Journey Analytics


Track your customer journeys by intent and by business goal. Identify your most lucrative paths and those where customers are dropping off.

KONTXT™ Journey Analytics for WordPress and WooCommerce sites uses advanced machine learning and heuristics to show the best and worst performing paths your customers take across your site. These analytics will show where your traffic is coming from (off-site referrers & campaigns), where your users go while on your site and where they end up.

  • Customer journey flow and waypoint analysis over time
  • Filter journeys by customer intent derived by KONTXT machine learning
  • Journey funnel analysis
  • Journey point analysis
  • Journey tracking points include: campaigns, referrers, pages, products, articles, comments, product reviews, site registrations, cart adds, orders submitted, searches, failed searches, abandoned carts and session departures.
  • Supports events from WordPress core and major plugins including: WooCommerce, bbPress, WPForms, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms. Contact us if a plugin you use isn’t listed.


  • Journey flow analysis :: trace the origins, paths, and destinations of your customers

  • Journey point analysis :: discover the top waypoints your customers pass along their journey

  • Journey funnel analysis :: identify the drop offs between customer journey waypoints


  1. Search for KONTXT in the WordPress Plugin Directory included within your WordPress installation or Upload to your Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

Is this a free service?

Yes. This plugin is completely free for up to 4 weeks of data retention. We will offer longer time periods for fee later on. If you need consultation or enterprise-level support now, you may contact us:

What data do you use to enable this service?

KONTXT uses visitor event data from your core WordPress and installed/supported plugins. This includes key pages, search input, cart/checkout events, and contact text. We do not use personally identifiable information and rely on an anonymous user ID for our machine learning training. Data is encrypted in transit and deleted within 7 days of plugin deletion.

Do you support GDPR requests?

You can make GDPR requests through our contact form located here:

Why am I not seeing analytical data?

Make sure you visit the settings page and opt-in. This plugin will only operate after you activate it and then opt-in. Depending on how your visitors engage with your site it may take an hour or a day to start seeing insights. You can submit test queries on your front end site to kick start the insights process.


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Upgraded charting library and fixed responsiveness for charts


Added journey tracking for the WPForms plugin


Journey funnel report will now save your last waypoints


Added new beta journey funnel report, small fixes


Added new top journey point report


Small UI improvements and bug fixes


First production release of journey analytics features