Video and Audio Player for WordPress – Mine CloudVod LMS


Put your cloud video on wordpress safely and conveniently to play.

This plugin is a complete learning management system also, which can help you create an online education website very conveniently.


Mine CloudVod is free forever, but it is still powerful with lots of Add-Ons to empower its core system.

Mine Cloudvod can play videos from:

  • ApsaraVideo VoD
  • ApsaraVideo Live
  • Aliyun OSS
  • Tencent Cloud VoD
  • Tencent Cloud COS
  • Dogecloud Vcloud
  • Dogecloud OSS
  • Qiniu Cloud Kodo
  • Huawei Cloud(developing…)
  • Baidu Cloud(developing…)
  • Contact author to support more


  • Built specifically for the Block Editor and Classic Editor.
  • Custom Video Cover Image.
  • AliPlayer Scroll Text.
  • Watermark.
  • Multilingual Captions (example).
  • Video Markers (example).
  • Multiple AD Before Play
  • Multiple AD On Pause
  • Sticky Video Player
  • Remember Played Position
  • Cloud VoD Hub.
  • Support ShortCodes.
  • Support Function Calls, which can be placed anywhere in the theme code.
  • Compatible with WeChat applet.
  • Video Playlist.

Add-Ons for Mine CloudVod

You can use Mine CloudVod for free, Pro features can be tried for free two weeks.

Liked Mine CloudVod?

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  • Author’s WeChat ID: MineCloudVod


  • Video Playlist
  • ApsaraVideo VoD Block
  • Tencent Cloud VoD Block
  • Embed Video Block
  • Aliplayer Block
  • Video Playlist Block
  • The Settings of Aliplayer
  • The Utility Components of Aliplayer


Este plugin proporciona 16 bloques.

  • Embed Video Embed video from Youku, Bilibili, iQiyi, Tencent, and other URLs that support iframe embedding.
  • Tencent Cloud Embed videos from tencent vod.
  • Alibaba Cloud Embed videos from aliyun vod.
  • Audio Player Embed audio from aliyun vod or url.
  • Dogecloud Embed videos from Dogecloud.
  • Single Lesson Show single lesson detail.
  • Course List Show some course data
  • User Center Show login & logout button.
  • Single Course Show single course detail.
  • Course Checkout Show course checkout info.
  • Favorites Show user's favorites course list.
  • Order List Show user's order list.
  • DPlayer Add video via video url.
  • Video Playlist Video Playlist of Cloud VoD.
  • Aliplayer Add video via video url.
  • Qiniu Kodo Embed videos from Qiniu Kodo.


  1. Upload the Mine CloudVod folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Mine CloudVod plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

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18 de abril de 2023 3 respuestas
Great player works great and the best thing is that it doesn't change the layout of the player when the video is recorded vertically, I used others that were huge when the videos were not 16:9. Now a suggestion to add support for vast. I tried using the exoclick ad but it didn't work.
13 de agosto de 2022 1 respuesta
4 de julio de 2022 1 respuesta
Very powerful, and the author updates quickly and solves problems in time, which is very good. And it can be perfectly combined with Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.
6 de octubre de 2021
I am impressed by the plugin but also by the capabilities of the developer to improve it by listening to the user's comments. Fully responds to what he says and helps the user to perfectly connect Wordpress with his account at APSARA LIVE and VOD. Excellent, I highly recommend it.
2 de septiembre de 2021 2 respuestas
8 de octubre de 2021
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

v1.8.3 – 2023-09-22

  • Optimize: Lesson page.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.8.2 – 2023-09-15

  • Optimize: Checkout page.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.8.1 – 2023-09-08

  • New: Number of virtual students.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.8.0 – 2023-08-20

  • New: Batch import lessons from Tencent Cloud VoD.
  • New: Qiniu Kodo for Classic Editor.
  • New: Course Review Add-on.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.9 – 2023-08-13

  • New: SEO options of Course categories.
  • New: User Center.
  • New: ApsaraVideo Live.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.8 – 2023-07-06

  • New: User Login.
  • New: Login with Wechat.
  • New: Auto play next video in the Playlist.
  • New: Course Favorites.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.7 – 2023-04-14

  • New: Course Attachments.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.6 – 2023-03-31

  • New: Preview Purchase add-on integrate with B2’s playlist.
  • New: Zibll VIP users can learn courses for free.
  • Update: Multiple Playlist in on page.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.5 – 2023-03-24

  • New: B2s VIP users can learn courses for free.
  • Optimize the display of Lesson Attachments.
  • Update Bilibili embedding rules.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.4 – 2023-03-17

  • New: Batch import lessons from Aliyun, Qiniu Kodo, Dogecloud.
  • New: Manage the students of Courses.
  • New: Courses Sorting Add-on, sort the courses by sequence number.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.3 – 2023-03-10

  • New: RiPros VIP users can learn courses for free.
  • New: Working in WPMU 6.1+.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.

v1.7.2 – 2023-03-04

  • New: Insert videos from Qiniu Kodo.
  • Fix: Some knowned issues.
  • Optimize: Move some feature switches to add-ons.

v1.7.1 – 2023-02-10

  • New: Purchase Video Add-ons, purchase for the video directly or after previewing.
  • Optimize: Auto Next Lesson Add-ons, count down for 5 seconds to enter the next lesson after the lesson is completed.

v1.7.0 – 2023-02-03

  • Fix: ApsaraVideo fails to play on IOS devices.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.6.9 – 2022-12-22

  • New: Course Progress Addons.
  • New: Reports of Courses Addons.
  • New: Add Lesson Attachments from Netdist Sharing.
  • Fix: Some themes no Featured Image in MCV Course.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.6.8 – 2022-12-12

  • New: Filters of Courses.
  • New: Add-ons( Lesson Attachments, MCV Partial Purchase, Auto Next Lesson ).
  • Optimize: Drag or sort lessons between different sections.

v1.6.7 – 2022-11-30

  • New: Private HLS Encryption of ApsaraVideo.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.6.6 – 2022-11-23

  • New: LRC of Audioplayer.
  • New: Checkout block and Order List block for Full Site Editing Themes.
  • Optimize: Enqueue the assets of blocks when used.
  • Fix: The background color of Audioplayer in Wechat browser.

v1.6.5 – 2022-11-16

  • New: LMS Blocks for Full Site Editing Themes.

v1.6.4 – 2022-11-13

  • New: Cover of Audioplayer, and Mini Mode Size of Audioplayer.
  • Fix: Filter Course by Course Category and Tag.
  • New: CloudVod Album.

v1.6.3 – 2022-11-11

  • New: Dplayer Components(Slide, Sticky Video, Pause AD, Memory Play)
  • New: Updates Status of Course.
  • New: Cover Image of Videos in Classic Editor.

v1.6.2 – 2022-11-9

  • New: Playlist for Classic Editor.
  • Optimize: LMS Lesson Playlist.

v1.6.1 – 2022-11-8

  • Fix: Lesson Attachments does not show.

v1.6.0 – 2022-11-7

  • New: Buy Course with Wechat Pay.
  • New: Lesson Attachments.

v1.5.9 – 2022-11-3

  • New: Buy Course with Alipay(HuPiJiao) and Wechat(HuPiJiao).

v1.5.8 – 2022-11-2

  • New: Buy Course with Alipay(PC & Mobile).
  • Optimize: The Ketang theme of LMS style.

v1.5.7 – 2022-10-31

  • New: Buy Course with Alipay(Face to Face).
  • New: Order List.
  • Optimize: The Ketang theme of LMS style.

v1.5.6 – 2022-10-27

  • New: Sync Media to Dogecloud OSS.
  • New: LMS Options.

v1.5.5 – 2022-10-26

  • New: Function Switch, Turning off unneeded functions can properly save server resources.
  • New: The Ketang Theme of LMS adapt to mobile terminal.
  • Tested up to: 6.1

v1.5.4 – 2022-10-22

  • New: Add Ketang Theme for LMS.
  • New: Integrate the latest version of B2 theme.

v1.5.3 – 2022-10-20

  • Optimize: Lesson’s Editor.
  • Fix: The Note Component of DPlayer can not disable.

v1.5.2 – 2022-10-16

  • New: Dogecloud Vcloud Block.
  • New: Shortcode ‘mcv_dplayer’ for Classic Editor.
  • New: Shortcode ‘mcv_dogevlcoud’ for Classic Editor.
  • New: Batch Import Videos from Bilibili.

v1.5.1 – 2022-10-11

  • New: DPlayer Note Component.
  • New: DPlayer Watermark Component.
  • New: Play Tencent Cloud VoD with DPlayer.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.5.0 – 2022-9-30

  • New: Learning Management System(LMS).
  • New: DPlayer Block.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.4.11 – 2022-9-24

  • Fix: Upload OSS video in Classic Editor.
  • Fix: Handel the error code 4400 when play the OSS video on mobile phone when the null Referer is disable.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.4.10 – 2022-9-17

  • New: Download the ApsaraVideo snapshots to Media Libary.
  • New: Set the cover image of Aliplayer as the feature image of the post when there has no feature image.
  • Optimize: Shortcodes.

v1.4.9 – 2022-9-10

  • New: Select video from Media Libary for Aliplayer block.
  • New: Insert shortcode in Classic Editor.

v1.4.8 – 2022-8-30

  • Upgrade HLS standard encryption service.

v1.4.7 – 2022-8-17

  • New: Tcplayer Adaptive Height.
  • New: Aliplayer Adaptive Height.
  • Fix: Some knowned bugs.

v1.4.6 – 2022-8-10

  • New: Valid duration of transparent transmission parameters.
  • New: Multilingual Captions for Tcplayer.
  • New: Referrer option for Aliplayer.

v1.4.5 – 2022-7-29

  • New: Batch Import Videos.

v1.4.4 – 2022-7-3

  • New: Integrate the CeoMax theme.

v1.4.3 – 2022-7-3

  • New: Upload or Select Audio from ApsaraVideo.
  • New: Show Username or UserId in Watermark.
  • Some style optimizations.

v1.4.2 – 2022-6-25

  • New: Add option of big play button’s position.
  • Fix: The moving speed of the Slide doesn’t work with the theme of B2.

v1.4.1 – 2022-6-24

  • New: Set the moving speed of the Slide.
  • New: Control Bar Background Color.
  • Fix: The compatibility with the theme of B2.
  • Fix: The compatibility with the theme of RiproV2.
  • Fix: Handle a php warning.

v1.4.0 – 2022-6-23

  • New: Aliplayer Multiple Watermark Component.
  • New: The arrow keys (left and right keys) control fast forward and backward, the direction keys (up and down keys) control the increase or decrease of the volume, and the space bar pauses and plays.
  • Fix: Some style compatibility issues.
  • Adjust the Note window’s position.

v1.3.9 – 2022-6-19

  • New: Aliplayer Logo style on mobile device.

v1.3.8 – 2022-6-17

  • New: Log in to watch the full video.
  • Fix: A javascript error.

v1.3.7 – 2022-4-6

  • New Feature: Note Component of Aliplayer.
  • New Feature: Filter ApsaraVideo by keyword.
  • New Feature: Role Permission.
  • Fix conflict issue with WooCommerce plugin.

v1.3.6 – 2022-3-3

  • New Feature: Add Rotate Mirror Component for Aliplayer.
  • Compatible with cache plugins.

v1.3.5 – 2022-2-21

  • New Feature: Add private option for Aliplayer, ApsaraVideo VoD and Qcloud VoD.
  • New Feature: Add background color option for Audioplayer.
  • Fix issue with Aliplayer playback fails when switching quality.

v1.3.4 – 2022-2-17

  • Fix issue with the blocks reports an error when creating a new post.

v1.3.3 – 2022-2-13

  • Fix issue with no response when clicking on the configuration menu.

v1.3.2 – 2022-2-12

  • New Feature: Audio Player, thanks DIYgod’s APlayer.

v1.3.1 – 2022-1-24

  • New Feature: Add Pause Prompt componet for Aliplayer.
  • Fix issue with the contronl bar of Aliplayer do not display in Wechat Browser.

v1.3 – 2022-1-19

v1.2.20 – 2021-12-15

v1.2.19 – 2021-12-10

  • New Feature: The videos of HLS Standard Encryption prevents downloading by sniffing software.
  • New Feature: Double Click the video on mobile device to pause or start playback.
  • Fix issue with Bilibili only can play the first episode.
  • Fix issue with some knowned bugs.

v1.2.18 – 2021-11-16

  • Fix issue with the scroll text in playlist just display on top.
  • Fix issue with there is nothing after uploading is complete in ApsaraVideo Block.

v1.2.17 – 2021-11-04

  • New Feature: Add cdn option.
  • New Feature: Add a sort field to the video playlist.
  • New Feature: Add Load More Button for ApsaraVideo VoD and Tencent Cloud VoD.
  • New Feature: Add categories for Tencent Cloud VoD.
  • New Feature: Supports video playlist in elementor.
  • Adjust the icon in the control bar of Aliplayer to make it look neat and beautiful.

v1.2.16 – 2021-10-29

  • New Feature: Press space key to pause or start playback.
  • New Feature: Click the video to pause or start playback.
  • New Feature: Configure player logo.
  • New Feature: Add categories of Alibaba Cloud VoD.

v1.2.15 – 2021-10-26

  • New Pro Feature: Video Playlist Block.
  • New Feature: Multiple scrolling text, random display.
  • New Feature: Multiple Ads, random display.
  • New Feature: Load subtitles from remote URL.
  • Fix issue with the black frame in the image of Pause Ad.
  • Fix issue with some knowned bugs.

v1.2.14 – 2021-10-21

  • New Feature: Customize the size of the sticky video.
  • New Feature: Customize the text of the Live video ends.
  • Fix issue with some links( of Tencent Video could not be recognized.
  • Fix issue with some known bugs.

v1.2.13 – 2021-10-14

  • Fix issue with the videos uploaded to Tencent Cloud VoD being transcoded multiple times.
  • Fix issue with the size of the sticky video on the tablet.

v1.2.12 – 2021-10-10

  • Fix issue with video playback failed.
  • New Feature: Video Ad Before Play.

v1.2.11 – 2021-10-08

  • Fix issue with Countdown page height.
  • Fix issue with Some themes use apply_filters(‘the_content’,$post_content) causing wp_add_inline_script to load multiple times.
  • New Feature: Image AD Before Play.
  • New Feature: Image AD On Pause.

v1.2.10 – 2021-11-05

  • 修复:粘性视频手机端显示尺寸太小;
  • 修复:倒计时手机端样式兼容性;
  • 删除:媒体库下的submenu;
  • 归纳整理配置页面,更方便理解各配置选项;

v1.2.9 – 2021-10-04

  • 修复:粘性视频被其他网页元素遮挡;
  • 修复:跑马灯逻辑,独立配置优先于全局配置;
  • 修复:Aliplayer记忆播放不支持英语;
  • 一些提示信息优化;

v1.2.8 – 2021-10-01

  • 新功能:新增Aliplayer区块,支持添加mp4、m3u8链接,支持直播,并删除附加在阿里云视频点播区块的视频链接功能;
  • 新功能:Aliplayer增加倒计时播放视频或者直播;
  • 新功能:Aliplayer播放器随滚动条显示在屏幕指定位置;
  • 新功能:Aliplayer跑马灯支持为每个视频自定义滚动文本;

v1.2.7 – 2021-09-26

  • 新功能:上传视频到腾讯云COS中,支持私有播放,告别被盗用烦恼;
  • 新功能:腾讯云超级播放器,增加记忆播放功能;
  • 新功能:集成RiPro V2主题视频模块,支持选集功能;

v1.2.6 – 2021-09-19

  • 新功能:集成Elementor插件
  • 新功能:Aliplayer支持添加mp4、m3u8链接,支持直播;
  • 新功能:云点播中心点击简码、PHP函数复制到剪贴板;

v1.2.5 – 2021-09-16

  • 修复:B2视频文章嵌入第三方视频不显示问题;

v1.2.4 – 2021-09-14

  • 新功能:上传视频到阿里云OSS中,可私有播放

v1.2.3 – 2021-11-07

  • 新功能:嵌入来自优酷、腾讯、爱奇艺、B站和其他支持iframe嵌入的视频
  • 新功能:支持Aliplayer跑马灯组件单独关闭功能
  • 优化一些英语翻译

v1.2.2 – 2021-09-04

  • 新功能:AliPlayer记忆播放和倍速播放组件
  • 修复B2主题中播放腾讯云点播视频问题
  • 国际化

v1.2.1 – 2021-09-03

  • 新功能:AliPlayer跑马灯功能,防录屏?

v1.2.0 – 2021-09-03

  • 新增阿里云视频点播HLS标准加密播放功能;
  • 集成B2主题的视频文章,支持列表;

v1.1.10 – 2021-09-01

  • 增加Aliplayer自定义字幕功能;
  • 增加Aliplayer视频打点功能;

v1.1.9 – 2021-08-25

  • 增加云点播中心/枢纽;
  • 集成TutorLMS插件;

v1.1.8 – 2021-08-23

  • 兼容微信小程序;

v1.1.7 – 2021-08-18

  • 增加腾讯云点播gutenberg区块;

v1.1.6 – 2021-08-15

  • 修复阿里云点播gutenberg区块上传和删除功能;

v1.1.5 – 2021-07-11

  • 增加阿里云点播gutenberg区块;

v1.1.4 – 2021-07-09

  • 修复根据用户id创建视频点播分类;

v1.1.3 – 2021-06-20

  • 增加前台author用户直传阿里云视频点播功能;
  • 根据用户id创建视频点播分类;

v1.1.2 – 2021-06-19

** 修复根据视频ID添加阿里云视频点播到媒体库后不能播放问题;

v1.1.1 – 2021-06-05

  • 新增阿里云视频点播的VideoId插入媒体库功能;
  • 新增高级功能 – 阿里云视频点播片头片尾设置;
  • 修复已知问题;

v1.1.0 – 2021-06-05

  • 新增腾讯云点播的FileId插入媒体库功能;
  • 新增高级功能 – 腾讯云点播片头片尾设置;
  • 增加配置 – 媒体库上传是否上传到云点播


  • 增加tcplayer配置


  • 兼容同一文章中同时插入两个阿里云视频点播的视频播放窗口
  • 增加阿里云播放器aliplayer配置
  • 修复播放器样式加载


  • 阿里云视频点播增加指定转码模板配置,视频上传后自动使用指定转码模板转码
  • 阿里云播放器增加清晰度选择,当转码有多个清晰度时显示
  • 修复已知问题


  • 添加播放器样式设置功能
  • 修复阿里云播放器不显示问题


  • 解决微信里不能播放问题


  • 兼容5.7.2


  • 支持Mine Video Player插件中调用通过本插件上传的腾讯云点播和阿里云视频点播中的视频


  • 阿里云视频点播基础功能上线


  • 腾讯云点播基础功能上线