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Save user’s favorite posts and list them.
This plugin is simple. You can save the user’s favorite posts just a install and display them anywhere you want with just a shortcode.
The logged-in user’s data is saved in the user meta. Other user’s data is saved to Web Storage (localStorage).


  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_select_button post_id="" style=""]
  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_list_menu slug="" text="" style=""]
  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_list_results class="" style=""]

For pages with a shortcode for list view ([ccc_my_favorite_list_results]).

«Load More» is displayed with «posts_per_page».
It will be displayed when the user has more favorite posts than «posts_per_page».

  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_list_results posts_per_page="10"] default is 100 posts.

You can display the post’s «excerpt».
This value is the char length.
If not needed, use «no excerpt» or «0».

  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_list_results excerpt="30"]

If you want, you can change the code for list view yourself.

  • Shortcode: [ccc_my_favorite_list_custom_template style=""]

For pages with a shortcode for custom list view ([ccc_my_favorite_list_custom_template]).
Add the function (function ccc_my_favorite_list_custom_template( $my_favorite_post_id ) { }) for your list view to your-theme/functions.php.
$my_favorite_post_id is array.
style=»none» excludes the default CSS for the list.

Detailed usage is under preparation.

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This plugin is developed on GitHub


  1. Upload my-favorites to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Use shortcodes to display the favorite posts list and an icon for save and a menu for link to list.


23 de octubre de 2021
Excellent plugin! Very light, just enough sets up. Without bugs. It is surprising that he is free. The author, you already throw, nulyuya. We will pay 🙂
25 de septiembre de 2021
I love it! One issue I'm not completely happy with is that it doesn't allow me to open my favorites in a new windows when I click on them from the list. Is there an option to turn that on?
16 de septiembre de 2021
Was looking for a plugin where users could save their favorite songs on the website. This plugin is simple but yet very effective.
9 de agosto de 2021
Searched for a plugin to add a favorite function to the Sonaar Music Player and I was able to to add it quickly. This plugin gives you a lot of freedom.
19 de junio de 2021
Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks to the developer! I hope you'll always maintain this and add more cool features. I would like to suggest adding an option to limit likes to logged-in users
21 de mayo de 2021
This "simple" plugin has been a breeze to use and is easily customizable (with CSS). Recommended if you are looking for the ability for your users to simply favorite a post or page and then reference the collection elsewhere.
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Add a load more button and a shortcode attribute excerpt=»» in the list view.

See the release notes on GitHub.