Genealogical Tree – WordPress Family Tree


Genealogical Tree is a plugin for display family trees and create Ancestor Profiles. This is a perfect plugin for genealogists and family history enthusiasts to display a family information and tree on your website


  • Display a family tree with unlimited family members (Up to 5th generation of descendants, and 2 generation of ancestors).
  • 1 Tree Layout.
  • Drag, zoom in, zoom out for better viewing experience.
  • Automatic root finder.
  • Set any member as root.
  • Add family member information according genealogical method.
  • Add life events like – Burial, Adoption, Engagement, Marriage, Divorce and more.
  • Display family member informations into member page.
  • Show all members informations of a family listing page.
  • Add contact information.

Pro Features

  • Import Gedcom format (.ged) files.
  • Export Gedcom format (.ged) files.
  • Create unlimited family groups.
  • Create unlimited family trees.
  • Extra 6 Tree layout with many customizable options
  • Horizontal and Vertical view of each layout.
  • Showing member image into tree.
  • Showing member image into member page.
  • Support multiple birth and death recored with different source.
  • Support multiple spouses.
  • Support multiple parents.
  • Display children separately by each spouse.
  • Load tree with ajax .
  • Manage Sibling Order to display on tree.
  • Manage tree style including color, border etc.
  • Use of Google Fonts.
  • Collapsible features on tree.
  • Collaboration / Contribution to build family tree / history.
  • Option to add multiple contact information.
  • Option to add multiple life event information.


This may have bugs and lack of many features. If you want to contribute on this project, you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository from Github.


Getting Started with Genealogical Tree is only a matter of moments.
Check out the detailed documentation created by us to help you out to run Genealogical Tree in the best way.


Pro Version


  • Arabic (ar) / العربية
  • German (de_DE) / Deutsch
  • Spanish (es_ES) / Español
  • Persian (fa_IR) /فارسی
  • French (fr_FR) / Français
  • Italian (it_IT) / Italiano
  • Dutch (nl_NL) / Nederlands
  • Portuguese (pt_BR) / Português do Brasil
  • Russian (ru_RU) / Русский
  • Turkish (tr_TR) / Türkçe


  • Tree Style 1 Without Image
  • Tree Style 1 With Image
  • Tree Style 1 With Image Horizontal Orientation (Pro)
  • Tree Style 2 (Pro) (Support with Image, No image, Horizontal Orientation)
  • Tree Style 3 (Pro) (Support with Image, No image, Horizontal Orientation)
  • Family Root (Automated)
  • Tree Management
  • Member (Individual) page (Front end)
  • Members page (Front end)
  • Member page (Admin area)
  • Multiple birth, death, contact, event record (Pro)
  • Shortcode for each family group
  • Auto generated page with shortcode
  • Import GED (Pro)
  • Import GED Success (Pro)


Search for “Genealogical Tree” under “Plugins” → “Add New” in your WordPress dashboard to install the plugin.


18 de enero de 2022
Этот плагин отлично работает в отличии от предыдущей версии. Легко разобрался, сбоев и ошибок не заметил. Понравился плагин, перевёл его на русский язык.
29 de junio de 2021
The plugin is just super. Even the regular version has many functions. But I will strive for the pro version - there most of all. I would also like to thank the support for this plugin. Great people, they answer very quickly, in a few minutes, they fix all the mistakes on their own, even right on your site! In general, well done and more! Thank you very much!
1 de enero de 2021
I had a problem with importing a file from an old tree and they helped me very quickly and competently. The plugin itself is very flexible and suits our needs very well. Highly recommended.
25 de noviembre de 2020
the only limitation is the 5th generation view only. what if the family tree has 20 generations?
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Registro de cambios

2.1.4 – 21 January 2022

  • Bug fix

2.1.3 – 06 January 2022

  • Few Features
  • Bug fix

2.0.0 – 09 Jun 2021

  • Few Features
  • Bug fix

1.9.0 – 09 January 2021

  • Ajax Bug fix

1.8.0 – 14 November 2020

  • Improve features
  • Bug fix

1.7.0 – 15 July 2020

  • New Trees
  • New trees
  • Improve features

1.6.0 – 04 June 2020

  • Bug fix
  • New trees
  • Improve tree

1.5.0 – 25 December 2019

  • Bug fix
  • New trees
  • Improve tree

1.4.0 – 27 September 2019

  • Bug fix
  • New tree
  • Improve tree

1.3.0 – 29 August 2019

  • Show birth / death date of father and mother of tree root.
  • Add gender icon for siblings.
  • Member image size on tree page
  • Optimize for find automatic root.
  • Hide deleted family.

1.2.0 – 23 August 2019

  • Rename post type, taxonomy with to avoid other plugin conflict.
  • Add ability to multiple birth, death, contact, event record.
  • Added new shortcode to display tree list.
  • Added tree link into member details.
  • Fix display issue on members / member page

1.0.1 – 04 August 2019

  • Optimize css and js

1.0.0 – 03 August 2019

  • First Release