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KIUD packaging for Woocommerce


KIUD packaging (formerly Low imPACK) plugin enables you to turn your e-commerce business circular and avoid the trash generated from single-use packaging. KIUD packaging comes with a 3 EUR deposit.

By installing this plugin, your customers will be offered returnable and reusable packaging at the check-out section. The reusable packaging solution comes with a deposit money of 3 EUR, which is added to the total cart value. Your customer will be refunded 3 EUR once they return the packaging to the designated collecting point. Collecting points are currently available only in Estonia and are listed at


  • Additional section at the check-out view where the choice of reusable packaging is highlighted with an image and short description.
  • Possibility to choose, where the packaging section is displayed.
  • Possibility to choose between 3 types of packaging at admin panel: only box; only mailer; box + mailer.
  • All the packaging types are displayed with 3€ deposit money.
  • Currently working only with deliveries within Estonia.

NB! This plugin can be only used when you have purchased reusable packaging from KIUD packaging. More info about packaging from

More info about the packaging and the return system at

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KIUD packaging for WooCommerce


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