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BuddyPress Private Community allows the administrator to lock certain parts of their site. It helps create a private BuddyPress community by locking certain BuddyPress Components, WordPress Pages, Custom Post Types for public view without using any membership plugin. You can set the locked content, which will be displayed on the locked page.
The user will need to login/register to view the locked content.


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  • This screenshot shows the plugin general settings to screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).
  • This screenshot shows the BuddyPress Component options setting to screenshot-2.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).
  • This screenshot shows the Custom Post Type options setting to screenshot-3.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).
  • This screenshot shows the pages List options setting to screenshot-4.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).
  • This screenshot shows the locked pages setting layout to screenshot-5.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif).


  1. Upload bp-lock to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Is this plugin requires another plugin?

This plugin does not require any specific plugin. Although this plugin supports BuddyPress, if active.

What does this plugin work?

This plugin allows the site administrator to secure components of BuddyPress (if active), WordPress pages, custom post types from non-logged-in users. You can lockdown WordPress Pages, any Custom Post Type and any BuddyPress Component and can have some content displayed like if you want to show any shortcode content or any simple message.

Why BuddyPress components setting tab, Custom Post Type setting tab and Page setting tab not displayed in plugin settings after plugin activate?

These setting tabs will be displayed after enable Lock option in general tab in plugin setting page.

If user locked BuddyPress ‘groups’ component, what will be happen?

If the user will lock BuddyPress ‘groups’ component, then groups page will not display groups list and restrict access on the single group page too and show content which will be set by admin in Locked Content.

If user locked BuddyPress ‘members’ component, what will be happen?

If the user will lock BuddyPress ‘members’ component, then groups page will not display members list and restrict access on the single member page too and show content which will be set by admin in ‘Locked Content’.

In any archive page locked page content will display or not?

No, archive page will not be displayed any content of the locked page.

When we search anything related to locked component and page, it’s content will be displayed or not?

No, it’s content will not be displayed in search content if related page or component already blocked.

Can we access single page of locked custom post type?

We can’t access single page of locked custom post type.


10 de julio de 2023
I give it 5 stars since it works for almost everything and it does so with a great user experience and easy settings. The only thing I would love is that the plugin could block news articales. As of now everything is blocked, also the blog page. However some widgets in the footer show links to the blog articales and is not restricted so that everyone can read. I use the buddyX theme and its standard install/settings to try this out.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Wbcom Designs – Private Community for BuddyPress» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Fix – (#55)Fixed notice on the logged out template
  • Fix – (#56)Fixed deprecated notices with PHP 8.0
  • Fix – Compatibility fixes with BuddyPress 12.0
  • Fix – Compatibility fixes with WordPress 6.5


  • Fix – add bp lock icon
  • Fix – (#52)fixed lock pages do not work


  • Fix – Updated admin ui
  • Fix – Change enable/disable button style
  • Fix – Remove button in wrapper


  • Fix – Added Buddypress Recaptcha support for login/register forms
  • Fix – updated welcome title
  • Fix – #49 Login UI Issue managed
  • Fix – Added hook for login and register form


  • Fix – Backend Options Improve UI
  • Fix – removed BP Components tab


  • Fix – Fixed phpcs issues
  • Fix – Removed install plugin button from wrapper and phpcs fixes
  • Fix – (#39) Update login/register form UI for logged out mode


  • Enhancement – Added redirect option for log out user
  • Enhancement – Update backend switch UI


  • Fix – PHPCS Fixes


  • Fix – Support to override template
  • Fix – Remove cpt functionality
  • Fix – Updated admin notice


  • Fix – Add condition for display registration form according to ‘Anyone can register’ option. (#23)
  • Fix – Registration form input email style. (#26)
  • Enhancement – Added select/unselect all option in page list admin settings. (#8)


  • Fix – Admin settings saving glitch.


  • Enhancement – Added setting to use custom login registration form using shortcode.
  • Enhancement – Changed admin UI.
  • Enhancement – Compatibility with BuddyPress 4.3.0
  • Fix – Page lock issue.


  • Fix – Lock custom post type.
  • Enhancement – Locked page not be display in archive.
  • Enhancement – Locked component and page will not be display in searched content.
  • Enhancement – Lock component single page if the component is blocked.


  • Plugin code structure changed
  • Added Multisite support
  • Lock Template file update


  • Changed admin settings UI and a login/register form on the locked content template.


  • Updated Labels.


  • first version.