Lifetime Subscriptions for WooCommerce


Introducing Lifetime Subscriptions for WooCommerce – the ultimate solution for adding a «Lifetime/One-time Purchase» option to your WooCommerce Subscriptions. Seamlessly upgrade your WooCommerce store’s subscription offerings and provide more versatility to your customers.


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Tailored for WooCommerce: Built specifically for WooCommerce Subscriptions, guaranteeing perfect integration.
Dynamic Subscription Text Customization: Modify the default «$99.99/Lifetime» text to align with your brand’s voice.

How to Use

Smooth Activation: Post-installation, activate to unlock the much-desired «Lifetime» billing interval for subscriptions.
Text Customization (Optional): For a personalized touch, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Subscriptions. Seek out the «Lifetime Option Text» segment for adjustments.

Installation Guide

Easily set up Lifetime Subscriptions for WooCommerce using these methods:

Option 1: Direct WordPress Search

Navigate to «Plugins > Add New» within your WordPress dashboard.
Search «Lifetime Subscriptions for WooCommerce».
Hit install and then activate.
Option 2: Manual Upload

Download Lifetime Subscriptions for WooCommerce from
In your dashboard, go to «Plugins > Add New > Upload».
Submit the ZIP file for uploading.
Complete by activating the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu.
Empower your WooCommerce store with lifetime subscription capabilities. Elevate your sales and customer loyalty today!


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