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StylePress for Elementor


This is a free plugin for Elementor Page Builder.

It provides two things:

  • A full site builder using Elementor (design your entire website without a Theme)
  • Adds extra widgets to Elementor (e.g. Tooltip, Navbar, Mailchimp, Modal Popups, Page Slider, etc..)

Watch this introduction video that covers some of the basics:

Design your entire website without a theme. Easily apply a Style to every page of your site automatically using the drag and drop editor.

How to create a website design without a WordPress theme:

  • Go to the StylePress > Styles menu.
  • Click «Create New Style».
  • Design your layout using the Easy Elementor Drag & Drop editor.
  • Add the «Inner Content» widget to the area that will display your content.
  • Go to StylePress > Settings
  • Apply your Style to the «Global» area


  • Make sure «Remove Theme CSS» is ticked in StylePress > Settings.
  • If you find it hard to set global font default, go into Elementor > Settings and tick «Disable Global Colors» and «Disable Global Fonts». Then install the «Easy Google Fonts» plugin and set all your defaults from Appearance > Typography.

Contributions & Bugs:

Head over to github:

Please leave

Copyright @dtbaker

More details on our dedicated website:

Check out other work by dtbaker here:


  • Overview of admin page. Showing all available styles for your site. Your site can have multiple styles.
  • Editing a particular style. A style can have multiple variations (e.g. Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Home Page, Blog Page)
  • Building the website style. The shaded "inner content" part will be replaced with all your information.
  • Overview of the settings page. You can set various default styles for various page types.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for «Elementor» to install the Elementor Page Builder plugin.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for «StylePress for Elementor» to install this plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» screen in WordPress.
  4. Go to the new StylePress > Styles menu in WordPress backend.
  5. Create or Edit the available styles.
  6. Go to the StylePress > Settings menu and apply your styles to all or some of your pages.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is this compatible with my theme?

Maybe. Try it out. Tick the «Remove Theme CSS» option in StylePress > Settings. Let me know if you have any troubles.

Fonts are not working

Try to install the Easy Google Fonts plugin. This gives some great global font style features in Appearance > Customize.
Go into the Elementor > Settings window and disable the default Elementor fonts and color


8 de abril de 2018
In the menu section of wordpress there are new options to create super-easy and incredible mega-menus, please update this plugin.
13 de septiembre de 2017
I really love this plugin and it has awesome potential. In-fact it has so much bundled in for free and that makes it superb. Only downfall is, it's no longer being updated and as a result a few things are quite broken. The developer doesn't seem to be interested in fixing anything or this project is abandoned sadly. So far, one of the biggest things I noticed that is broken is all the links. When you enable StylePress on a site the normal link function in Elementor then becomes broken. The options to open link in a new tab/same window etc no longer show up and that's unfortunate. Besides that, there are a few others too, but I am really hoping that the developer will work on this plugin again. So many of us on here, on Facebook, on Github have been asking, or if not, please pass on to another developer who's willing to fork and maintain this project.
22 de julio de 2017
No requirement to use any other plugin, this plugin solved all of my needs. There are no bugs at all (atleast upto this time)
1 de julio de 2017
All I can say about StylePress for the Elementor plugin is WOW! This plugin is going to make putting together a decent website a whole lot faster and easier. StylePress is very intuitive and works very well. I know it is just a "Beta" version but when it gets developed further everyone and their brother are going to want this plugin. Good work guys...please keep it up.
6 de junio de 2017
Very promising. It's powerful but has a bit of a learning curve. Could be greater if more options for menu styling and form styling are added.
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  • Fix widget and shortcode compatibility.


  • Compatibility fixes
  • Widget area
  • Planning for bigger things


  • A few small fixes and tweaks


  • No new features, just a little fix, don’t get excited.


  • Toggle switch for nav menu icons


  • Added Tooltip widget
  • Added Dynamic Field widget
  • Added Styled Google Maps widget
  • Added Form Fields: Date Picker, Description and Toggle Section
  • Added Page Slider widget
  • Added StylePress Loop widget
  • Fixed MegaMenu style layout
  • Fixed modal popup width


  • Added support for GeneratePress
  • Added support for OceanWP