No BS Image Slider


This is an ultra-minimal no-frills responsive and accessible image carousel / slider.

There are many robust image slider plugins already. They work well and have a lot of features, some with even more features at the premium tier.
I’m not saying that they don’t have their place but that sometimes they are excessive.

This plugin is for someone who just wants to have linked images scroll by in a loop on their website.

How To Use

No BS Image Slider works by leveraging what WordPress already provides, by creating a new custom post type and taxonomy.

  1. To begin, create your slides by using the Image Slide type. Be sure to add a featured image, and provide a link in the link field. Captions can be supplied by filling out the exerpt.
  2. Create a slider by adding an Image Slider taxonomy. This allows a slide to be in multiple sliders.
  3. Use the No BS Image Slider widget to configure which slider you want displayed, and the duration of each slide.

Preguntas frecuentes

What makes this light-weight?

No BS Image Slider has minimal backend coding and zero external dependencies.
The slider is also optimized purely with CSS, no JavaScript is used.
The CSS weighs in at under 2 kilobytes, blowing away all of the major slider plugins by a mile.


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* CSS loading resolved
* Widget show counter checkbox is correctly set


This release brings in some sorely desired features.
* Support for captions.
* Support for slide numbering.
* Aria attributes for better accessibility.
* Custom hooks for filtering slides and injecting additional CSS.
* Resolves issue with first-time slider selection in widgets when only one slider has been created.