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Nrby Events


The Nrby Events plugin give you the ability to import your events from your Nrby Portal account (via to your WordPress site with ease.

Nrby Events uses our Nrby Portal API to authenticate and get your events from our platform. For any questions, please email us at

First time users

To first be able to use the Nrby Events plugin, you need to sign up for a Nrby Portal account at if you haven’t already. Once you
have activated your account via email confirmation you will be able to login. Upon login you will be guided through our easy onboarding process which won’t take you
longer than a few minutes. From there you will be guided to create your first event.

Once you have create and published your first event in the portal you can start using our Nrby Events plugin to import your events into your WordPress website.


  1. Install the «Nrby Events» plugin.
  2. Navigate to the page where you would like your event(s) to appear.
  3. Use the «block inserter» to find a new widget option called «Nrby Events».
  4. Select this widget option and click and drag it to where you want your event to be displayed on the page.
  5. After the widget appears you will be required to login to your Nrby Portal account with the credentials you used to login in your initial setup.
  6. Once you login, a button will appear that says «Show Events Table». Click this and your events should appear in a table below the button.
  7. Click on the checkbox(es) to the row(s) of the event or events that you want to be displayed in your site (checkboxes are the first column of the table).
  8. Click the orange «Events Widget» button to start building the widget for your event(s) in the Widget pop-up.
  9. Select from any of the following options to stylize how you want your event(s) to appear.

*Use Read More (create a button that allows you to expand and minimize your venue, address, age restriction and description details)
*Hide Venue and Address
*Hide Age Restrictions
*Hide Description
*Background color
*Default text color (override the text color to Event name, date, time, venue, address, age restrictions and description)
*Event name text color (override the text color to the Event name) NOTE: Takes priority over Default text color
*Spacing Units (spaces your events apart vertically if you have more than one event in your widget).
*Spacing Background (allows you to override the default background color of the space between your event containers)
*Font Family
*Font Scale (allows you to scale up and down the font size of your widget)
*Read More Button text (allows you to override the default text color of the Read More button)
*Read More Button (allows you to override the default background color of the Read More button)
*»View in NRBY App» Button Text Color (allows you to override the default text color of the «Mobile App Tickets»/»View In NRBY App» button)
*»View in NRBY App» Button Background Color (allows you to override the default background color of the «Mobile App Tickets»/»View In NRBY App» button)
*Width Units (allows you to edit how wide the event containers are when appearing in your website by percentage of screen width or by number of pixels)

  1. Once you have styled your event(s) how you want it, click the «Import Events» button on the Widget pop-up.
  2. The pop-up will close and the event will now be visible how you edited it on your webpage, above the Events table.
  3. Save the WordPress page to save your event to the final version of the page.
  4. Navigate to the public facing version of the page. Your event is now visible to the public.

IMPORTANT. If you make any edits to your event in the Nrby Portal website, they will not automatically update in your WordPress site. You will need to import your events again to get the new details to show


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