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Import Bookmarks


Export bookmarks from your browser and import them as WordPress posts. Supports Custom Post Types.


Icon, Copyright 2016 Nick Roach
Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, Version 2


27 de mayo de 2021 4 respuestas
Please add these functions. $ post_content. = "\ n \ n <a target = \" _ blank \ "rel = \" nofollow \ "href = '". esc_url ($ bookmark ['uri']). "'>". $ post_title. '</a>'; A PHP redirect function would of course also be good. PS, I’m currently trying to expand the plugin with automatic screenshots and an extended description.
28 de febrero de 2021 5 respuestas
I think this plugin is really usefull. But when I tried to import the bookmarks, it was returning an empty array from the netscape bookmark parser. If you want make it work, change line 85 from this $lines = explode("\n", $this->sanitizeString($bookmarkString)); to this //$lines = explode("\n", $this->sanitizeString($bookmarkString)); $lines = preg_split('/\r\n|\r|\n/', $bookmarkString); on vendor/netscape-bookmark-parser/NetscapeBookmarkParser.php
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Fixed import for Windows servers. Fixed import as custom post type.


Added plugin icon.


Additional bookmarks validation. Implemented code standards.


Added support for Post Formats. Fixed readme.txt.


Fixed translation support.


Removed call to set_time_limit(). Updated documentation.


Modified the import_bookmarks_post_content filter to accept a 3rd argument.


Fixed error handling. Added import_bookmarks_post_content filter hook, to allow for custom bookmark markup.


Added translation functionality.


Initial release.