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JW Player for WordPress


This plugin is no longer supported. JW Player endorses the ilGhera plugin available here:

This plugin will give you the power to use videos, playlists, and players from your JW Player account within WordPress. You will also be able to track the performance of your content with JW Player’s dashboard analytics.

This plugin is no longer supported. JW Player endorses the ilGhera plugin available here:

Key Features

  • What it does:

    • Allows you to easily insert media (including playlists) into your website from your JW Player account.
    • Allows you to place players from your JW Player account into your website.
  • What is does NOT do:

    • Replace the JW Player dashboard
    • Allow you to create or manage players or media objects from within the plugin (these actions happen within the JW Player dashboard)
  • Additional features:

    • You may also sync WordPress-hosted media to your JW Player account (as externally-hosted media)

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Full documentation on installation, setup and getting started can be found on
our Support Site.

If you have any questions, comments, problems or suggestions please post on our
User Forum.

Issues & Contributions

This plugin is no longer supported. JW Player endorses the ilGhera plugin available here:


  • Insert media from your JW Player Account via the media library overlay or ...
  • ... use the sidebar widget.
  • You can enable the sidebar widget and edit other settings on the plugin's settings page.


  1. Do not install for new WordPress installations. This plugin is no longer supported. Please look at

Preguntas frecuentes

I’m still using this plugin, can I keep using it?

Yes, you can, but be advised that this plugin is no longer supported. We recommend you switch over to another plugin ( whenever you can.


9 de noviembre de 2018
You can post the videos directly from your account with, after you authorize the plugin. It helps with securing your videos, by signing the URLS and setting expiration time for both the video urls and the embedded player. This is very important to me as I do not want people stealing my videos and hot linking from other sites eating my streaming limits and views. Their CDN is great and the player is responsive. There is also very good, detailed video analytics and statistic on their website. So far I can not find anything to complain. I can say that this is the best HLS streaming solution available on the market at this momment and I have researched many other options...
21 de marzo de 2017
JWPlayer in itself is great, really great. However, the WP integration is merely okay. The real issues for me are Audio integration and Playlists. Lacking: Playlist layout options with WP, Imaging while playing the audio, and Titles running on the playbar while running. The playlist option now available is odd without a drop down or sidebar playlist offering within WP, just an overlay that can be confusing to a new or novice user. It's a great option if have external Feeds overall but with few design options as you expect in a WP platform. The JW Player API script is great outside of WP.
3 de septiembre de 2016
Quite straightforward plugin for JW Player and JW Platform. Did not encounter the "empty admin area lists" issue others saw. Maybe a plugin - plugin conflict?
3 de septiembre de 2016
I built out an entire library of videos, cloud hosted and upgraded to JW Player 7. I go to install this plugin and it makes all my pages disappear from the WP Admin area. It doesn't delete the pages, but it will certainly freak you out for a second. Alas you can't edit or make any changes to your existing website until you disable the plugin. So now I have a bunch of JW Player 7 videos and no way to put them online.
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Registro de cambios


  • Update: Updated the readme to communicate that this plugin is no longer supported.



  • Feature: Added option to disable syncing local content to your JW Player account.
  • Feature: Added a filter hook for generated JS embed code. Thanks to @nirarazi
  • Update: Show Widget by default
  • Update: Tested for compatibility with WordPress 4.7


  • Enhancement: Check for minimum PHP version to prevent common issues.


  • Fix: Replacing legacy constant fixes https issue. Thanks to @andrewhayter


  • Update: Tested for compatibility with WordPress 4.6


  • Update: Use JSON feeds instead of XML


  • Fix: Uploading files with Unicode names
  • Fix: Added back the ph parameter


  • Fix: Https upload issues in admin.
  • Fix: Renamed main JS object to prevent conflicts with player in the admin.


  • Issue: Small fix to make the plugin work with broken mime types.
  • Change: Use https for API by default even for server to server.


  • Issue: Widget text parser was undefined
  • Issue: PHP warning for undefined variable removed
  • Issue: Signing fix for when secure embeds is enabled
  • Issue: Minor VIP fixes.


  • Change: Strange version number increase to work with previous VIP plugin
  • Update: WordPress VIP changes.
  • Update: API kit param is includes plugin version.

0.10.2 beta

  • Update: Force https upload even if API returns http protocol.
  • Issue: Force https for thumbs if content mask is the def

0.10.1 beta

  • Issue: Fixed overflow of long video titles.
  • Update: Added new screenshots

0.10.0 beta

  • Feature: Improved and redesigned media selection widgets.

0.9.2 beta

  • Issue: Fixed bug with an undefined constant

0.9.1 beta

  • Issue: Fixed bug with content signing

0.9 beta

  • Initial beta release.