trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Employee Engagement Understand how to retain the best talent and build employee satisfaction.

Surveys? Never been so simple.

Create your group of questions. Thanks to the advanced questions editor with more than 15 different types of answers, creating your own survey is a simple, fast and easy. Give it a personalized style to make it more appealing.

Post your new survey. To publish your survey and start just copy and paste the shortcode on your page, article or widget to start collecting data. You will be happy with simplicity

Collect and analyze statistics The integrated statistics system will allow you to do an in-depth analysis of the answers given by your customers or visitors. Thanks to the tables and charts, it will be easy to understand.

Languages included

  • de_CH
  • de_DE
  • es_ES
  • fr_CA
  • fr_FR
  • it_IT
  • pl_PL
  • pt_BR
  • ro_RO
  • ru_RU
  • sv_SE
  • zh_CN


  • Questions editor
  • Drag&Drop system
  • Collecting data
  • Export CSV data
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • The most professional WordPress plugin for your customers’ websites. Always Free and no subscription required.


The best WordPress plugin to know your customers better and make the right decisions. Always Free and no subscription required. Detailed and Easy User Documentation.


  • Add new survey
  • Chose a title for your survey and add all kinds of questions you want
  • List of all survey created
  • Create a new content, page, post and copy and paste short code in the table below
  • Visit your page and start to collecting data
  • Your surveys in three simple steps
  • More than 10 different types of questions
  • Simple drag & drop editor for your surveys
  • Statistics in front-end. If you want.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Log-in to your WordPress install
  2. Click on the Plugin Menu from the Administration Panels of your WordPress
  3. Click the “Add New” sub menu
  4. Search “Perfect Survey” in repository
  5. Click the “Install Now” button on “Perfect Survey” result
  6. After installation, you will find a new menu item “All survey”

Preguntas frecuentes

What kind of support do you provide?

Support via email or the official WordPress forum. If you have difficulties we will be happy to help you.

How many surveys can I create?

The plugin allows you to create endless polls. And there is no limitation whatsoever.

How do the statistics work?

Very simply. From the «statistics» plug-in page, it will be possible to consult each statistic of each survey created. You will get the answers that users have given.

Can I save the data on my computer?

Absolutely, you can download the CSV file to work it in the programs you prefer. All the useful information will be included in the CSV file

Are the statistics generic?

The statistics are generic but are also specific to each user. In this way you can also view the answers of the individual user. You will know if the user is registered or not.


19 de mayo de 2020
I have tried almost all the wordpress plugins this is unique it has no limitations I'm not good at css but I managed to adapt it * I wonder, where's the catch? ha ha, I have not found price tables ... it's free simply thank you
12 de mayo de 2020
Great plugin, easy to use and very responsive support. Thanks a lot. As far as I understood the developer is working on customization options, that would be the missing piece. But in the meantime the support helped us very fast. We are using Fusion Builder coming with the Avada theme, so we had to overwrite whatever Fusion Builder did with some custom css for the survey in the theme settings page of Fusion Builder. This is where the support helped and it works.
4 de mayo de 2020
Perfect Survey is the perfect fit for my survey needs. I had a survey up and running in minutes and it looks nice out of the box. Excellent piece of work!
21 de abril de 2020
Al di là del titolo che serve solo per notificare che il problema precedentemente riscontrato, è stato risolto in tempi brevi e con professionalità dallo Staff. Vecchio Commento: "Il Plugin nella demo è perfettamente Funzionate ma su tutti i miei siti con versione di WordPress 5.4 non mi permette di creare le domande, i pulsanti per la tipologia di domanda non fanno nulla. in attesa di un riscontro per poter cambiare il mio giudizio."
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Release Date 21/05/2020
*[FIX] – Bug fixing minor
*[ADD] – Emproved security
*[ADD] – Do you like colors? Chose what you want for your survey! Select main color of your survey for best integration with your theme. It’s simple I know. But how cool is it?
*[FIX] – Improved the responsive system for the matrix field
*[ADD] – Added the character counter in the text area
*[FIX] – Simplified viewing of the confirmation modal. Removed the animated icon


Release Date 23/04/2020
*[FIX] – Bug fixing explode query foreach


Release Date 21/04/2020
*[FIX] – Bug fixing sintax database version (Thanks Marco Chirco)


Release Date 23/03/2020
*[FIX] – Bug fixing reset default value


Release Date 23/03/2020
[FIX] – Bug fixing download csv data
[FIX] – CSS style fixing
[ADD] – Reminder to give us a little feedback for improve our work
[ADD] – Possibility to add statistics in front-end. now you can chose to show statistics always or only for users that was complete survey
[ADD] – Percentage data on statistics
[ADD] – Restyling for each statistics type, was delete external js library for charts. Now the page in very fast to load and much easy to read all data.
[ADD] – Add two global settings in survey’s editor. Statistics in front-end on/off and Always show statistics in the front end and Show statistics in the front end only when users finish the survey


Release Date 13/03/2020
[FIX] – Bug fixing
[FIX] – CSS style fixing
[ADD] – Possibility to delete all single stats data
[ADD] – Add «read» capability for all users. Now it’s possible to read Statistics and About page for all type of users

Release Date 08/03/2020
[FIX] – Release and css bug fixing


Release Date 18/02/2020
[ADD] – Release 1.2.1 and bug fixing


Release Date 12/02/2020
[FIX] – Release 1.2.0 version Added “copy this survey” button in edit survey’s page to duplicate an existing survey


Release Date 11/02/2020
[ADD] – Release 1.0.0 version